the makeover

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  • Published: 31 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2015
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Nerd to popular because of a single makeover.


25. twenty-four

Through the next few days of school, I was strolling through the halls like a lost puppy striving to find an owner. I looked around and everyone was just staring me down. I didn't look up. I looked down.

I went over to my locker and put in the code. Someone pushed past me and I looked to see it was Liam who was ironically standing next Harry. Harry looked back and glared at me then turned back around. When I caught his glare I turned and faced my locker.

I got my books out and there was a note stuck to the outside when I shut it. It read, "Remember the test in 5th period! I know you didn't really study that hard for it because of the things that are going on so in the morning I will be in the library to review the notes. ~Josie

I rolled my eyes remembering the test. Thank God Josie knows me so well.

I rushed to the library and sat down and Josie reviewed me and quizzed me until the bell rang, and when it did, I was ready.

At lunch, I was sitting at my old table with Darcy, Niall, and Louis. I use to sit with Harry, but since we broke up I couldn't be anywhere near him. I sometimes looked over at where he sat and he would be already staring at me. I looked away and turned back to my soup that I had.

My sister made some gumbo to cheer me up. She knew that I was in love with the gumbo that she made. 

When I finished I got my things and went out. Darcy looked up and followed me dragging Niall and Louis with her. I went straight to my locker and a dean was walking the hall.

"Hey, you're not suppose to be out. Oh, never mind. Senior privileges." "Yes, sir." "Let me see your I.D. please." Darcy came up to me while the dean checked my I.D.. He turned toward Darcy and he said, "I.D.s please. All of you." 

They all took their I.D.s out and gave it to the dean. Niall was tapping his foot while the dean checked our I.D.s with detail. He ran out of patience and said, "You should know Louis and I are both Seniors sir, and most of all you should know Darcy." 

He looked at both of them and said, "I.D. checking is just the rules. I.D. please."

Niall let out a frustrated scream and gave the dean his card. When the dean finally left, Darcy turned around and flipped him off. 

Darcy turned toward me and said, "I think you need to take your mind off of this Harry thing and move on." "My heart isn't ready." I looked at her. I closed my locker and walked off toward the library but Niall stopped me and said, "Look. I didn't wait that long for you to say no to that. We are helping you and that was a command, not a question."

He was always this sweet, but sometimes he could be demanding. "Fine, but after school or I'll have a heart attack for skipping." 

They rolled their eyes and said, "Promise." 


We were at my house and they were all hogging up all the popcorn. They planned a movie night tonight and after we watch one movie here we were going to eat somewhere for dinner.

Louis got out 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street. This was going to be a long night, but don't think of me in a wrong way. I love Jump Street.

In the middle of the first movie the door bell rang. I looked at Darcy and said, "Who else did you invite?" "No one. You want me to go shoo them off?" "No. I'll deal with it." She nodded with a worried face. Her and Niall exchanged looks and they cuddled closer together. I have to say they looked really cute.

I opened the door and when I saw the person I was literally about to slam the door shut. "Please let me talk this through on why I'm here." "I don't want to talk right now Gemma." 

"Aren't you wondering why I made you and Harry breakup?" That made me turn around. 

"I thought so. Look, I really do think that any girl deserves my brother cause he's the perfect boy for everyone, but I just don't see you to as the same type of person. You two are total opposites. Like literally." I rolled my eyes. I had no time for hate right now. I should be getting this out of my mind.

"Listen to me Spence." "Spencer. You, call me Spencer." "Fine, listen to me Spencer. You and Harry are total opposites. I mean you're the preppy, perfect popular girl. He's the bad boy that is popular, but the thing that I realized is that you two actually seemed to be meant together."

This just got complete awkward. She's so bipolar because of what she just said, which made me very confused. "What do you mean?" "Haven't you heard? Opposites attract." 

I looked at her suspiciously. "Is this another one of your acts?" "No, I promise it isn't." I raise my eyebrow and said, "It's getting cold out here. Can I please come in?" "No, I don't believe that you're on my side." "How can I prove it to you." "Tell Harry the truth." 

