the makeover

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  • Published: 31 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2015
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Nerd to popular because of a single makeover.


3. two

"Spencer. You're crazy! Why do you think they chose you? You know what don't answer it! You are the school's nerd! Get that in your head." 

I was talking to Eric on the phone. I was listening, but only to bits and pieces of it. I wasn't really in the mood for a lecture. I mean yeah for school lectures are important, but right now isn't really the great time to give me one. 

I looked outside the window of my room and saw that it was sunny. I went to my bed and laid there waiting for Eric to clam down and stop jabbering, but I knew that would take a while.

"Spencer! Are you even listening to me?" "Yeah." I just gave out a deep sigh and said, "Look, I'm worried about this. Don't do this again. Don't put on makeup tomorrow. Just be the real you." "Eric I've only been doing this for three weeks, and so far it's going great ok. Harry and his gang stopped bullying you." "After the second week." 

I gave out a deep sigh. I knew he was right about that. There was no arguing with that. "Look, I'm going to keep doing it, ok. People aren't bullying me anymore. I like that." "What happened to the Spencer I knew that didn't care about getting bullied or not, and just lived a life with her three friends in which she was happy with? Cause whatever Darcy did to her seriously worked." 

He hung up the phone after the last phrase. Great. I laid on my bed just staring into the wall waiting for something to change. 

A few minutes later, my sister walked into the room and started to squeal. "Please stop. I have enough jabbering for today!" "Look at your Facebook account! Harry is talking all about you! Drama!" 

I sat up straight in my bed. Did she just say that Harry was talking about me? I am so dead. Darcy is going to kill me. I couldn't deal with that. I'm going to get bullied more than ever now. 

I ran to my computer and opened it up, and sure enough he mentioned me in many of his posts. He even requested a friend request. I ignored everything. Darcy also requested to friend me. I accepted that one because I wanted to get on her good side as much as possible right now.

As soon as I accepted it, a lot of posts popped up on my screen of her and Harry. Damn, she was obsessed with him. There was a picture of them at homecoming and them wearing the king and queen crown. There was so many pictures of them it wasn't even funny. 

I turned to my sister and gave her the look of I'm so dead. She just squealed again and said, "I love this! So much drama that's about to spew up!"

She jumped out of my room like a five year old and went to her room. I seriously don't know how I could have been living with her all these years. I seriously don't.

I looked back at my computer and just stared at my screen. Another picture popped up, and it was a picture of me and her at lunch. She went to my table and we actually had a good conversation. None of my friends were there because they had a different lunch then me, so I usually ate alone. All throughout lunch, it was just me and her talking about all these random things that any girl would dream of having a conversation with her.

I didn't know what was going on, but when I read the message I got really scared on what she was planning to do with me. It said, "Made a new bestie! New partner in crime!" I gave out an ugh and just laid back down on my bed. I'm so screwed.


I woke up and did my makeup and got dressed in a white long sleeved Ralph Lauren casual crew t-shirt with some skinny jeans and wallabees. I got my Michael Kors purse and phone and got out the door, and saw that Eric was waiting for me in the drive way. 

He looked different in a way too. He wasn't wearing his usual polo shirt tucked in with some khakis and some tennis shoes. He was wearing a long sleeved vineyard vine crew t-shirt, untucked, and some pastel colored pants with some sperrys.

I went up to him and said, "Did someone give you a makeover too?" "No. I just chose to wear my clothes in this kind of fashion. Why is something wrong?" I shook my head.

He opened the car door for me on the passenger side and let me in his Mercedes. He got in on the other side and turned off his phone and put it in his pocket.

He had a habit of that ever since his sister died of a car accident because she was texting someone. He was paranoid because of that ever since.

When we pulled up into the driveway of the school I got out and got the usual attention. Eric got a different attention. Girls started to look at him like he was a Calvin Klein model or something. I didn't know if that was suppose to make me jealous or something, but I just now realized that he took his glasses off. 

All of my friends wore glasses, and we all wore it for the same reason. We were just to lazy to take them off after we read.

I went to my locker and met up with Josie and Jake. Both of them had a makeover too. Josie was wearing a southern company t-shirt and some skinny jeans with some Uggs. Jake was wearing a long sleeve Southern Marsh t-shirt and some short khakis with some sperrys. 

I was just looking at them as totally different people. Then Jake finally spoke up and said, "Since you've gotten a makeover. We decided to do it all together with you. Without the help of those douche bags." 

I turned my head to Jake. I was surprised that he cursed. He never did that. That was just a rule for all of us to follow throughout high school. We didn't want to be those rebellious teens.

Josie crossed her arms and said, "As long as you're doing it, we are going to do it as long as it takes for you to realized and turn back to the normal Spencer we know." 

