The Black Mage: The Journey

Mathios was 14 when the news about the plague reached Nazza the great city of the great desert. And he knew that it was up to him to do something.


1. Ambush

"Wait my son" "Have patience" Said hes father with irritation in his voice as the young Mathios ran around the throne.

"You said they would be here by now dad" Replied Mathios but his father did not answer. after a few minutes of waiting Mathios could hear the castle door open and he ran as fast as he could to greet the guests. But as he reached the gate he did not see what he was expecting, instead of the royal family of Sisam it was a man with blood soaked rags. "Dad!" Mathios yelled "I'm coming son!" replied his father as he ran towards the gate "stay back Mathios" whispered his father as he made a hand gesture to the guards. "Who are you?" said the father with a firm voice "We...we were ambushed at the town of Nenzi" the man paused, coughing up blood "Who ambushed you!?" Mathios could hear on the tone of his fathers voice that he was shocked "It w..was the.." the man fell on the floor paralyzed and with a weird gooey substance flowing out of his mouth."Dad who was he?" said Mathios with a nervous voice "A royal guard, he was poisoned but with what and by who?" replied his father who was now talking to himself."Guards take care off Mathios and contact the council, this is no mere bandit act".  

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