it was luke that made me like this he changed me


1. audrey

Luke's P.O.V.


IT all started when she moved in and I meet her 7 years ago


"hey what's your name?" "Audrey," she replied "no your full name." "Audrey Kendall Irwin" wait who's that" "that's my brother" " you have a brother? Ya do you want to meet him?" "sure!" "but wait how old cuz your really tall?"  "im 11how old are you?" "10 turning 11 in November my brother is 13 so is that ok with you."  "ya as long as he likes me" 


"he seems really nice but..."  "but what?!?!"  "I wanna hangout with you." "oh!But you  never gave me your full name." "its Lucas Robert Hemmings but you can call me luke. are you in 5grade". yes I am. she said in the cutest voice. "well we could walk to school on Monday" "that would be great!" "ok that's a deal partner?" "why yes it sure is" 



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