My Poems

Hey guys I wrote all these poems sorry if some of them are depressing.


3. Walls

I look into those dark eyes,

I want to run,

but I'm frozen.

I look at the blue pools,

I can see every tear ever fallen.

the sadness in those eyes,

makes me cry,

adding to the pain.

The way he smiles,

draws me in.

But his actions throw me out.

The way he speaks,

makes me fall in love,

but the way he thinks,

makes me shudder.

seeing him glide along,

makes my heart stop.

The devious look in those dark eyes,

and a grin plasters on his face as he skates by,

makes me think.

Can I trust him?

to scared to get to close,

to have my heart broken once again.

I hide behind a wall,

if he's the one then he can break it.

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