My Life Changed in an Instant

When an 11 year old girl thinks she is old enough to date 5 Seconds of Summer, people laugh. But when she is invited to an Ellen DeGenerous show and was surprised to hear that she was going to live with them for 7 months they decide to turn her into an 18 year old. This is gonna get wacky.


2. My New Home

When the show ended, they drove me back home, (they as in 5sos) and came inside. I came in to see my mom sitting on the couch smiling.

"Honey, the boys are going to stay here for a few more days so you can pack and take care of everything." Mother said which gave me a surprised face.

"You are okay with me leaving? You knew about this?" I asked her in confusion. Mom nodded and the boys all smiled.

"So they boys will sleep in the guest room. There are plenty of beds for you to sleep on. Dinner is in twenty minutes. Okay kids?" Mom asked. Everyone nodded, and I felt like they were my brothers. The boys went to the guest rooms and I went to mine. I looked in the mirror and cried of joy. Luke came in and hugged me.

"Jane, are you okay?" Luke asked me.

"Y-yes. I'm just, I'm just so, ugh. I don't know. You guys are amazing. You don't want to deal with me. Besides, won't I be a trouble since I'm only 11?" I asked Luke.

"Well, yes. But we have a solution. The science team have sent us an age developer. It can well, turn you into an 18 year old. We were planning to ask your mom once we leave tomorrow." Luke said. I froze. Turn me, an 11 year old, into, an 18 year old?! That is crazy, but great!

"O-o-okay! And Luke, thanks for saving me. You guys are kinda the reason I didn't cut as deep. I thought about you and my family." I remarked, thinking back to the tears of pain. I saw years go down Luke's cheek, and he hugged me tight.

Sorry guys! Quick interruption! I'm going to turn Jane's name into Lucy, okay? So her new name will be Lucy Camry! Okay, bye lovelies!!!

"Lucy, why did you do it? We are glad that you are okay now, b-but why?" Luke asked in tears.

"Because I felt like people wanted me to. I was bullied very harshly in school, I was all alone. People were bullying me well, um, for a stupid mistake of mine. I just chose the wrong person to talk to, and I suffered the consequences. All of the kids would laugh at me, hurt me, and throw papers at me, asking for me to die. I was miserable, so I didn't find a difference if I was gone. So, I started cutting. You guys, though. You, Michael, Ashton, and Calum gave me the urge to live!" I cried. Luke hugged me tightly and whispered "shhh it'll be okay. Don't worry it'll be okay." And my heart pounded. It will be okay. Luke told you, Lucy! It'll be okay god dammit! Stay calm Lucy, j-j-just stay c-c- and everything went black.


Luke's POV

I'm so sorry for Lucy. She was like this for months, and only until now we came? Ugh, i'm pathetic! I came to the guest room where Michael, Calum, and Ashton were sitting.

"Hey mate." Michael greeted me.

"Hey. Wanna lay FIFA?" I suggested, and Ashton came to his feet.

"Hell no! I'm not playing that game! Anything but that crap!" Ashton shouted, and we all put our fingers to our lips.

"Dude! Don't say that, or Lucy's mom will get pissed!" Michael warned Ashton.

"Michael! Shut up! Now you're saying it!" Calum shouted at Michael. I laughed as they all got into an argument on who should be shutting up right now.


Lucy's POV

It's time to go now, which means no more 11 year old life. It's time for my 18 year old new life. On a tour bus with 4 talented teenage boys. We were heading on the bus now, having that my luggage is already on my bunk. My mom was blowing her nose into a handkerchief, crying as my dad was waving at me in sorrow. I waved back, and headed into the bus.

"Okay, Lucy. Your mom agreed to the age transformation. So time to be 18!!!!!" Calum jumped in excitement. I laughed as they all lead me to the mirror.

"What? Where is the device?" I asked them. Michael pointed in the mirror as Ashton pushed me through, into a different place through the mirror. A scientist was standing there, writing on a clipboard, and then looked up at me.

"Ahhh, Ms, Camry. I have been waiting for you! Now then! Are you ready for transformation?" The man asked.

"Uh-huh." I said as he lead me into a platform surrounded by plastic.

"Now, this will make your head quite dizzy, but no worries! It will only be a few seconds until your transformation is complete!" The man laughed as he typed stuff into a computer and all of my surroundings lit up. My head felt like it was spinning in circles, but few seconds later, I was a different person.


Lucy's POV

WOW! So this is the body of my 18 year old self? Jesus, my body is a lot taller. I'm not even going to mention the new shapes. I stepped out of the platform, only to be shoved into the mirror again, and be appeared back in the tour bus. I got up and rubbed my head from the crash, and when I got up, the boys had a very shocked expression on their faces.

"What?" I asked them.

Michael's POV

Oh my god. She is beautiful! It would not be weird to kinda like her now, is it? No, definitely not. She is 18 now, so it is okay to have a small crush.

"Wha-wo-wh- nothing. Maybe you should get more clothes now though?" I asked Lucy. Calum's face lit up and he danced around the room.

"Yaaaay! Shopping time!!!" Calum shouted as we all laughed.

"Well, okay!" Lucy said, and off we went.

Hi lovelies!!! I'm sorry about this chapter, I forgot to say that there is a little science fiction, but that is the only part in which there is. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Let's try to get it to 50 reads because that would be awesome! Okay, thanks for reading! Bye lovelies!!!!

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