The Director's Daughter

When the director of Good Girls, Amnesia, and Don't Stop's daughter comes in, she meets Michael Clifford, and they hit it off. But will daddy approve? They hope so!


1. 1

Hello! I'm Samantha. But people call me Sam. I live in LA California with my mom and dad. My dad is a director so he records a lot of music videos. And I'm really hoping that he will direct someone like 5 Seconds of Summer!!! He did music videos for them like Amnesia and Don't Stop but I could never meet them sadly. I came down to eat some cereal quickly because I had to go to school. It was my birthday, and i was turning 17. My dad(his name is Issac) came running down the stairs. "Happy birthday honey!" He said, kissing my head. "Thanks dad. How is Ariana Grande's new video going along?" I asked him. "Great. In fact, amazing. We got it done early so it'll be released today!" Dad said excitedly. "Cool! Well, I got to go to school now. So bye!" I said, picking up my backpack until dad stopped me. "No you aren't. You aren't going to school, you're going to the Good Girls music video shoot!" My dad said. I squealed and hugged him. Now since I'm in the wrestling team at school (yeah I know, I'm a boy girl freak) I hugged him until he couldn't breathe. "Honey?" He said and I let him go. "Oh, sorry. Are we going now?" I asked and he nodded. I quickly ran upstairs though, to put makeup on. I ran downstairs, feeling a lot prettier. "Let's go now!!!!" I said, and we went in the car and drove to the shoot.

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