the makeover

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  • Published: 31 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2015
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Nerd to popular because of a single makeover.


13. twelve

When Harry dropped me off from school, I still couldn't believe what Louis told me. I looked at Harry in a different way. I realized my self that all throughout the day I have been careful with what I do around Harry because of that reason.

I went up to my bed room and my phone started to ring. "Hello?" "Hey this is Josie. If you even remember that I exist. You know you hang around Harry a lot nowadays." "Sorry. I'm free right now if you want to hang out. I did all my homework at school."

"Wow. You did all your homework and still had enough time do be with Harry? Teach me your secrets." We both giggled. "Start coming over to my house in ten minutes." "Alright." "Hey, is it alright if I sleep over? I think my sister is probably going to wake up trying to get all prepped up for Louis tomorrow morning."

"Yeah. My sister is getting all prepped up for Zayn so." "Cool. Is Liam still together with that girl named Perrie Edwards?" "Yeah, but I think that Zayn has the feels for her a little from the way he looks at her. Did you see him on how he looked at her in lunch?" "I don't have your lunch remember?" "Oh, yeah." "Well, see you when you come over." "Okie."

I hung up and my sister came barging in. "Hey, I just over heard you on the phone that you're going over to Josie's place so, this is tomorrow outfits." I grumbled. "What? I have to look perfect for Louis. What's wrong with that?" "Why don't you ask Harry for help if you're such a big fan of Louis?"

She balanced on a leg and crossed her arms. "Because you're my sister! Why not is the question you're suppose to be asking." She crossed her arms. She's my sister that is way to sassy. I hate that.

"Just call Harry. I'll give you his number." "You know, I'm popular too. I have his number." I rolled my eyes and took out a magazine that Darcy recommended me. It was Seventeen and Teen Vogue, but I pulled out Seventeen because it had Ariana Grande on the front and that's my favorite singer. She's to me as she is to Mariah Carrey. Yeah, I sing like her too. Lucky me right?

I grabbed my purse and went out the door. When I got outside Louis was pulling up in the drive way. That moment I felt like I forgot something, but what?

He came up to me and grabbed me by the arm and pulled me back inside. That's what I forgot. I forgot to lock the door.

"You really need to lock your door." "I usually do." He looked back to me with a hurt glare. That wasn't really hurtful on what I said, was it?

"Look, what do you want?" "You know what I want!" I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms and leaned on one leg to give him the impression that I really am annoyed by all this.

"Look, me and Harry are happy with each other, and don't worry, I really do love him." He looked up at me with hurt eyes. 

"That's just it." He looked down to the door with shoulders slumped and went out the door.

I wanted to go back outside, but I was still processing all this in. Then it hit me, he's in love with me too.


Josie and I were watching Mean Girls cause that reminded us when we first became best friends, and we were bored out of our wits and asked the same question to each other at the same time when we were digging our faces into Nutella sandwiches. More like a little bread with our Nutella.

Can you tell we love Nutella or nah?

Well, we both heard a doorbell and since I was the guest she went up and got it. Even though she was busy eating Nutella. 

She opened it and someone came marching in. Obviously that someone didn't know that I was there.

"Josie, look I know that she's dating Harry, but I can't help it anymore. I knew her longer then him." I didn't want to move, but I was pretty sure that was Eric.

"Look, now is not the best time becau--" "Don't interrupt me! I'm going to go up to her tomorrow at school and tell her the truth about her relationship! I seriously can't take it, and you know it's true!" "It's not true. Just believe it! He's in love with her and so are you! You need to deal with another fact that just came in too! She loves him back."

There was a long silence and I was still sitting still. I didn't know what to do. All these people were falling for me left and right. I never had this experience before. I seriously didn't know what to do!

A door opened and slammed and there was a groan. A car was backed out of the driveway and left. Thankfully not slamming into anything.

Josie came into the door and looked uncomfortably. "Mark another boy on your list of lovers. It's up to three now right?" "Yep."

I took the remote in my hand and pressed play. She knew not to bother me because of the scene I just took in. 

When the movie ended I looked at her and said, "Did he know I was here?" She shuffled uncomfortably. "At the end. That's why he left." 

She looked at me then back at her lap. "How many people are on your list of lovers?" "One." "Whose that?" "Jake."

"Nice." She gave a little giggle. "It's nice to know that you're loved by someone you know that right?"

"Yeah. It's also nice to know that someone has your back too." She looked at me and gave me a big smile and hugged me. I hugged her back. 

"Also, what are you going to do about you know who and your sister? I mean--" "I don't know, but I'll find something to work it out. I just need to make sure that she doesn't do anything dumb to make him fall for her." Josie started to giggle and covered her mouth. 

"Well, do you want to go to Starbucks?" "Yeah." 

We went to Starbucks and Harry was there with his gang. I caught eyes with Louis and he looked away.

Harry came up to me and said hey and kissed me. "So, how are you doing?" "I'm fine, just hanging with my bestie." 

I smiled and nudged Josie in the arm. She smiled and said, "I'm going to get the orders." 

I looked back at Harry and said, "So, your finally hanging  out with your gang?" He looked back and said, "Yeah. They're critiquing about my sense of style though. On how you changed me and everything still. I love the way I am right now though." He lifted my head up a little with his finger and kissed me softly. 

"I'm going to get back with them now. Don't want to be missing out on catching up with them." "Yeah. They'll definitely hate me then. He smiled and walked off.

I turned and saw that Josie was standing there waiting for the orders. I started to walk up to her, but Jake came out of no where and gave her a hug and kiss. 

I was really shocked. I didn't know they would be at that stage so fast in their relationship, but I was happy for them. 

I walked up to them and said, "Hey lovebirds. May I join you in a cup of coffee?" They both looked at me and blushed. I smiled and said, "You two are too adorable." 

I started to ball my hands up and jump up and down like a little girl who just got a new barbie.

Our orders were done and we went and sat down. Eric wasn't there happily.

We were chatting when all of a sudden Josie said, "Jake me and Spencer have to tell you something." He looked really uncomfortable when she said that.

"It's nothing negative about you. It's... umm." "It's about Eric." I caught up to what she was saying.

I looked around to make sure that no one related to anyone we knew was around. Harry and his gang left a long time ago.

We sat there and told him everything about how Eric was acting up lately. Jake was completely new to all this because he and Eric hanged out all the time. Even after the makeover. They never missed a day together.

When we told him about this we looked at each other and decided not to tell him about what happened at Josie's. that would be too much for him to handle, but he was going to find out sooner or later, but right then. We chose later.


The next day of school, I was so nervous because of what Eric said. I went to my locker and saw that it had a note on it. I opened it and it was from Josie.

"Hey I know I'm usually there at school but I'm really "sick" right now. So, can you cover up for me and say that I have a really high fever or something? I already told Jake so don't worry about that, and I'm faking because of the scene that happened at the house yesterday. I really don't want to see what he's going to have in store for you. I told Harry about it and I told him to not get super mad and beat him up, but he's going to be there to make sure that he doesn't do anything stupid, which he probably is going to do. ~Josie"

Someone came up behind me and covered my eyes. "Guess who." Eric.

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