it was luke that made me like this he changed me


6. filler

Luke's P.O.V.

I opened the door and went to her room iv never seen it since she redid it so I walked in to see this but blue


and a mac book, desk, closet, books, and a violin case over ------------------------------>there

"wow Audrey I love your room its awesome and I didn't know you played the violin" "well I do" " can you play" "sure" she started to play she looks so perfect on the violin  (btw I do play the violin but not good but go on youtube and look up slsp on the violin and click the one where the girl is wearing purple beats) "WOW your amazing Audrey" "thanks luke well have you ever her me sing?" "no you probably really good am I right" "I don't know?"

she started to sing Heartbreak girl

you call me up its like a broken record sayin that your heart hurts that you'll never get over him getting over you and you end up crying and you end up lying cuz im just a sucker for everything you do and when the phone call finally ends you say thanks for bein a friend and im goin in circles again and again I dedicate this song to you the one who never sees the truth that I can  take away your hurt heartbreak girl hold you tight straight through the daylight im right here when you gonna realize that im your cure heartbreak girl "oh my god your...your...really awesome!"  "thanks" she was blushing but tilt her head down


sorry it was sucky but im listening to green day but wanna listen to it and I get distracted and easier to do a sad book really idk bye my babes-Audrey     im not sayin I wanna be Charlie sheen-5sos 18



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