The Director's Daughter

When the director of Good Girls, Amnesia, and Don't Stop's daughter comes in, she meets Michael Clifford, and they hit it off. But will daddy approve? They hope so!


2. 2

Hi guys! Sorry for the short chapter! But this one will be longer, so enjoy!!!

When we parked to the video shoot, there were extras, hair stylists, and make up artists. It was full of people! But what caught my eye was a girl doing MICHAEL CLIFFORD'S makeup!!!!! My dad walked up to me with a grin and exclaimed "Honey, guess what! You are going to be in the music video too! Isn't that great?!" I froze, hearing what he had said. Me, in a music video? I nodded happily and dad smiled and walked away to speak to a makeup artist. "Okay hun, you are going to follow Brad and let him do your makeup for the video!" Dad said, and I followed Brad to his makeup station. "Hello! I'm Brad, and I'll be doing your makeup today! I'll be working around your face a lot, so you need to try to keep your face still unless I tell you not to in any cases. Okay?" Brad asked. "Okay!" I said, and he got started. "Your dad is an amazing man, if you didn't know. He treats everyone with respect, and we all treat him with respect. He is very generous and he is lucky to have a daughter like you." Brad said and my face got red. I know he doesn't like-like me, but he was complimenting me. "Thank you very much! That's very sweet of you and he is lucky to have such an amazing crew which you are happily a part of." I complimented him back. "So, have you ever been to any of your father's video shoots?" Brad asked as he worked on my mascara. "No, because I had to go to school. So that's another reason to add to my list of why the government should take going to school off the list of laws." I said and he laughed. "Okay! You're all done!" Brad said, and gave me a mirror. Not to be conceded, but I looked beautiful. He did a great job. "Wow, this is fantastic. Your name is Brad, right?" I asked, and he nodded. "Well, Brad, I'll be sure to tell my father how great you have done and I'll try to get him to get you even better makeup jobs!" I said happily. His face beamed as he took his hat off and held it to his chest. "God bless you so much! That is very generous and kind of you and call me any day to do your makeup for free!" He exclaimed gratefully. I put my hand up. "It's okay, but if anything comes up like this for me, I'll be glad to give you a call." I said and he gave me his card and waved to me as he walked to another station to work on a girl. I smiled and wove back and walked away. While waiting for further directions, my heart stopped as I saw Michael Clifford, walking towards me. "That was awesome of you. To be so kind to Brad. People can sometimes be very rude to him and he doesn't have many friends, so we cheer him up. But I think you made his life." Michael said, smiling. "I-i-i-um, I just felt that his beautiful job needed to be shared." I said. "I'm Michael Clifford. I'm the guitarist in the band." He said. "I know, I love you guys and your music so much and it really inspires me to be myself. I'm Sam by the way. I'm kinda a boy-girl freak in my school. So it might be a good idea to run away from me now, because kids in my school don't even need the tip from me because they think I'm weird." I said, shaking hands with him. He had a confused, yet beautiful look on his face. "No thanks, I'd rather like to get to know you. Kids are crazy to run away from you because I can already tell that you are a great person." Michael said. He grabbed a paper out of his pocket, and wrote down something and handed it to me. It was him NUMBER. "We should hang out today. Can I have your number so I can text you?" Michael asked. "Um, sure. I'm probably free today so we can hang out today." I said, trying to act normal. "Great! Nice meeting you Sam!" Michael said, and walked away. Michael Gordon Clifford just gave me his number. And Michael Gordon Clifford asked if we can hang out today. Basically, I'm freaking out silently right now. This is going to be the best day of my life.


After the amazing video shoot and hanging and getting to know the guys, I went home to chill until Michael comes. I got ready, wearing a black tank top and ripped skinny jeans with my black converses. I then did my makeup, putting chapstick on and skin lotion because I have a skin problem which gets really annoying at times. After I finished getting ready, I just went downstairs and played FIFA until I heard the doorbell ring. I paused the game and got up to answer the door, to see Michael with a blink 182 shirt and skinny ripped jeans too with thongs (sandals). "Hi! You can come in." I said and he walked in looking around. Then he noticed the TV and that I was playing FIFA. "I love that game! Wanna play for a while and then we'll go out somewhere?" Michael said. "Sounds like a good plan! Let's get started I'll get some snacks and the other controller." I said and headed to the kitchen, grabbing some potato chips and cookies and cream ice cream. I set that on the coffee table and went upstairs to get the controller. I went through my room and found it lying on my bed, so I went back to the living room so we can start playing. When I got back, Michael was on the couch, relaxing. "Don't get too comfortable because in a minute or two I'm going to kick your butt." I said and he got up. "Oh really, let's make a bet then." Michael said. "Okay,okay. I bet that if I win, we go to the mall." I challenged him with a smirk. "Okay then, if I win, we'll go to a park." He challenged me, returning the smirk. "You're on!" I said and we were about to shake, but I stopped him. "I don't handshake, I brofist." I said, and he smiled and brofisted me. When there was ten seconds left, the point were 16 me and 15 Michael, so I looked at him. "To the mall we go!" "No, hold on, the game didn't end yet." Michael said, still playing. I sighed and sat down. There were four seconds left, three seconds, two seconds, one se- HE MADE A GOAL!!!! He put his fist in the air. "Yes! Okay, we'll do a death round now I guess." He said smirking. "Fine." I said sighing I grabbed the controller and we did a death round....and he won. "Yes!!! 17 baby!" He said and we both got up. "How about this Sam. Let's go to the mall first, but I can go to my stores too." He said and I smiled in agreement and nodded.

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