My Poems

Hey guys I wrote all these poems sorry if some of them are depressing.


2. suicide

I break my skin to stop the pain,
Your words they cut like knives.
They burrow deep inside my heart,
making me never trust.

I breath in to set me free,
from my aching heart.
I can never love again even if my heart desires.

I take the shot to help me forget,
about the bruises that you make
Scaring me I can never love the same.

Your actions they cause me pain,
but no body really cares.
Why cut?
Why smoke?
Why drink?
When I can set myself free,
all it takes is one little step,
Good Bye 

Hey guys ik this ones  a bit depressing but no I am not suicidal but ik people who are please help me help them through this and make it out ok.

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