it was luke that made me like this he changed me


4. the pool party

"ok Audrey its time to go to the mall so we can get you new clothes because you mom burned all yours" "ok im ready Luke so were should we go first?" "I don't know?" "FOREVER 21 DUH!!!!! ARE YOU STUPID????" "Im not stupid im just not you silly" Luke said


*at forever 21*

"so we're looking for bathing suits" I said in my Australian American accent "oooohhhh I think this one would look good on you what do you think?" he asked "OH MY GOD I love it!!!!" I screamed "LETS BUY IT" i shouted I little quieter


*at Michael's pool party*

Audrey's P.O.V.

"Luke how do I look?" "you look so perfect" "thanks Luke" "OH MY GOD, I HAVE A GREAT IDEA how bout you wear my nirvana shirt over your bathing suit! "yaaaaaaaaaaaasss"

maddy's P.O.V.

I was walking over to the pool and slipped on some water but didn't fall into the pool because this random guy caught me "GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME YOU CREEP" But then the lights turn on "oh my god" "what" he asked "your pretty" I said in a squeaky nervous voice. "its ok I like you too but I just meet you" "sooooooooo we need to get to know each other" ash said  once he said that he through me into the pool. "wow your very nice, talk about a gentleman" i shouted "but will you ask out this gentleman?" "OH MY GOD YES!"






what I wore is the first one and Maddy's is this one.



guys im sorry but today was Halloween and im really tired and lazy and iv been sitting on my friends bed for about 2hours sooo im done btw her name is   lukes_little_penguin so go follow her. her stuff is ok like mine but we are both beginning so bare with us ok!? bye my pengys!!!! :)- audrey


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