They Don't Know About Us

© 2014 Rociodiaz1525. All Rights Reserved. [Will contain some sexual content but you will be warned in time there well be some cursing though]

Estefanía (Fanny) is a young teenage girl hoping to finally graduate so she can get her own apartment and start her college life. She wasn't expecting the unexpected when her new orchestra teacher turns out to be the hot Harry Styles. How will things turn out for these two? Will it be that easy to contain the urge to jump in each other's arms?


1. New Teacher

"Noooooo you serious? How come I did not know this?!"

I texted my friend Vianey. Apparently our orchestra teacher Mr. Rinkle retired over the summer and now we have a new one! Like seriously? I find out Sunday afternoon when I have my first day of school tomorrow.

"I know! I'm so pissed off! Mr. Rinkle has been the best teacher I had! No fair!" She texted back.

"Uggh. Well we'll see how it goes. I'll see you tomorrow then. Bye!"


I laughed at her last text and put my phone on my night table. "You ready for tomorrow sista?" My brother Jake was standing at the doorway.

"No I'm not... I just found out that we have a new orchestra teacher," I groaned and he laughed.

"Who cares the man was old and he got more grumpier didn't he?"

"No... He was just having a bad day. He was a good teacher," I told him as I looked in my closet to see what to wear for tomorrow.

"Need help?" My brother walked in my room passing me going inside my closet. "Hmm this!" He took out a purple top and dark skinny jeans.

"Wow fancy...," I said sarcastically.

"And with your black heels."

"I'm not wearing heels to school, you weirdo," I snatched the clothes from him.

"Alright alright haha my bad," he backed away in surrender. "Just trying to help."

"I'm just wearing this with my black vans," I smiled.

"Fine. Don't take my advice... Let's see if Zayn finally sets his eyes on you!"

"Jake!" I grabbed my pillow from my bed throwing it at him as he leaves the room laughing.

"You're a meany Fanny!" He yelled from the hall. I closed the door and got everything ready for tomorrow.


"What in the world are you doing mate?!" My best lad Louis chuckled as I was packing my things for tomorrow. It was going to be my first day teaching in a new school. I was teaching in London but moved to L.A. Louis let me stay at his apartment. It's been a week since I got here. I got called to teach at Alexander Hamilton High School and I accepted. Their orchestra teacher retired and they needed a replacement immediately.

"Don't you see me getting ready for tomorrow?" I chuckled.

"Haha well you sure you want this? I mean you want to stay here in L.A?"

"Yeah. I want to start new," I smiled,

"Well good for you! You're gonna love it!"

"Yeah one week living with you makes it a big difference for more days huh."

"Haz don't spoil the fun," he chuckled. "Want to go to the club with me tonight? I'll introduce you to some babes."

"Louis! I have work tomorrow, what part don't you get?"

"But you don't have to be there until fifth period."

"But I need a tour, I'm barely new. I only went one time to that school to talk with the principal. I don't want to get lost my first day."

"I would want to see that."

"Lou shut up!" I laughed and finished putting everything on my suitcase.

"C'mon! Please! Let's go to the club. You can leave early just go for a while."

"Fine..." I gave up and put my suitcase down.

"Well... What are you waiting for? Get ready!"

I took a shower then wore black skinny jeans and a white collared shirt and my brown combat boots. I rushed out following Louis. We arrived at the club and it sure was crowded. Louis got us in quickly since he knows people there.

Louis was winking at some girls and they smiled flirtatiously and continued dancing. "I think I'm getting some tonight," he smiled.

"Yeah sure, can I go now?" I asked him.

"Nope! Have fun! Loosen up Styles!" I rolled my eyes turning around bumping with someone.


My alarm from my phone buzzed. I groaned as I turned it off but staying lying on my bed with my eyes closed.

"Fanny! Wake up! Estefanía Torres!" My mother yelled as she entered my room. "You have school get up!" She shook me and I whined.

"Mother five more minutes!"

"No! Get up now!"

