Better Than Words (second to I Knew You Were Trouble)

Ashley Walker is a victim of heartbreak. She fell head over heels in love for a boy.
But through this heartbreak, she realised she was missing out on the most important thing; her actual soul mate – Niall James Horan. Ashley isn’t the same though.
She isn’t herself. She tries though, for Niall
But you know what they say…
You never forget your first.
Especially when they decide to come waltzing back into your life – with a girl.
Yes, you never forget your first indeed.


3. Just Cant Let Her Go

I laughed. Niall beamed showing his perfect set of teeth. “It’s true” He insisted.

“I wasn’t saying it wasn’t true but I’m just saying that I couldn’t imagine Harry talking in his sleep”

“I know right! But he just doesn’t talk about anything in his sleep. Oh no, he talks about things like girls or cats and sometimes both. Actually, one night, he was talking about a girl and he called her if I remember correctly – a ‘wittle pwetty puddy cat”

“Oh my gosh, this is too good!” I screeched. People around us looked at me weirdly. I didn’t care though. I wasn’t going to stop laughing at something this good just because people thought I was weird. I already knew that. “Wait, do you have proof? Did you record it?”

“Well, duh! I’m not an idiot! Of course I recorded it. There was no way I was going to let the opportunity pass! What kind of person would I be if I didn’t record it?”

“Can I hear it?”

“No, I was going to let you suffer and live the rest of life in agony not knowing what he said. Of course you can hear it!” He got his phone out of his pocket and scrolled through his voice memos. He turned the volume down a bit so then the whole restaurant didn’t hear it, he might like making fun of his mate but he would not embarrass him in public, whether he was aware of it or not. He smiled. “Alright, let’s hear it” He pressed play and at first there was silence. And then there was a shuffle as Harry moved in his bed. He started mumbling incorehently and then he actually spoke.

“No, of course I wuv you babe. You’re my babie. You’re my pussy cat. Yes, that’s right. You’re my wittle puddy cat and I wuv you. Yeah, you’re my wittle, pwetty puddy cat. Don’t weave pwease. I wuv you”

And then there was a sniff, a shuffle and then back to mumbling. That’s where the recording ended.

“Pfft hahahaha” I burst out laughing again. “This…is…killing…me” I said between gasps. “This is priceless!!! Does he know?”

“Of course not! If he knew, he would have made me delete it! I am not going to risk the best recording of him sleep-talking getting deleted. Gone, disappeared, eradicated from history, the world, the universe, never to be heard again”

“Oh my god! You are such a drama queen, Niall”

“Oh, I know honey! I should be in the show biz! It’s show time everybody!” He said in a girly voice, clapping his hands.

I snorted. “My god, if you weren’t dating me, I’d swear you were gay”

“I’m gonna take that as a compliment” He said, sitting back in his heat.

“So you should” I said, smiling and tilting my head. “Wow” I sighed.

“What?” Niall said, smirking.

“I just realised how weird we are. We have got to be the weirdest couple on earth”

“You know what?” Niall said, beaming his perfect set of white teeth.

“What?” I said, smiling and shaking my head.

“Your right. We are the weirdest couple on the earth. And you know what else?”


“I wouldn’t have it any other way”

Zayn P.O.V

“This was fun” Perrie said, smiling as I walked her up the steps to her house.

“Yeah, it really was”

I leaned casually against the handrail and smiled.

“Thank you” I said, genuinely.

“For what?” Perrie said, taken aback.

“For showing me how to have fun again. For helping me get over…her”

Perrie smiled kindly. “Hey” She took one of my hands. “Your welcome. What are friends for?” She said, looking in my eyes. My heart sunk. Did I just get friend-zoned? I looked down at our hands and put my other one over hers. I sighed.

“Thank you – for everything, Perrie” I looked up, smiled and started to walk away. Our hands briefly lingered and for a moment, I thought she wouldn’t let go but she did. My heart sunk to my stomach and I continued to walk to my car. I opened the door when I heard her call out.

“Zayn, wait!”

I spun around to face her. She ran down the steps and collided with me. I held her waist and bent down to kiss her. Her hands linked around my neck and I held her head and back protectively with both hands. She placed her lips on mine and I kissed her passionately. After a few seconds, we broke apart, both gasping for air. I smiled. “Well, that certainly took me by surprise”

“It took me by surprise too” She said blushing and looking up.

“What was that for?”

“For showing me how to love again. For letting me know that love doesn’t just hurt, crash and burn. And…for sharing your story. Telling mine made me think and I realised how narrow-minded I was. Not all boys were like…him. You…are truly something amazing Zayn and are definitely not like him. So thank you”

“Anytime Perrie. You helped me too and you are incredible! I’d like to do this again sometime”

“Me too. How about Friday next week? We could have dinner and then go watch a movie or something?”

“Sure. Sounds good"

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