the makeover

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  • Published: 31 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2015
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Nerd to popular because of a single makeover.


23. twenty-two

"So, how long have you been playing piano?" "Ever since my mom played while I was going to sleep." 

Me and Harry were sitting in his backyard. It's been five days since that day that I played on the piano with  We were wanting to take a rest from all that homework that we were doing. I mean teachers please, we have a life of social media and relationships. Well, relationships for the people that aren't forever alone... like some people I know. 

I plugged my ears in and leaned back on Harry. We were sitting on a couch that he had outside on his back porch. He wrapped his arms around me and let his head rest on the pillow that was set on the armrest.

I wanted to just relax and not think about the world around me. There were so many things that I was worried about that when I plugged in my ears and rested, it was like I had no weight no my shoulders. Just thinking about that it's a good song lyric. 

Got no weight on my shoulders. Catchy.

Someone came out of the door and Harry moved to see who it was. I pretended like I was still asleep. 

"Is she?" "Yeah. Why?" "I have to tell you something about her." He adjusted when she said that and said, "I love her ok? If you say anything bad I'll--" "No, Harry. No. You got the wrong idea." 

He eased a bit when she said that, but still a little tense. "So, what are you trying to say about her?" "I want to tell you that I can see a spark when you two are together. You two just look so adorable ok?" "What are you seriously trying to say?"

"I don't want you to treat her like you did with Darcy. I want you to do better and you know what I mean by better." "What do you mean I am tre--" "Harry. You took her to all the same places, and remember, you also made Darcy move in."

His hand stiffened a little bit around my wrist. "I love her ok? This is my first time being in love and she is my seventeenth relationship. I want to make this as perfect as possible. Just let me do what I think and know is right."

I could feel tension between the two. I'm betting their giving each other death stares. This was awkward so I started to "wake up". 

When I got up I turned and kissed Harry. "Hey babe." "Hey." "Your not looking so happy." He bit his lip and said, "Everything's fine. I love you, got that?" I nodded and he cupped the back of my head and kissed me.

I looked up and Gemma was looking at both of us with the smile of an angel. "We should hang out sometime and get to know each other." "Yeah we should." She had a british accent. Just like Harry, but his was faint cause he's been living here so long.

"I'll leave you two love birds alone. I need to go somewhere." "Where?" I slapped his chest and he looked at me and said, "What?" "Overprotective much?" He smirked and I looked up at her and she gave me a thankful smile and went off. 

Something was up when she looked away. She slouched her shoulders and bit her lip. Someone was at the other side of the door and grabbed her abruptly. That made me gasp and Harry turned to look, but I turned his head around and said, "Oh, just a cat." "Where!" "Oh never mind that was just another stuffed animal."

He gave me a suspicious look and said, "We don't have stuffed animals." "Then why is your sister holding one. Well, now she's gone. You missed it." "All because of you. Who gave it to her?" "I just saw her take it out from something on the other side of the door. It wasn't really clear." 

I just lied to Harry. I just lied period! That isn't me. Clam down Spencer. It's just a little lie. One simple lie.

"Hey is everything alright?" "Yeah why?" "Because you are all of a sudden jumpy." I rolled my eyes and played it off by saying, "Everything is fine ok? Nothings wrong." "That's a lie. Girls lie way too much. I don't like that about them."

That made my guilt broke the sky line. I couldn't take it anymore, but I could tell by the looks of it that Harry was an overprotective brother. I kissed him and said, "Can we please change the subject?" "No, I don't want to your hiding something from me. This is bad for the relationship." 

My hands started to shake. I couldn't control it. He grabbed it lightly and tried to stop it. It didn't work. "Spence you ok? Are you worried about anything?" I couldn't speak. I grabbed my head and rolled into a ball on his lap. I couldn't take the pressure. I couldn't mess this up. What would Gemma think of me?

Wait, this is a simple problem. Why am I so worked up about it? Damn you Harry Styles. You made me work up about everything because I want everything to be perfect. Now, even the simplest things worry me. Damn I'm love sick.