"Fine..." I got up and grabbed my clothes. I took a shower last night and straightened my red hair. I knew I was going to be too lazy to get up early, but I like taking showers at night. I put on my dark jeans and black vans with my purple blouse. I put on eyeliner and mascara. I kept it simple. I sprayed perfume and put the bottle in my bag along with my lotion. I always go prepared to school. I brushed my teeth and made my way out.

I ran downstairs and went to get a water bottle and a granola bar going to my red Chevrolet. Jake was already waiting for me in the passenger's seat. "You're ready to go aren't ya," I chuckled as I started the ignition.

"Well I don't care about school," he laughed. I rolled my eyes playfully and drove off.


I woke up with a huge headache. I looked at myself seeing that I was completely nude under some white sheets. I looked around but found no one. Shit... I quickly got up seeing that it's 9:34am. I put my clothes on having trouble finding it since it was all over the room. I walked out of the room but I found no one. I have no idea who I slept with, this was one of the stupidest mistakes ever. I rushed out and got a cab. Luckily we took Louis' car to the club so I don't have to worry about mine.

As I arrived back to the apartment I saw a tall skinny girl with long black hair leaving the apartment. I got in and smirked at Louis. "I see you had fun..."

"Not as much as you...," Louis said holding on to a bag of ice to his head. "Hangovers are the worse!"

"Tell me about it! What is the matter with you?!"

"Me...? You're the one that left with that blonde after dancing rather dirty with her," he chuckled.

"So I slept with a blonde," I said.

"I don't know if you did. I didn't go with you," he laughed.

"Well either way I hate being hangover and on a school night! Gee!" I rushed to my room taking a cold shower.


My first two classes went great. I have no classes with my best friend Reagan, I only get to see her for lunch. I sighed as I took my seat at the very front waiting for class to begin. "Vas Happenin?!" I heard Zayn as he walked in with his group of friends but they just dropped him off. He sat at the very back from my row.

I hope this class goes by fast. I had a huge crush on Zayn. He has perfect black hair, olive skin, perfect jaw line beautiful long eyelashes, tattoos... I did not realize how long I had been day dreaming until the bell rang. I have no idea what the teacher said. I got my things and rushed out of there.

"Fanny!!" My best friend Reagan screamed in excitement and I ran towards her hugging her tight.

"I didn't see you all day! I thought we were meeting in the morning!" I said.

"I'm sorry but my alarm didn't go off! So I was late for first," she said.

"I'm sorry," I smiled.

"I like the color of your hair," she said as she got a few strands.

"Thanks! I got it done last week. I wanted a new look and it finally got bright red!"

"Haha nice! Let's go eat!"

"Let's go!" I said and we walked to the cafeteria.

"Hey girls!" An Irish accent spoke behind me.

"Hey Ni!" The both of us said smiling as he sat next to me. Niall is our other friend my guy best friend. He has dyed blonde hair in a quiff, blue eyes, and an amazing contagious laugh.

We talked about our summer as we ate.

"Fanny you know that we have a new orchestra teacher right?" He asked.

"Yup! Vianey told me last night," I took a sip from my juice.

"I saw him."

I nearly choked on my juice, I quickly grabbed a napkin wiping my lips and chin. "You did?"

"Yup! And he's young."


"Like very." The bell rang just in time. Now my stomach turned into a knot.

"Good luck!" Reagan gave us the thumbs up. I waved her goodbye and walked with Niall to class. Orchestra.

"Nice hair," Niall chuckled.

"Is it that bad? I got good compliments aye," I said laughing a little.

"No! It's awesome!" He laughed. We walked into the orchestra room and the chairs were put into a circle. I took my seat in between Vianey and Niall. More people joined us but there was no sign of a teacher. The last bell rang indicating that class had begun.

"There he is," Niall smiled towards the doors from the hall to the instrument rooms as a man came into the room.

He slowly looked up as he pushed back his hair with his right hand making it fall back again. Perfect long curls. It's like seeing an actor coming out of the tv screen. No, a model walking the pathway.

"I'm sorry I had some things to fix," his British accent. Oh God. He finally looked up completely, and his green emerald eyes met mine.

Hello! Sorry the first chapter wasn't that good but it will get better hope you like it :) let me know!

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