the makeover

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  • Published: 31 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2015
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Nerd to popular because of a single makeover.


17. sixteen

It was lunch and Harry, Louis, and Niall were sitting with me. Darcy was sitting with her gang with Liam and Zayn. They still didn't believe what Niall was trying to tell them. Only Louis believed us. 

"So, Louis I heard you were going to ask my sister to prom?" He looked up and his cheeks turned red. "You heard about it." "No. I eavesdropped on my sister's conversation. How are you going to ask her?" "Secret." "You really think that I'm going to tell someone?"

He chuckled and played with his salad with his fork. "Look, not that I don't trust you, it's just that I want this to be between me and her secretly. I think I'm actually starting to fall for her." "Well, you better fall for her completely when you ask her, cause I'm not letting you have another girl on your mind except my sister's on prom night." 

Harry and Niall did oohhs at him. "I'm not joking."

Harry put his arm around me and kissed me on the neck. The other two cleared their throats and Louis coughed and said, "Get a room." and coughed again. Harry smiled and blushed. I just smirked at him and kissed him. The other two did it again, except the coughs were louder. 

We both smiled at each other and we continued to eat out lunches.


I went to tryouts and everyone that was there last year was there, thankfully. We were an unbeatable team. There were, of course, the freshman that wanted to tryout. We all knew they were going to end up on the freshman and the junior varsity team.

There was no way that any of them could beat us.

After the tryouts we were all ready to just go home and sleep, but we all wanted to see what we go into. The coaches finally came out with the results and the freshman were jumping up and down and saying that they were going to be on J.V. (junior varsity) or varsity, and that there was going to be no freshman team. 

Well, they got one thing right. There was not freshman team because most of them got cut off and the ones that made it got into J.V., lucky dogs.

I checked my score and I saw my name at the top of the list with a star on it. I looked at what the star stood for and it said, "captain of varsity team". 

I was happy with myself. I guess they were pretty impressed as they were always. You see, I did lacrosse ever since freshman year, but the thing about it was that I made varsity every year, and I was also captain ever since junior year when the best player graduated.

A girl came up to me and said, "I guess Ms. Popular made captain again. You earned it!" She patted me on the shoulder and everyone else clapped for me. Not a single person disagreed with this, except the freshman, of course. 

"The couches are just playing favorites. I bet I can out run you in a suicide." I turned and it was a lean girl. She had muscle, but not as much as me.

"Really? What are you going to do if you lose?" "I won't, but since you asked I'm going to go to everyone of your games and hold up a sign proudly saying, "Go Spencer!" with your number on it. What are you going to do if you lose?" "I'm going to do the same with you." 

She held her head up high, thinking that she was going to win, but she didn't know about my athletic abilities.

After around the second to final line I was two lines ahead of her. I didn't give her mercy because of the way she treated me. When I was done, the other freshman had their heads down. The girl came back and didn't say a single word.

"You better keep your word." The varsity team gathered around me and looked down upon her. One girl shouted out saying, "Don't mess with us cause we are the champions!" Everyone joined at the end. That was our chant when ever we won. Don't worry, we do show good sportsmanship to the other players, we just love that chant so much, we just can't help ourselves.


I got out of the car. I was talking to Harry and I had to let him wait a while while I opened the door. I went into my house and I saw Darcy there standing with my sister. She had her arms crossed and she didn't come here to have fun. 

"Hey, Spence. Let's talk." I looked behind me like an idiot like there was another Spencer in this room. "Now is not the time. Harry, Niall, and Louis are going to be here any minute, Darcy." I cleared my throat and the phone hung up. 

"I don't believe you." She held her head up higher and pursed her lips. My sister just stood there copying her every move. "Well, you should." 

I heard Harry's car pull into the drive way. He didn't live that far from here so it was reasonable on how he got here so quick.

He knocked on the door and Darcy pushed me out of the way and opened it. "Oh, Harry. Didn't really expect you to be coming." "Well, me, Niall, and Louis all came to drop by Spencer's house so can we please come in? Oh, wait this isn't your house, so I'm welcomed in here like family. So, move." 

He pushed her out of the doorway and onto the porch. The Niall pushed her toward the steps and Louis just stared at her and she ran to her car.

I smirked and said, "Thanks." "Anything for you babe." He kissed me and held my hips. The other boys were just aimlessly looking around because they didn't want to be staring at us. My sister was seriously in the most awkward position ever. 

"Hey can you get a room. There's one upstairs that is labeled with your name on it." I set my head on Harry's chest and looked at her. I smiled.

Niall and Louis were just sick of this so Louis said, "Hey, Eleanor. You want to get out of here and leave them alone?" "Yeah." 

She jumped her way over to Louis and didn't even look back. She grabbed onto him and went out the door.