I rolled my eyes. "Guys, I don't need to worry about you right now. I already have other things to worry about. Darcy is going to kill me when she finds out that Harry is non-stop talking about me all over Facebook. Can you please help me with that?" 

They looked at each other. Then Eric said, "So, you really don't want to be with Harry?" "No! Why would I ever want to be with him?" 

He seemed to be relaxed about that, but then out of no where Harry came up and kissed me on the cheek saying, "Here's my number. Talk to me when you get tired of hanging around these losers because I know they didn't change just because they changed their looks." 

He put his number in my back pocket and kissed me on the cheek again. I pushed him away. I didn't want rumors spreading around school because of this. "Harry! You have a girlfriend! Back away from me!" 

He smirked and walked away. I turned to look at Eric to tell him that you see I don't like him and never will. I looked over his shoulder and saw Darcy standing there. 

She had an expression that was surprised and worried. She went up to me and hugged me and said, "Thank you." She let go of me and went off.

Everyone was surprised, Eric was just leaning on the locker like none of this was a big deal and said, "Better be careful I don't like how they're treating you all nicely all of a sudden." 

I looked at him and nodded. I got my books out of my locker and walked with Eric to my first class.


It was lunch time and I was still sitting alone with none of the other popular people there. I guess they were planning something against me.

I started to eat my caesar salad and got out my phone to check up on Facebook. At my school we could only take out our phones during lunch. Pretty awesome right?

I got it out and someone sat at the chair in front of me. I didn't look up, but I could guess that it was Darcy because of her strong perfume. 

She cleared her throat, but I still didn't look up. I looked at my phone and rejected Harry's friend request again. I looked at another post that Darcy made and it was a picture of her and Harry having their four years of being together. They never broke up ever since freshman year. They were the school's cutest couple.

"Spence I'm sorry about Harry. I---" I looked up and she stopped. I looked to the side of her shoulder and saw Harry sitting at the table next to his friend Louis Tomlinson. Harry was staring at us. 

Darcy looked over and looked back wanting to cry. Harry was giving her a death glare and I looked back at Darcy. She was crying.

I went and got to her side and made her stand up. Luckily, my table is right next to the exit so no one really paid attention. 

I hurried her into the farthest bathroom where barely anyone goes to and locked the doors. I helped her reapply her makeup that was washing off because of her crying.

"I know I probably will regret this, but what's the matter?" She breathed in and out really hard and said, "I broke up with Harry because I saw the pictures that he posted of you and I thought that you were trying to steal him away from me, but then I saw you this morning and saw that those picture were just captured at the right moment when you two were arguing. I got mad at him for trying to flirt with another girl and I broke up with him."

She whispered the last part like it was her last words before death. I didn't really blame her for that. I patted her back and tried to comfort her. It was really awkward, but this wasn't the time for settling any differences. 

"Why are you being so nice to me when all I ever did was be mean to you." I was stumbling on the question she asked me. I didn't really want to talk, but I said, "Because, we knew each other for a really long time and just because we knew each other as a bully and a victim and I want to change the relationship that we have between each other.

She looked at me and smiled. "Thanks." We hugged it out and went back to lunch. I sort of had a uneasy feeling of her being this nice to me. I didn't believe a word she said because they would just breakup because of me and Harry talking to each other.

I sat back down and ate my lunch. Darcy took another picture of us together and posted it on Facebook. We talked about things, but not really that much about other people. I guess because the main person that she talks about is me and my other friends. 


When I got to my house my sister came up to me and said, "So, the heartbreaker enters the house." I rolled my eyes and said, "You really believe that story that Harry told you?" "Duh! He's Harry." 

I swear she acts like Karen Smith from Mean Girls so much sometimes. 

I went up to my room and got onto my laptop. There were so many posts about the breakup with Darcy and Harry. She was saying things like no boyfriend, no problem and look! got a person to lean a shoulder on! That was the picture of me and her at lunch today. I couldn't believe that she did that. I was just being nice to her so she wouldn't think that I'm trying to just fake everything to see what she was really up to.

I heard a doorbell ring and went down stairs to open it.

When I did, I regretted it. Niall was standing there. He was the sweet boy of the group. He was still really innocent. "May I come in?"

I rolled my eyes and said, "No, what do you want?" "I just want to talk about Harry and---" "Darcy? No thank you. I want to stay away from drama unlike you and your little gang." I slammed the door, but he caught it and said, "Please we need to talk." 

I moved over while he was just dumbfounded at the inside of my house. "How did you even know where I live?" "Darcy." 

He looked at me and smiled. "Nice chandelier." "Thanks." 

I lead him toward the living room and sat down on the couch across from his. "So, what is the important thing that we need to talk about?"

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