the makeover

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  • Published: 31 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2015
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Nerd to popular because of a single makeover.


28. twenty-seven

I walked into the first period class away from Eric and Kate. I was literally throwing up while they were laughing at nothing. I was sick of them and would totally not ship them.

I kept walking toward the corner and Kate sat next to me. Eric was hesitant but he sat next to Kate. 

"Hey Spence, wanna hang out some time? You know catch up and stuff." "I would rather die." "Come on I'm ju--" "I told you I would rather die, now move on will ya?" 

A girl in the back said, "Don't need to be so rude to the newbe." I glared back at her and she ducked down saying, "Just getting it out there." 

I turned back around and looked over at Kate and said, "Thanks for already starting my bad image project so far it's an A+ I have to say. Happy miss know it all? I bet."

I looked back at my notes and I could feel Eric glaring at me.


I rushed out of school to get home and to ignore as much people as I possibly could. I didn't want to deal with anyone. Especially not Kate. I went to my car and someone was calling my name. I didn't want to look back because I was thinking it would be Eric or someone.

Then I heard, "Babe wait up." I knew only Harry would dare to call me that. Especially when I'm in this kind of mood.

I turned and smiled at him saying, "Hey." "Don't need to put that fake smile on for me." "It's not fake." I tip toed up and pecked his lips. 

"Anyways, people all around the school are talking about how you were so mean to the new chick." "Don't call her that. She's just a transfer." "Just a transfer?" I glared at him and said, "I don't want to talk about it."

"Sweetie I have all day to listen to you. Now spill."

We were sitting in my car while me and Harry were talking. I explained to him about everything and not missing a single thing.

"So, now you understand." "Yeah, she seems more like a bitch then Darcy." "No kidding." 

"Hey, how about we spend some time together over at your house. You know get your mind off of this new person." I smiled and said, "I'd love to." He smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. 

"I'll see you tomorrow then?" "Yeah, and don't fall for her." "Why would I fall for her?" I rolled my eyes while he closed the door to the car. 


I walked into my house and saw my sister on the couch sleeping. I never saw her this tired before. She's always jumping or squealing, "Drama!"

I went up to my room and ignored her. She must be tired from all the excitement from all the drama.

I got out my phone out and Harry already texted me three times. He knows I don't text while I drive.

"Hey I just got home what's up?" "I'll be at your house in 3." "K."

I went over and laid I my bed and just closed my eyes. I wasn't in the mood for anything right now because of Kate, but I couldn't reject Harry trying to be nice to me.

A while later, my doorbell rang. I ran downstairs and opened the door to see Harry.

"So, what are we going to do with this problem now?" I rolled my eyes and just looked off. "Look I don't know what is up. I'm just not trusting her. I mean I can give her a chance, right?"

He looked surprised at what I said. "What?" "You want to give her a chance?" "Yeah. What's wrong wi--" "Spence. She took everything away from you. What do you not get about that? It's like something suddenly hit you right in the face and threatened you to say this." 

I threw my hands up and said, "Well, what if something did pop up?"

He paused and stared at me. "What is that something?" He crossed his arms and stood still. He had a stern face on like he was a ticking time bomb that if I said something wrong he would blow.

"I... Harry it's really hard to believe this. I don't even fully believe that this is true, but--" "Spencer, this isn't a game. You need to tell me what popped up." 

"Eric and Kate are dating and they've known each other for three years, and I didn't even know about it." "Harsh." I looked at him and said, "I can't say anything to him because I'm dating my old bully and he's doing the exact thing." 

Harry moved a little uncomfortably and said, "I changed, she didn't. That's the fact that we know right now."

He sighed and said, "Look. Right now she's stealing your best friend away from you. What if she's--" "What if... I'm tired of hearing that. I've been telling myself that all these years and only one of them came true and guess what it was? What if Harry stopped bullying me and actually had feelings for me? That goes through my head and I'm wondering 'what if' I say it on so many things that will it come true? it's ruining my life because I'm thinking that if I say another 'what if' it might come true."

"Babe. Cal--" "No! Just--" He grabbed me by the arms and shook me saying, "Listen to me! Look what Kate is putting into your head! Don't make her steal your happiness between us!" He stopped shaking me and sighed saying, "I want that happy, lazy but smart Spencer back. Please." 

I looked at him into the eyes and said, "Life isn't that simple."


The weekend was coming near and all I could think of was Kate. She stole my freedom of thinking of something else. I know I can just wipe it out with a simple swipe of something else, but I just can't.

I also couldn't stop thinking of Harry's face after I said, 'Life isn't that simple.' He was devastated. 

I got to my locker and saw that Eric was standing there. Kate was no where in sight.

I ignored him and opened my locker. He slammed it shut and stared at me and said, "I hope your happy." He showed me his phone and it said, "Sorry, but my mom heard about the drama at school and made me move. She didn't want this to start again and she moved me back to a private school... I hope to see you soon though."

"Are you happy now? She's not here at this school." "Her mom did the right thing on shadowing on what happened last time." He stared me down. I opened my locker and got my things. I turned on my heals, but he pulled me back slamming me against the locker and said, "What do you mean shadowing on what happened last time?"

I stared at him and said, "Isn't it obvious on what happened last time?" "There's got to be more then just hating on each other to make it that big of a deal." "I know. It was." 

He stared at me while I went off. I didn't want to deal with him right at the moment. I had a lot of things, and I also wanted to forget about that night. I really didn't want to remember it, but that text just slammed it right into my face.

I walked into the library and got a book out to read. I could concentrated though so I plugged my earbuds in. I hid in the corner so no one would see that I had my phone out. My phone getting taken away was the last thing I want to happen to me.


I came home and Harry was standing in the kitchen. I walked past him, but my tummy had to grumble. 

"Hey babe. I didn't see you all day." I ignored him, but he grabbed me by the arm and said, "I said I didn't see you all day. Where were you at lunch? I was worried about you." 

"Somewhere on school ground if that's what you're worrying about." He gave me a straight face and said, "You know what I mean. It's like you're ignoring me. Please tell me what I did wrong." "You didn't do anything wrong. I... I just want to be alone. Sometimes, you know, people want some quiet time by them selves."

He stared me deep into my eyes and said, "I really don't want to be away from you, and I'm not stalking you but I saw you at your car and stared at Eric. I feel uncomfortable about that. Please tell me what's happening between you two. I could help."

"Harry, this is something between me and Eric only." "It's about Kate. Isn't it." 

I looked down at my shoes literally giving away that it was. I turned around and started to walk up stairs. He followed me and closed the door to my room.

"Tell me everything." I turned around and I couldn't help but start to cry. He came up and hugged me comforting me with words, but it only made it worse.

"I don't want to lose my best friend. He's too special." "I understand." He rubbed my back and rested his head on my shoulders. "I think I know what will make you smile." "Harry, now is--" 

"I don't take no as an answer." He smirked and I knew what was coming. "Harry no." He inched closer and I was running across the room trying to get away from him. "Harry!" He tackled me on the the floor and started to tickle me.

"Harry! Stop!" I was literally kicking the air and trying to free myself. "Stop." 

I ended on top of him with the biggest smile I have worn in almost a week. "That's the smile I was looking for." He cupped my cheek and pulled me in for a kiss.

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