That's when Louis came to the door. "Hey everyone is wondering..." He looked at Gemma and said, "Did you invite her?" "No. She was just leaving though." I gave her a stern look and turned away.  

"Are you two dating?" Louis turned toward her and gave her a glare and said, "No, she's not that kind of person to be rebounding off of people. She's the one that actually cares about other people so much that she replaces her priorities with theirs, and we're trying to repay her by having a movie night." "What do you mean we?" "Me, Niall, and Darcy."

"Darcy's in there?" "Yeah, I also think you owe her an apology." "No, I--" "Yes, you do owe me one."

We turned and saw Darcy standing there. This whole thing just took a major turning point. Darcy was standing with her arms crossed. Niall ran over all worried and said, "What's going on?" "Gemma here is going to say sorry for what she did to me." 

"What did she do?" "Made me break up with Harry." "You did what now?" Louis obviously did know the news. "I thought you broke up with him because--" "That was a cover up." Darcy and I both looked at each other because we said it at the same time.

"I thank you for breaking them up, benefits to now, but that was rude and you need to say sorry to her." We all looked at Niall and glared at him. "What? I'm being truthful here." A horn honked and I looked out to see who it was. 

"Who's that?" "My boyfriend." "The one who--" "Yeah." "You should break--" "I know, but I just can't. He's going to hurt me more if I do." We all looked at her. Now we were sorry for her. I guess the abusive boyfriend wasn't an act.

"Look Darcy. I'm sorry about what I did to you. It was completely wrong for me to have done that to you, but I was just wanting Harry to have the right girlfriend." 

"I'm just wondering, not to interrupt, but was Darcy the first girl you did this too?" "No." I turned and looked at Darcy. How did she know?

"Gemma and I used to plan these test that would make sure that the girls were right for Harry. We would do it as a game. Then it went overboard and I got scared so I quit." "How did it go over board." "It went overboard when I fell for Harry and started to date him." 

"So you use to--" "Yes." I turned back to Gemma and said, "You can go now. I don't need any memory triggers of Harry. I want to clear my memory up of him." "Knowing what you two did. I think it's a Romeo and Juliet scenario. Two people from two totally different worlds that forbiddingly fell for each other. You know how they ended up." 

"It's not like Romeo and Juliet at all. It's more like... I don't know, but it's not forbidden love to me. It was love that got interrupted by the evil sister."

She bit her lip and turned away knowing that I was right. She got in the car and her and her boyfriend drove off.


I woke up thanking that it was Saturday. I went to take a shower to cleanse myself off of my morning self and when I got out I wanted to have drown in the hot water.

I found Harry laying on my bed. I slowly backed away but with him still looking up at the ceiling said, "Don't try to go back into there." He turned his head toward me. I had only a towel wrapped around my body. I felt uncomfortable and I had all the rights to feel that way.

"What do you want Styles." He smirked and said, "Is that my nickname now?" "No, that's your last name. What do you want?" "You." "How did you get in here?" "Secret, but not your sister."

That made me not able to breath for a while, but when I got my brain to work my lungs again he got up. "Why so quiet now?" I opened my mouth, but as soon as I did he brought his face to mine. I couldn't help myself but to respond.

He moved his hand down to my towel slowly unwrapping it. I let it drop to the floor and he grabbed my hips and I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist. He pushed me against the wall and my bare back hit the wall softly.

I lifted my head to take a breath, but he moved his way down my jaw line to my neck. I pulled on his shirt while giving out a slight moan and he took it off. He started to unbuckle, but that's when I stopped and put my hand on his cheek. He looked up into my eyes and I had worry in my eyes.

He saw it and said, "I'm not faking this. I'm loving you like I never would do to anyone that I ever cared about." He didn't chose his words wisely and quickly saved it by saying, "I'm loving you harder." I bit my lip and that's when he carried me to the bed. I then let him unbuckle.

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