Article - Young People In Hollywood

I'm interested in the field of journalism, and so I've decided to finally publish an article of mine based on my views on Young People in Hollywood, and how the industry could effect them.


1. Young People in Hollywood

~~These days, the most famous actors in Hollywood have started at a very young age. Abigail Breslin’s first film was when she was just six years old (Signs, in 2002). Asa Butterfield – the boy who played Hugo in the film of the same name – had his first acting job when he was ten years old (After Thomas in 2006). Today, they have both grown to fame and are now receiving offers constantly.

Nowadays, children are being thrown into agencies before they are even old enough to read.

If it’s the child’s choice to join an agency, fair enough. But, a lot of parents want their children to do well and so don’t understand that they are possibly pushing their children harder than they should. Of course, this isn’t true for all parents because a lot of parents understand that it is the child’s choice and simply try to help them in their career.

Of course, through starting at a young age, children are given a push start for their acting career. However, it often puts a lot of pressure on the children as most have their life documented through the media. I understand that you must have young children for films but my proposal is that children should do only a handful of films between the ages of four and eleven. This means that they can make a name for themselves in Hollywood and yet still have a normal life and education. Also, during the ages of four and eleven, most children don’t have a clear vision of what they’d like to have as a career.

I believe that youth in Hollywood should have the chance to choose acting as a full time job around the age of about thirteen or fourteen. This means that they are old enough and mature enough to make the decision as to whether they would like to pursue acting as a career. 

 My views on youth in Hollywood may be very different to yours and I do not know first hand what the young actors and actresses in Hollywood have to go through, but as far as I can tell the issue has its positives and negatives- after all, it can be nice to be in the spotlight, but not when it’s so bright it’s blinding.

And, of course, we have to ask ourselves about these young people in Hollywood- is it fair on them that the whole world should know who they are, before they have a chance to figure that out for themselves?

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