the makeover

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  • Published: 31 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2015
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Nerd to popular because of a single makeover.


9. eight

A/N- this is a special chapter!!! It's Harry's point of view!!! XD I bet you all have been wanting me to change the point of view for a long time now! Well here it is! I'm only doing this on special occasions.

I was staring deep into her eyes. I really meant it. I was sorry for what I did, but I knew she didn't believe me because of the reputation that I uphold in her mind. 

If she got to know me without judging me from the outside she would see that I would care for her with all my heart. If you didn't see already, I have been in love with her since I've gotten closer to her and not because of the makeover. She was beautiful without the makeup, but she just held that reputation of the nerd of the school. 

I could tell that she was nervous because of how close I was to her. I wouldn't blame her, but I needed to tell her soon before she starts hating me. 

I cupped one hand around her face and started to make circles on her cheek with my thumb. I wanted this moment to last forever. I leaned in closer and kissed her passionately. She responded quicker then I thought.

Her hand went through my hair then she pulled away. She had this confused look on her face. "What's wrong?" "Why are you like this all of a sudden?" "Why are you asking that?"

"You seemed like you hated me a little while back and now you're kissing me." I smirked at her. "I love you." 

She seemed really surprised on the fact that I said that. I was really surprised that I got it out of my mouth too. We went over to her bed and sat on it. We talked for a really long time. I didn't think that we would be doing this, but we talked all throughout the night. 

We got a good laugh. I then looked out and saw how dark it was. "I have to go. It's getting late." "You can stay you know." I smiled, now she wants me to stay. "I'll see you tomorrow at school." "Ok." 

I kissed her on the forehead and left. When I went out the door I couldn't help, but to smile. I bit my lip as I got into my car. I leaned back and looked out the window. The stars were beautiful tonight, but they reminded me of her eyes, and the crescent moon reminded me of her bright smile in my dark world.

I drove back home and went straight to sleep.


I woke up the next morning and got in the shower to get clean. I got out and put on some a southern marsh t-shirt and some khaki shorts. I got out my penny loafers and headed downstairs to get some breakfast. Louis was already in the kitchen and made some tea. I got a cup and got a pop-tart from the cabinet and went out the door. 

Before I got out Louis noticed my new sense of style in clothing, "Why are you dressed in such a preppy way? What happened to the rolling stones t-shirt and black skinny jeans?" "I changed, and I like it." "Oh! Don't forget your book bag!"

I hurried back in and got my North Face book bag and rushed out the door.

He looked uncomfortable, but he knew that he had to accept the new me. I went out the door and drove off to school. 

When I got there I got out and saw that Spencer was just getting into the door. I ran over to her and caught my breath saying, "You walk fast." She looked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek saying, "I get that a lot." 

I walked her to her locker and had a little chat then left. When I got to mine Niall was there already. I put in my combination and got my books out. I had Physics first. The hardest class that I'm taking. I don't even plan to be a scientist. I'm just getting all the classes that will look good for college.

"Hey, I saw you walking in with Spence. You two dating or something?" "No, can't I walk in with a girl and not be dating or is that against the rules?" I gave him a sly look and he rolled his eyes.

"Anyways, why are you dressed up all in bright colors all of a sudden?" "Everyone is asking me that. This is what I feel comfortable in, please except it. I actually don't know why I didn't chose this instead of the other style. Now lets stop being girls and stop talking about fashion." 

He gave a wry smile and looked away. He landed his eyes on Darcy. I went back to my locker. I don't have feelings for her any more. She just brought pain to my life and I need to get away from her.

"Hey Harry. How are you?" "Good." 

I closed my locker and smiled at her on the way to Spencer. I hugged her and walked with her to the library waiting for the bell to ring for class. 

"So, you and Darcy getting along with each other now?" Her eyes were telling me that she was worried about that, but she was putting her best smile that she could to cover that up.

"You can say that. We are still acquaintances not really even close to being friends because  of you know what." I looked at her and her eyes seemed more at ease. I realized that you could tell how she really felt by her eyes. That's what I always look at anyways, so it was no problem to me.

"Spencer." "Yeah?" We sat down at a table in the corner and set our books down.

"You want to hang out sometime. You know, not as a date, but as friends." She smiled saying, "Yeah, but I don't mind if it is a date either." She bit her lip and smiled. I love it when she did that.

"Then it's a date. Friday at 8?" "Don't be late." The bell rang and it was time to head to Physics. Yay.

I walked Spencer to class and went my own way. Niall was in my class and so was Darcy. It was really awkward because we had assigned seats in that class and I was in between them. 

When I stepped into the class I saw on the board that there were new seating charts assigned. I was next to Jake. One of Spencer's friends. I guess this will make me get to know about her group a little more.

I sat down and smiled at him. He just gave me an intense stare then said, "You Harry?" "Yeah." He smiled and nodded his head. He turned and got his paper out for notes. I did the same.

"So, you one of Spencer's friends?" "Yeah." I nodded. This was going to be more awkward then I thought. 

"Hey, I need advice from you." That was a great conversation starter. I looked at him with interest wanting to hear what he was asking help from me because it sure wasn't about studying. 

"I've been friends with this one girl for a long time and I want to ask her out, but I don't know how. I mean I never did it before." I had a feeling I knew which girl he was talking about. I didn't hear of another girl that was in Spencer's group except her.

"Umm, right now I'm not in my Romeo mode. I'll get back to you on that." He didn't seemed happy about that, but the teacher started talking and that was the first time that I was glad that she did.


I got out of school in such a rush I forgot to say bye to Spencer. I turned around and she was at the other side of the crowd of the girls that were trying to get to me. I wasn't no celebrity, but they treat me like I am.

I got into my car and locked it. My phone started to ring and it was Louis.

"Hey mate, what's up?" "You need to get away from Spencer. She's turned you into a totally different person." I rolled my eyes and said, "Look. This is who I chose to be. She didn't change me at all. I chose this life and you just need to back away from it, and now is too late to even tell me that. I'm in love with her and you cannot tell me to back away from the person I love."

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