Find A Way Out Of This

Brianna has to choose her life: to vow and go in to a place she knows nothing about, so she can get passo, a food that will help her dying grandmother. "Don't do this for me, the vow takes you to a horrible world, different for everyone. I am lucky, most don't make it back." her grandmother told her. She could become a person that is barely still alive, and encourages the kids to do the same. When anyone turns twelve, they must choose. Brianna must go first, because both her father and grandmother made it out.

"Do you choose to enter Enfrar or stay here, putting your family at risk?"

Moan. "What was that?"

Moan. "Mom."


3. Save my soul


I heard my best friend, Andrea, shouting. "You'll be okay. I'll go with you."


"So, what do you choose?" The old gray haired man asked me. This was happening so fast. 


"I vow to go to Enfrar." 


"I love you!" Grandma and Dad said at the same time. 


"Walk to the tree." 


Since I was outside in the city, I walked closer, as it was obvious what tree he was talking about. The groups of people stared at me, and I was scared. I heard most of the prayer to save my soul, but was distracted with the wonder of what happened. "Save her soul." The people said, and it felt as though I was going through in the speed of light. I landed in what must be Enfrar, with a darkened pool. I was going to wait for Andrea, but you are not safe in places you know nothing about. 

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