the makeover

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  • Published: 31 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2015
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Nerd to popular because of a single makeover.


35. thirty-four

It was the day. I was so excited. I woke up to Harry right next to me and jumped up and down when my phone buzzed on reminding me. I went to the bathroom and started to wash up.

I put my shirt off to get ready for the shower, but then I realized that the water was going to be cold the first minute of it. As I was turning it on, the door opened. 

I turned around and kicked it closed. The person behind it cursed under his breath. Then seemed to realize what he did. "Ow." 

I wrapped my shirt in front of me and opened the door to see who it was. Eric. "What are you doing here?" "Apparently, I came here to scared the crap out of you and get a door slammed into my face on the day of the prom. I just hope it doesn't bruise." "It wasn't that bad. I mean you didn't get a concussion did you?" "No."

I closed the door and said, "I'll be out in like five to ten minutes. I need to take a shower." "I got that."

As soon as I got out, Eric was sitting on the bed talking with Harry. They were both laughing and I was happy for them. When they caught me staring their conversation paused. 

"So, Eric. Why are you here?" "Well, I didn't know that you and Harry were back together, so I won't ask that question of will you go to prom with me, but I am now wondering if you know any last minute dates." 

"No, sorry." "Nah, it's fine. Me missing Senior prom. No biggy." "Eric." "What?"

I groaned and said, "If I knew anyone, I would tell you, but I don't. Maybe Harry knows some girls though." "What's that suppose to mean?" I shrugged my shoulders and went out to get something to eat.

When I came back, Harry was on his phone and Eric was gone. "Where did--" "He went back to his house. Didn't he past by you?" "No."

He shrugged it off and went back to his phone. "So, did Jack or anyone talk to you about plans tonight as a group?" "Yeah, but I said no. I already planned something for us." 

I tilted my head to the side and smiled. "And what's that?" "Dinner and then a surprise." "Mr. Styles got a surprise for me." He looked up and smirked. "Yeah. I do."

I giggled and said, "Well, I need to put my prom dress out to air a little, but I don't want you to see it yet, until I put it on." He got up and went outside. I went to my closet and set it out.


When it was time to go, Harry was waiting for my outside of my room. I was getting my dress on, but I needed major help. I didn't want him to see it though. 

I gave up and asked him to come in. He helped me and was amazed at how I looked, "I swear, you're going to be like Cinderella and everyone is going to be staring at you tonight, but I'm not going to let them steal my girl tonight." He smirked and kissed me on the nose. I loved it when he did that.

His mother was waiting for us in the living room with her camera ready. She took so many and in so many different positions. She seemed like an annoying professional photographer that you loved to death, but you wanted to slap.

We went outside finally and there was a limo parked outside. I gasped at how beautiful it was.

"So, this is what going to prom with Harry Styles is." "It gets better." 

We drove up to the restaurant that he was taking me to. It looked really expensive. "Please tell me that you got it covered." "I do. I know the chef." I looked at him stunned and he seemed please by how I reacted. "Well then, lead the way." "The waiter will do that for us."

I looked forward and sure enough there was a waiter that looked more like a butler coming toward us.

"Mr. Styles. How nice of you to chose us as you dinner plans tonight." "My pleasure." "How's your father and mum doing?" "They're well." "Your reserved table is this way."

When we entered there was a balcony and two seats with a single vase in the middle with two roses in it. Plates were neatly arranged and the silverware was impeccable. 

"Harry. I didn't ask to be treated like a princess. I really--" "You're my princess and that's all that matters. Now, I just hope that you accept me as your prince." "Don't worry you are." I kissed him and he lead me toward the table.

When we were done eating my heart was about to jump out of my chest. I couldn't wait to see what the surprise was that he had planned for me. I really wanted to know.

He walked me outside of the restaurant and it was already dark. He walked me down the street and we just chatted about random things that we were thinking. 

We finally reached the end of the street and there was a huge bronze gate. Harry nodded at a man that was, I guess, the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper opened the door and tipped his hat toward me. I smiled at him not knowing what to really do.

I continued through then Harry stopped me before I could see anything. 

He put his hands over my eyes gently so it wouldn't ruin my makeup and said, "I want you to get the best view of it when you set your eyes on the surprise. Do you trust me?" "Yes." 

My voice cracked. I was literally screaming inside wanting to know what it was. 

It took us a whiled to get where he wanted me to be and when he did I understood why he lead my all the way to where I am. 

There were lights everywhere. Making it seem like I was in a winter wonderland. I looked around there were batches of lilies everywhere. I was amazed at what I saw. Then there was a path that lead to something, but a row of trees were covering it. 

"Harry this is too, much." "Not for my princess." "How can you--" "I now some people." 

"You know too many people." He smiled and wrapped his arm around my waist and guided me down the path. It lead to a gazebo. It had white roses wrapped around the wires and lights were shining in a candle lit way. I wanted to cry because it was so beautiful. 

I was looking at a particular rose because is caught my eye. "Harry. Why is this one--" He tilted the rose to find a note behind it. I looked at it and unrolled it. It was a picture of me and him taken by his sister when I was living in his house. I didn't realize that it was taken, but it was me and him in his music room. We were smiling at each other, and I was playing on the piano. That was the most special moment, I believe, that we spent with each other. I guess it was his too.

