the makeover

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  • Published: 31 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2015
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Nerd to popular because of a single makeover.


14. thirteen

He grabbed my hand and started to pull me toward the janitor's closet. I didn't fight because then that would make a scene, and that was the last thing I wanted to happen right now.

He closed the door and said, "Do you remember what happened in here the last time we were in here?" "Yeah. We kissed." "Do you remember why?" I looked at him. I knew the answer. That was when he told me that he had feelings for me.

"Spence, ever since then I fell in love with you every time I looked at you. I know you love Harry, but the thing is... I'm not sure that he loves you back." We heard shuffling outside and someone cleared their throat. We saw the shadow pass by and he continued to talk.

"Look. I know that you have feelings for me, but--" "You never had feelings for me?" I looked up at him and shook my head saying, "No, I did, but then Harry came into my life and--" 

He threw his hand up in the air and said, "Harry came into your life. Don't you think this is all way too weird to believe as true? I mean look at it from the outside Spence. You were the school's nerd and proud of it, and now look at you. You're dating the school's prince charming."

He gave me a look on saying do you see what I'm saying? "Look, I know you're taking this hard, but you need to calm down. I'm Harry's first love! I don't want to hurt his feelings."

He scoffed and said, "You really believe that?" He shifted to his other foot, crossed his arms and said, "Do you know how a heartbreaker becomes a heartbreaker?" I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

"They get heartbroken themselves. It's obvious. He's playing you Spencer. The day you realize that is the day I know that you are waking up from this dream."

"You know what Eric? You're just jealous that I have this much popularity and you don't. You think that my love life is fake because you want to be my prince charming. Well, with the things you said, it's definitely not going to happen. So, I hope you're happy with your self."

"Well, guess what? I was in love with the old Spencer. Not this fake one that society made!"

The bell rang and we looked at each other. "I have to get to class." "Guess what? I'm in it. Welcome to hell!" He stormed off after saying that to me. 

I was dumbfounded. I didn't know what to do. I just lost my best friend. I looked out and Josie and Jake were standing there. They heard the whole thing.


After school I went to the mall. I just wanted to spend time with myself and no one else. 

I went to the food court and saw that some people were there from school. They all stared at me. I hated it. Some came up to me to ask me about me and Harry. I just said to them that we're happy and there's nothing else to it.

I really didn't want to deal with them and I knew they were going to collaborate and see if they could figure out what's really happening with my answer. 

I went up to Chik-Fil-A and ordered a sandwich. When I turned Darcy was right behind me with Niall. They ignored my smile and I just left. What was that about?

My phone rang and I picked it up. "Hey." "Hey, this is Eleanor. What happened at school? Everyone is talking about it on Facebook." I rolled my eyes. My sister heard about the drama. This world.

"Look. Don't believe everything on there ok? Just ignore the posts and comments." "Ugghh. You know I want to know what's going on!" "Yeah, but this one is something that no one needs to bud into."

"Fine, but I'm going to find out some way." "Whatever." I hung up the phone and went to go sit at a table, alone. 

People were staring at me from all directions. I took out my phone and just continued to eat. Two people sat down in front of me. I didn't look up. I knew it was Darcy and Niall. They finally noticed me from all the stares that they weren't getting.

"So, liking the attention." I glared at her and she didn't take it so well.

"Umm, why are you glaring at me? Don't you like this attention that you're getting? I mean any girl right now would want to replace you, and I could make that happen in a heart beat, so stop making it seem like you hate it because I know you like this attention, and it's all because of me!"

I kept looking at my phone. I was tired of hearing her voice right now. Did she not get it when I glared at her? Oh, wait. She's never been glared at. Oh, poor baby. Not the sarcasm.

She really needs to get a grip of herself. "Look, I sometimes like the attention, but I don't like the attention that I'm getting right now from social media and outside of social media, ok?"

She scoffed and said, "Sweetie, you can't have one or the other. It's either you get attention good or bad, or none at all. That's life. I learned to deal with it, now it's your turn."

She got up with Niall and left me there. 

I couldn't argue with that because she knew I knew she was right, and for once she was right. I looked all around me and people were still staring at me.

"The zoo is a couple miles from here you know." They all turned their heads and whispered. I got my stuff and left the mall. There is seriously not a single place that I can go without becoming the main center of attention.

I went home and sat on the couch saying why this had to happen to me. It mostly started when I dated Harry. This one question has been going through my head for sometime, but I didn't think that I would actually have to really do it.

I can't bring myself to do it. It would break his heart. If I do anything wrong like a simple mistake it would break his heart.

I have to be careful.


I went to school and everything was so different. Darcy was standing by my locker with Niall and both of them didn't seem happy. 

"Hey guys." "You finally get here." I rolled my eyes. She's not a real friend. She's not a real friend.

"So, I heard that you two were the cutest couple. That true?" "Sure. What's the big deal?" "You know the big deal. Look, I made you ok? You need to back down from this. Get back to who you were and everything because this has gone to far. People actually think that you can replace me and they even said that you're better then me. I mean who do they think they are saying that?"

I rolled my eyes and looked at Niall. He wasn't moving a single muscle in his face. He agreed with her completely or he was just that good of an actor.

"Look, I'm happy the way I am and I'm just being me. You just budded in and made a scene and made me popular. So, you made all this happen so you can't say anything." 

She scoffed at me and turned on her heals and walked away curing about me. I didn't care. Niall and her knew that I was right.

I closed my door and turned to see Harry. He hugged me and said, "You ok?" He kissed me on top of the head. "Yeah. I'm fine." "Lie. What's wrong."

He lifted my head up with his finger by the chin and kissed me saying, "You can tell me anything. Ok?" I smiled at him and nodded. The bell rang and he walked me to class. I was not feeling so good right then.

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