the makeover

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  • Published: 31 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2015
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Nerd to popular because of a single makeover.


11. ten

I woke up the next morning knowing that my sister is probably going to be getting me ready for the prom perfect flirtatious outfit, and I was right. I flipped over on my bed and there she was. "Ok. I got this totes adorable dress for you online. I already know your size so don't worry. It's going to be so cute on you."

"Why am I wearing a dress today? I told you no one is going to ask me to prom." She rolled her eyes and said, "You're ridiculous. Harry is bound to ask you to prom or even Eric. You know it's the truth. Face it you're going to get asked and I have a feeling that you should dress up as if you 

It was a border print tunic dress. I literally just killed my self twenty million times in my head when she pulled the dress out. Darcy wouldn't even wear that, but it did look cute, and Darcy was more of the boho looking girl anyways.

She got out some golden Jack Rogers from my shoe closet and left the room for me to change. I went out to show her how I looked. The dress fit me perfectly and the outfit looked really good on me.

I sat down in front of the mirror and did my makeup while she did my hair the same way she did yesterday. When she was done, I got my purse and headed out the door.

I drove up to school and Josie was getting out of her car. She was wearing a dress too that was similar to mine and was wearing the same exact Jack Rogers as mine too. Our sisters must have planned this out. 

Yes, Josie has a sister and her and my sister are friends. That how we became friends. Well, Josie's sister is also in Darcy's cliché so yeah. 

I went up to her and we walked into school trying to guess what the special thing is. Both of our sisters said the same thing, so we were really cautious about everything.

We went to my locker and I got my stuff. Eric came up to me and started laughing and said, "Why are you wearing a dress? I mean, it looks good on you, but why? You never wear dresses to school." 

Jake came up behind him and had the same reaction. Me and Josie rolled our eyes and said, "Our sisters made us wear this ok? We don't know why, but they made us wear it." 

Jake became silent and looked at Josie, "You look nice by the way Josie. You too Spence." We both smiled and they walked off. 

I turned and realized that Harry was no where around. He usually said hey or something. I looked over at his gang and he wasn't there either. I guess I had a worried face on because Josie asked, "Hey, you ok?" 

I smiled and said, "Yeah. Couldn't be better." She gave me a worried smile. She knew I was worried about something. She knew me better than to just fall for what I just said. "Look. Don't worry about me."

The bell rang I started to head over to class. 


After school was over, nothing special happened like my sister said was going to happen, and what's worse is that Harry hasn't been at school. So, yes this day was horrible.

I went over to my car, and I couldn't believe who was there. Harry was standing on top of the hood with Niall by his side carrying a guitar. Niall started to strum some cords and Harry started singing.

I know that we had our differences in life

but now I put them aside

I know that you don't think you're the one for me

but there is nothing of you that I can ask for more

so please please please

will you let me do the honors of

taking you to prom?

I was so surprised. I seriously couldn't help but to cry, but don't worry I was happy. He jumped down from the car and Niall was still strumming his guitar.


I won't let these little things

slip out

cause you're perfect to me

nothing else could please me more

now please say the simple word to let me be

the happiest boy to take you

to prom.

Everyone clapped when Niall did his last strum on the guitar. My hand was over my mouth. I was really surprised. I said the word, but barely got it out of my mouth. 

"Yes." He got up and hugged me and then he kissed me. He literally made me the happiest person right now. 

"Did you like the song?" "It was beautiful. Did you write it?" "Yeah. It's a working progress." I smiled and said, "I love it. You have a really nice voice." "I like yours better." His smile was so big right now. His dimples were really deep. 

Josie came out of the school and she was really tired. Jake came out of no where and started to sing. He's asking her to prom! Everyone started to cheer again.

I know we've been friends

but I'd like to ask a simple question

oh oh oh

I know that you might think I'm just

another boy who wants to steal your heart

for one night

but this one special night that's on my mind

I want you to be with me

dancing right by my side

will you go go go go go

go to

the prom with me

will you go go go go go

go to prom with me

cause that will make me pleased

please don't disappoint me

will you go to prom with me?

I started to jump up and down and squeal like a little girl at a candy store. Jake strummed the last cord and everyone started to cheer. They loved it. Mostly because they saw two promprosals in one day that were amazing. 

She went up to him and hugged him saying yes. I could read her lips saying that. I jumped up and down again and hugged Harry.

I went over to her and congratulated her. I was so happy for her and Jake right at that moment.


I came home after all the excitement and my sister was jumping up and down. That was probably the only time that it wasn't annoying and misunderstanding. I was happy and she was happy that I got asked by the Harry Style. Even though he wasn't a celebrity or something.

My sister showed me the video of both me and Josie getting asked to prom on youtube. It looked really cute. 

There was no way that anyone else could be this happy about getting asked to prom!

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