the makeover

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  • Published: 31 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2015
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Nerd to popular because of a single makeover.


6. five

I went to school the next day being confused as ever. So many things were on my mind and I didn't know which ones I needed to focus on and when.

I went to my locker and put in my combination and got my books out. Eric came up to me and kissed me saying, "Hey. I was wondering--" "Hey Spencer!" I turned and it was Harry. What was he doing?

He was wearing a totally different outfit from what he usually wears. Instead of his black skinny jeans, he wore some chubbies, and instead of his usual t-shirts, he was wearing a vineyard vine crew t-shirt, and instead of his usual sneaker of converse he was wearing some penny loafers by sperrys. He was trying to look like Eric and Jake. He looked good, but what happened to the old Harry?

"What do you think of my makeover? Jake did it to me." Eric huffed and said, "Jake would not." 

Josie and Jake came up behind Harry and said, "May I present the new Harry Styles with a new sense of style." They said it unison. That was cute.

"I like it, and may I say those chubbies look really good on you." I could tell the smile on his face was real. I could literally see it in his eyes.

"It looks alright on him." Everyone turned to Eric. He was definitely jealous on how I complimented Harry.

I wanted to give Harry a hug because I know that he's doing this to get into a new group of friends and he chose this one because he know that we don't like drama and that is the area that he wants to be in.

I didn't give him the hug and said, "It's a good change, but I did like the old Harry too, just to let you know." He put his hands in his pocket and had a huge smile on his face and said, "Yeah, but since I was going to be with you all a lot more I'm going to have to dress like you too." 

Eric looked up and said, "Wait, you want to hang with us?" "Yeah." 

He gave him the look that was like were you even listening to what I was saying? I just nudged Eric and gave him a look. 

The bell rang and it was time to get to class.

Eric walked me to class in silent. It was awkward but the way he treated Harry was just rude. 

I sat down in my normal seat and Eric was trying to get my attention and passed me a note. I opened it and it said, "Harry is planning something I can sense it. Don't fall for him trying to "hang" with us ok?" I just threw the paper back at him and didn't look at him.

The teacher turned around and started to teach so I just ignored him even more and took out the paper that I needed for my notes. There was a test tomorrow and I didn't want all this drama to get in the way of me getting an A in this class.


When class was over I walked over to my locker to get my stuff. Harry was already there and Eric was right next to me and clearly was not happy with Harry being at my locker. 

"Hey Harry why are you here." I just couldn't take him being so god damn mean to Harry and more. "Look Eric, if you want to be this mean to Harry then just get away from him, and if you don't mind me and Harry are friends now. If you can't handle that than just don't hang around me any more." 

He didn't look happy at what I said. I didn't blame him. He glanced at Harry then went off. I turned and put the combination into my locker and opened it, ignoring the fact that Harry was standing there.

"Thank you for that." I closed the door and looked at him and smiled weakly. "No problem. What are friends for?"

I turned, but he caught up to me and turned me around by the arm. "Hey, I was just wondering if you wanted to do the deal or not." I looked at him and didn't really know how to answer that.

"Umm, meet me in the library during lunch. Then I'll tell you. I need to time to think over this." He smiled and that sort of made me happy. 

I don't know what it was, but seeing him more often made me feel closer to him. I started to get mixed feelings now to, and I just couldn't decide if I should chose Eric or Harry, but at this moment I think the answer is just standing right in front of me. 

I realized that we were staring at each other for a really long time and I broke the trance and said, "I need to get to class." "Oh, yeah me too. I'll see you in the library." "Yeah." 

We went out separate ways and I looked only once and saw that he did the same thing. I smiled at him and he smiled back at me. I felt butterflies in my stomach at the moment. I couldn't help but smile like a retard. Harry, look what you did to me. Damn.


When lunch finally came I ate my lunch quickly and told Niall and Darcy about Harry's plan. Darcy seemed to not like that Harry is dating another girl, but at the same time didn't really care half of the time. She was playing with Niall's hand most of the time.

I got up and went to the library and had my phone out texting then in the group chat saying that I would tell them how it went.

When I entered the library Harry was sitting at the same cornered table that Niall sat at the time we had a meeting in here. I went and sat in the same chair.

"So, do you have an answer on our deal or not?" "Yeah. I accept." He smiled and gave out a deep sigh. "Great. Now, how are we going to start it off?" I wasn't really thinking that far, but I could guess on something. I told him that Darcy was coming over to my house with Niall to hang out a little bit, even though we really weren't, but they will do it anyways, and I said that was a good time to drop by and see how I was doing. 

He liked the idea and agreed with it. Now, we just need to also have a plan for during school so people could talk about it on social media.


I told Niall and Darcy about our plan and they agreed to it. When Harry was there Niall and Darcy were making out on the couch.

I was surprised that they were doing that even. That wasn't any part of the plan.

Harry didn't look to happy about that, but I got their attention when I said, "Hey Harry how are you! Surprised to see you here tonight!"

Darcy looked up and saw that Harry was standing there. That got her attention. That was bad for Niall's case. "Nice hang out there Spencer." He looked at me with aggravation and I mouthed to him saying I couldn't stop them.

He wasn't too happy about that. He came in without me letting him. "Welcome to my house." He didn't even look back.

"Hey Niall what are you doing here?" He kept his eyes on Darcy. I wouldn't blame him. My phone vibrated and I went to another room to answer the call. It was Josie.

"Hey do you have plans tonight." "Yes. Why?" "Oh, then never mind. I just saw a cool movie that me and Jack saw and we were wondering if you wanted to come, but I guess it'll just be me and him. Eric doesn't seem to want to answer his phone for some reason." I knew the reason to that, but I didn't want to tell her that me and him were in a war zone right now in our friendship.

"Yeah, but I'm going to have to talk to you later I have to go. Bye." "Bye." 

Right as I hung up something clattered and I ran over to where it happened. Harry was on the floor and Niall was over him with his fist up. Darcy was just scared as ever. 

"Niall! What are you doing?" Darcy stood up and said, "Niall was just trying to have a friend chat when Harry started to run at him and Niall was just doing it in self defense." I looked at Harry asking him, "Is that true?"

"I'm leaving and Niall is coming with me. I don't want another person to get hurt." 

With that they both went out the door and just left me and Harry together alone by our selves. I ran over to him to see if he was alright. He had a scratch on his arm, probably from Darcy with her nails.

I set him up properly and asked, "Was it true on what happened?" He nodded and I looked at him. "Where did you get hurt?" He pointed at his jaw line. I rushed and got an ice pack. I got back and he was now laying on the couch.

I set the pack on his jaw line and held it there for him. I stared at him worried for him. Wait, why was I worrying about him?

"You ok?" "I'm fine." He tried to get up, but his head started to hurt. I helped him rest his head on the pillow. "Think you just need to rest." "Yeah, but I don't think I can drive home with this major headache." I can bring you up to a guest room and you can sleep there. We just have to sneak past my sister." He smirked and said, "I think that'll be nice." 

When I got him settled in the room and let him keep the ice pack on his jaw. I really didn't think that he wanted to go to school with a bruised lip. Wait, tomorrow's Saturday! Happy days.

I went over to the door but then Harry said, "Can you stay?" I turned and smiled at him saying, "Yeah." 

I went over to the bed and got under the covers. He put the ice pack on the night stand next to the bed and cupped one of his hands on my face and smiled.

"I thought you wanted Darcy and not me." He smiled and said, "I told you already. I have mixed feelings."

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