"Harry." "If you say my name like that one more time I'm going to kiss you like never before to shut you up. You are the most special girl to me and I will never forget you. You are my first love, and I will always cherish you in my heart and I don't care if I'm not your first, and I promise you that you will surely be my last."

I cupped my hand over his cheek and kissed him saying, "So shall you be my last." He kissed me back passionately and didn't pull back.


When we got to the dance everyone was stoned. I found Josie and Jake making out in the back and Eric was leaning on the wall with a drink and was talking to this girl, that I guess was his date.

Me and Harry dance throughout the whole time, but shall I saw was not very lady like... well we had fun.

When we came back home I was tired as ever. I already put my shoes off and wanted to just sleep throughout the rest of the weekend. Harry sort of got drunk and wasn't thinking straight so, the limo took us to my house and I wasn't going to let Harry go anywhere because of his condition.

I led him to my room and let him lay on the bed, while I washed up.

When I got out, Harry was no where in sight. Fuck.

I ran out of my room and looked to see if my car was still there, it was. I ran toward the outside of the street and there was no one walking and went to each turn of the street, no one. I ran back to my house and searched the whole house. No one.

I ran back upstairs and found his phone on my bed. Can this get any worse. I laid myself down and started to have a panic attack inside my head and cursing myself to trust Harry to lay him down when he was drunk. I was so...

I heard a creak and my hope was up. 

I got up and went toward the door. Someone grabbed my hips and said, "Is there anyone in the hall?"

I turned around to see Harry. I hugged him tight and said, "Don't scare me like that again!" "I was in the bathroom down the hall. I needed to wash my face. I was kind of drunk. I think I still am."

I giggled and kissed him saying, "Let's go to sleep." "On prom? Come on your dad isn't here. Don't need to play the innocent daughter string." I raise my eyebrow and he smirked and said, "Damn right am I saying that we should do it."


I was just coming from lacrosse practice and everyone was gathering around the outside of the auditorium. That would only mean one thing to this school. The broadway. People seriously signed up?

I went to the door to find a note sticking to it. People cleared the way for me and let me see it. My name was on the top list. The girl I was playing, Rose. I looked around and was confused as ever.

"I thought you were blockading that!" "I did." 

Everyone was silent. Out of no where two people were screaming at each other. "She didn't even show up! How did she get it?" "I wanted to see her talent. We've seen yours a lot. Now, I want to see hers." "She doesn't even want to do it the--" 

The two people turn their heads when the teacher bumped into on of the people in the crowd. "What is all this?"

I tore the paper from the door and showed it to her and said, "I don't want to be in it." "You are and Harry is the boy that you will love in the story. I think that would be appropriate don't you think Ms. Calder? I mean he is your boyfriend, or do you want Ms. Williams here to do the part for you." 

Seriously? How did I not see this?

I looked at the paper and sure enough Harry was the boyfriend. "She will be playing your best friend. Don't you think that'll be lovely. You two spending some time together and making up for the hate that you put into each others lives." 

"I like it when I do that and this play is not going to change anythings between us." "Oh?" "Yes, oh. It's not. This isn't some cliché part of a story where the two enemies finally say sorry over some stupid broadway show." 

"We'll see about that." 

She left me standing there. I knew I didn't win the battle, but I sure did win the part of making sure that Kate doesn't steal Harry. I glared over at her and bumped my shoulder into hers. She groaned and cursed about my sweatiness and left.

I smirked as I walked off to the car. I slammed the door close and screamed. I didn't want to do this. I seriously wanted to do the stupidest thing in the world, but I couldn't, but I really wanted to.


It was the first practice for the broadway. I just came from the showers after practice and everyone was there. I was surprised at how many people were there when I stepped into the door.

"Ms. Calder, nice of you, the main, to show up late." "The showers were kind of--" "No excuses. Here is your script. Practice it until you can recite it all in your dreams." 

I rolled my eyes and snatched the paper away from her. Harry was sitting in the front row going over his lines. He looked stressed, I didn't think he would be that kind of person. I went over to him, but Ms. Frost, the director, called me over. 

I went up and we started to rehearse. 

After practice was done, everyone was congratulating me on the part. I just gave them all a fake smile and tried to leave. 

I went out to my car and Kate was leaning on the hood of it. I gulped scared on what she was going to do. Wait. I was scared of her? No, Spence, this isn't you. She's suppose to be scared of you.

I got to my car and ignored her. I pushed the button and opened the car door, but she slammed it shut and said, "You stole the part away from me. I know you did. She couldn't have just given it to you like that." "Well, it's the first time something was stolen from you so I guess me explaining how this cycle goes isn't really worth it."

Her face turned red and said, "You stole it from me. That's what's triggering everything. It would make sense if you did because then that would resolve this whole mystery." "I didn't steal it from you. I told you I didn't even want the part." "There are two boys that are playing this. Eric and Harry. It points all to you that you stole my part because you were getting jealous of how much attention I would get if I had that part."

"I don't care about the attention. People hate you at this school, and the top haters are Harry and Eric. So just fuck off and go somewhere else where you won't cause any trouble. I would like to end my senior year without anyone getting hurt."

She screamed and turned on her heals. I could tell that she wanted to kill me and she had every right to, but I needed to get it straight to her that I didn't steal the part from her, but how?

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