I looked up and my hands stopped shaking. He looked worried as hell. "Was it something that I said or--" "It's fine. I need to tell you something, but please don't turn into something that I don't want you to be ok?"

"Sure. What is it?" "Well, it's about your sister." He snapped his eyes deep right into my eyes. He was one hundred precent focused on me. "What's wrong with my sister." "Well, while she was walking into the house someone grabbed her. It was like a boyfriend, but at the same time it seemed like someone wanted to hurt her. I don't know if it's true or if it just--" 

"No, you're right." I looked up at him. "What do you mean I'm right. I just told you that I'm not sure. Harry don't jump to conclusions we need to think this--" "No, that was her ex! He abused her and now she's back with him again! Damn I knew I should have asked that, but no you just had to seduce me and let her go without me know where!" 

"I didn't know!" "You know what forget it." He got up and dumped me on the couch. He walked up the stairs and into the house. I was sitting on the couch alone. 

I should've kept my mouth quiet. I shouldn't have told him.

Later that day I found myself in the piano room. I was playing some cords and then it came to me. I started to hum a tune and it came through to my fingers on the piano.

I told you once, get out of my life

I don't need ya, I'll be alright

but somethings are better left unsaid

to tell the truth, it hit me hard

my broken heart is all I have now

but somethings are better left unsaid

and I swore that I would never say

'I miss you more everyday'

but somethings are better left unsaid





Someone walked into the door and I turned around. I regretted right as I saw her.

Gemma was bruised on the top part of her arm. Harry was going to kill that boy if he ever found out. I rushed over to her and asked, "Was that your ex." "You told Harry." "I told Harry that someone grabbed you abruptly, and he guessed the rest." 

"Can you please just not tell him about this." "Yeah. Just come and follow me. You need to put something cold on that bruise before it gets any worse." She looked at it and said, "Yeah."

I found my way into the kitchen, but then Harry was there. Before he could look up me and Gemma raced out the door. "You can't go in there!" "Gimme your jacket." I looked down and said, "Right."

I took it off and gave it to her. We walked in and Harry said, "Why did you two run out?" "She got really cold so she ran out, but then I gave her my jacket so here we are now. Where are the frozen peas?" "Why do you need frozen peas?"

"We're doing something with beauty. It's a girls thing. We saw it online. You know the thing with cucumbers but they said peas are so much better." He rolled his eyes and got into the refrigerator and handed me the peas.

Me and Gemma zoomed out the door and up into her room. I didn't have a room because Harry and I were sharing one while I was staying here.

I put the pack of frozen peas on her and said, "So, why does he abuse you?" This question obviously wasn't something she wanted to talk about.

"I don't really want to--" "Look, I want to know why ok? It's a simple question." She sighed deeply and said, "He didn't want me to leave and wanted to get back together by getting drunk and stay up all night, but I didn't want to. So, he abused me to stay, but I ran away."

I realized that I was staring and I looked back at the peas. "I think that Harry could actually handle this problem." "I don't want him to murder my ex. I just want something to be done to him." "Harry will just crush him into billions of pieces because my ex said that he wanted to kiss me, and what I don't get is that you and Harry kiss all the time."

"Now let's not bring my relationship into this." "You're dating my brother. Remember?" "Yeah, but that doesn't mean you have to bring it up." "Are you embarrassed about dating him?" "No. It's just me and him aren't really in the right mood right now." 

"What do you mean? You two were perfectly talking in the kitchen?" "That's called acting, and didn't you see that he rolled his eyes at me and didn't even smile? He always has that cute smile with his dimples peeping out when he's around me, but he didn't have that on in the kitchen." 

She bit her lip and was worried as hell. "Don't worry about us ok? You need to worry about keeping this away from Harry if you want to keep that boy alive." She gave out a little giggle and said, "Yeah. Just to ask too. This is the only secret you have from him right?"

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