I turned back to Harry and smiled. "So, you want to watch a movie?" "Yeah, but after I shower. I sort of just came from lacrosse tryouts."


I went to school the next day and Darcy and her gang were at my locker already. I wasn't surprised at all. 

"Hey, like your outfit." "Don't sugar coat me. It doesn't work." "Anymore." 

She glared at me and I smiled back at her saying, "So, how's your morning been. I hope you haven't been too hard on yourself, you know because you got kicked out of my house by Harry, Niall, and Louis or did I not post that on Facebook?"

She scoffed at me and said, "You know what? I am so tired of you being such a bitch! Look! I made you, you can't treat me like this."

I smirked at her saying, "You made me, but you don't control me." I giggled and got my books and left. 

I walked off like I was the queen be of the school now. People moved out of the way and I looked over and Eric was standing there. He came up to me and said, "What happened?" "Darcy being Darcy. Why?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "How are you doing in school?" I rolled my eyes and said, "Just because I look like a fashionista doesn't mean that I don't keep up with school." 

He looked at me still wanting a straight out answer. I rolled my eyes and smiled saying, "Straight A's." 

"Good. If you need help with anything, just let me know ok? We haven't studied together in a while." I smiled and said, "Yeah. I missed that." He smiled back at me and said, "Well, I better get to class." "It's five minutes till the bell rings." "You know how I am." I smiled and walked off. 

I went into the library to meet up with Harry. He was sitting at a table reading a book. 

I was surprised by his actions. I sat next to him and said, "It's not like you to be reading books." He looked up and smiled saying, "Well, you know how it is. Get bad grades, can't graduate." I smiled and said, "I can tutor you if you want." 

He raised his eyebrows and said, "I'd love that. After school today?" I nodded.

"So, I saw you and Darcy talking. Was it good?" "No." "I don't want to get into it then." I smiled at him and looked at my hands. 

The bell rang and he walked me to class. 


When I got out of school, I was about to punch myself in the face because of all the prom announcements. The people that do it are just so fake. They act all happy like it's a wedding or something, but you see the annoyance in their eyes.

I went up to my car and there was a guitar that was strumming. I looked over and it was Niall playing the guitar and Louis singing to my sister. He's finally asking her to prom.

you are my everything

and I can't compare you to any other

you are beautiful

and I love all the little things about you

so please let me have the privilege of having this one special night

and take you to prom

My sister jumped up and down and guessing she said yes because I was on the other side of the whole crowd. Louis had a really good voice. 

I turned and Harry was standing there. I jumped a little and said, "You scared the crap out of me." 

He leaned in and kissed me saying, "I have that affect on people." I smiled at him and kissed him back. "You need a ride home or something?" "No, just wanted to see the promposal from this point of view. You know everything is better when I'm next to you." 

I smiled at him and looked back at my sister and Louis hugging each other. They were talking about something and they both seemed happy. I was glad about that.

"I'm going to be heading home now." "You forgot about it already?" "What?" "The tutoring." Oops. "No. Why would I... yes." I pecked his lips and said, "Forgive me?" He smiled and rolled his eyes and said, "I'll meet at your house." "Okie."

When I got to my house he was already in the driveway. I got out and he walked me to the door. I opened it and got inside the kitchen. "You want anything to eat or drink?" "Tea?" "Ok."

I made his tea and my coffee and got some cookies. 

I went up stairs and saw that he already had his stuff out. "So, why are you worried about you grades all of a sudden. I thought you were the popular bad boy." He bit his lip and looked me up and down. He patted the seat next to him and got some paper out.


When I woke up I turned and saw Harry next to me still asleep. No, we didn't do anything we just slept. 

I went and got ready and while I was brushing my teeth someone was at the door. I turned to expect Harry, but it was Darcy. I rolled my eyes and said, "What do you want?" "I came here to say sorry for what I did."

I looked at her like she's gone crazy. "You say what now?" She rolled her eyes and said, "I came here to say I'm sorry and I really mean it." I looked over her shoulder and my sister was standing there. 

"Look, I don't have time for games. What do you really want?" "I want to make it up to you. Do you want to hang out at the beach or the mall?" "Neither. I just want you out of here." "As you please. My parents are moving three days from now. I hope your happy." 

I looked at her in disbelief. "You're moving?" "Yeah. My dad got a higher paying job in a different state across the country." She looked like I should've known this. "Ok. Our feud is settled then." She rolled her eyes and said, "I just don't want us to end like this ok? I really mean it. I want to make it up to you." 

"I'm not the one you need to be making up to." She knew what I meant. She looked really uncomfortable right then. "I'll deal with him later." "No. You need to fix it now because it takes a longer time then three days to heal a broken heart."

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