the makeover

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  • Published: 31 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2015
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Nerd to popular because of a single makeover.


10. nine

A/N- Alrighty!! Back to Spencer's point of view. I'm going to be doing random people's point of view here and there, but they're going to be so random that you don't know when it's coming... so be on the watch!

I woke up the next morning having a jumpy sister by my bed creeping up on me. I screamed and almost fell off the other side of the bed. 

"What do you want!" She squealed and jumped up and down. "Prom is near! Why do you think I'm so hyped up! Come on, tell me if this is too dressy or... Spencer! You need to be getting ready to get asked to Prom too! I mean now that your... yeah!" 

I looked at her and rolled my eyes. I didn't really have time to think of that. Yes, Harry and I are sort of in that zone, but I need to focus on college. I don't want something major to mess this all up.

I went over to my closet and got a southern company t-shirt that said BAMA University of Alabama of the back of it and some skinny jeans. Yes, my family is a big Alabama team fan and so am I deal with it, but that doesn't mean I want to go there. 

I went over to my bed and got my Uggs out and put them on. I turned and my sister was still standing there. "What do you want?" "I want to know if this is too dressy for flirting or not, and I'm making sure that you put make up on cause you are dressing really casual today! Oh, I'm doing your hair."

I sat down in front of the mirror and put my boots on. "You know, you look fine with the clothes that you wear to school regularly." I looked up in the mirror and she said, "Yeah, but I want to impress someone special that I know is totally out of my league and only Darcy would even dare talk to him." 

I looked at her, I know it's not Harry or Niall because Darcy talked to them all the time. "Who is it?" "Aww, you care!"

I rolled my eyes and smiled. I applied the foundation and started the makeover.

"Well, since you asked, it's Louis Tomlinson. I think he is so hot. Don't you think so?" I looked at her. Seriously how did I live with this thing all my life and not think of killing her once?

"I can help you with that. I have his number."

She looked up into the mirror in surprise. I wouldn't blame her. "You have his num... how did you even get it?" I shrugged my shoulders and said, "He got into my car and said that if I needed any help with the problem between Harry and me I just need to call him and then he gave me his number." 

"Wait, there's a problem between you and Harry?" I looked up realizing what I just said, "There was, but now it's settled. Why?" 

She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well, it's just that you and Harry seemed happy yesterday together." "That's is because that was when we fixed the problem."

I swear my sister can be so stupid at times. "Well, don't forget that Frankie is coming over during Prom week to catch up with us." I've missed him since he left to go to college, but I was proud that he made that choice to go to college.

I looked up at the mirror when she was done with my hair and it was really good. She put it in a half up half down style and loosely curled the bottom. In the front she took some of my hair and made it look like I had side bangs a little. I liked this style.

I got up and gave her a hug and went out the door grabbing my Michael Kors purse on the way out.

When I got to school it was really awkward. Louis came up to Harry at his car and started to talk to him what seemed like really serious matter. Harry kept bugging him out. When they both turned and caught me staring at them they stopped talking. Weird. That means they were probably talking about me.

I went to the doors and someone grabbed my arm and turned me around. It was Louis. "You stay away from Harry. You changed him and now I don't even know who he is anymore." Harry turned him around and pinned him to the wall saying, "Don't you dare get anywhere near her. You hear me." 

He seemed really mad. I never saw him this mad before and it really scared me. 

I turned and got into the school quietly. I kept my head down to keep the attention away from me. I didn't want anyone to even say hi to me. I went to my locker and Josie was there waiting for me. 

I hugged her saying, "My life is so messed up right now. Please help." She hugged me back and just comforted me. 

Jake came up behind her and mouthed something I didn't understand, but Josie didn't agree with it.

"Hey, things will be okay. You just need to get through this. There's got to be something good at the end of this madness ok?" I nodded and she smiled. Her and Jake went off and started to talk about something.

I turned and looked at my locker. I put the combination into it and got the books that I needed. 

I turned and saw Eric right next to me. I jumped a little not expecting to see him that close to me.

"Sorry that I scared you, but I want to really want to put this feud to a truce, a permanent one." He looked up at me with sorrow in his eyes.

I want this to end too. "How about Starbucks after school, and you can help me with my Physics because it's really rotting my brain away." "I can help you with that too." We both turned around and Harry was standing there. He was smiling and that made me happy.

"No, Spencer and I are doing it to make up for something and you don't need to bud into this." He went off right as he said that so Harry wouldn't make any comebacks to what he just said.

"I'm really sorry about Eric. He's just... I actually don't know." I smiled and looked up at him. He had a worried face on. "Did I ever tell you how cute you look in that color?" He smiled and I cupped one of my hand on his face and kissed him. The bell rang so Harry walked me to class. 


I got into my car and headed over to Starbucks. 

When I got there Eric was already there with my order. He knew me that well. I'm really proud.

"Hey." "Hey." He already had his books out and was ready to help me. "This is for you." "Thanks." He handed me my coffee and I got my things out too. 

"Umm, I was wondering, not trying to be nosy, but has Harry asked you to prom yet?" "Nope." I popped the p. I looked up and he had a worried look and quickly recovered it and went back to the notes.


I walked into my house and my sister was on the couch in her sweat suit and was eating some popcorn. I turned to see what she was watching and it was Pretty Little Liars.

I went up stairs knowing that she was going to be watching spoilers after a few episodes then come upstairs and tell them all to me. I watched that show too, but I wanted somethings to be a surprise. So, I trick her by putting my head phones on and blaring the music so I won't hear her.

After she left I went to go do the rest of my homework.

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