it was luke that made me like this he changed me


2. 4 years later

Audrey was sitting on her front porch "hey girlie" "hey Luke" "so how do you like your I phone 4?" Luke I'm 15 I'm addicted" she said with a smirk "Well someone likes you Audrey" "who is it, is it Logan or jack no drake." well Audrey I need to ask you something," "wh has two has two thumbs and a smile on his face?" "omg I cant believe you like me iv liked you since iv first meet you and if you ask me out ill say yesssssss!" "well I was getting to that but  I will date you." "well do you want to go to the mall?" "yes gladly."



  im sorry for the short chapters there just flashbacks and its late so im kina running out of ideas and my mind isn't straight right now because Halloween is tomorrow so love you all my pengys-Audrey   

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