on tour with 1d

Hi my name is Leniss Higgins and i am the daughter of Paul Higgins the tour manager for one direction and now just because of a few rumours I am now being thown on tour with one direction and I can bet their would be nearly every girl or guy in the world would probably die to be in my space right now but not me I would love to be at home right now watching pretty little liars instead of on a cramp, rocky stupid, dusty tour bus with five idiots that are kinda cute but annoying boys .eh boys will be boys


3. night pool

Louis' p.o.v

Once we got back from our sound check we were back on the bus amd my and the boys had an idea to prank Len.  

"Hey Lou pass me some paper we can write the plan" Zayn asked







Ok our plan was set aand now we wait until it gets dark so it's more fun 

Now its dark and were are about to put on a movie and ask her to join this is gonna be so fun 

"Hi Len were watching a movie wanna join us its paranormal activity" I said as I walked into the kitchen 

"Yeah I love that movie!" She squealed and jumped off of the counter and ran in to the lounge oh this prank is gonna be a amazing 

Zayn's p.o v

Ok the plan is all set and now we wait 

-Half way through the movie-

We are now near the middle of the movie and she isn't like one of the girls who would sqeal at the sight of blood she is completely into this movie she isn't scared at all 

I gave Liam a nod saying 'its time' action

"Hey I'm gonna grab a drink" Liam says whilst standing up and going to the kitchen 

"Yeah and I'm tired I might just get into the bath for awhile" I said walking away into the bathroom 

"Yeah okay bath on mate and Li Li grab me a beer please" she shouted to both of us 

"No you're underage drinking!" I heard Liam shout back 

"and we are not gonna be responsible for your mistakes" the rest of the boys replied and I think she just sighed 

"Worth a shot anyway I might be 18 you guys don't know how old I am" she said

Okay I am in the bath room and time to make a freezing cold bath I hope she doesn't suspect anything

I walked back into the lounge where Liam and everyone was and I just sat and waited. When I came back in she gave me a confused look and I couldn't help but smirk as I felt her eyes on me after about another 5 minutes she finally gave up and kept on whatching the movie . I gave a nod to the rest of the boys saying now and Niall grabbed her and throw her over his shoulder it was really funny and she kept on kicking him 

Niall's p.o.v

​Zayn gave all us boys a nod and that's when I knew that, that was my que to grab her and I did but she wouldn't stop kicking and screaming it was really to carry her but I did make it into the bathroom and now and I kinda dropped her into the freezing bath. It was so funny! And now for the last part of the plan RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

As we all ran out of the bathroom we got into our bunks and his under the covers - well I did I don't know about the others 

Harry's p.o.v 

It was attually so funny but now she has been in there for twenty minutes and hasn't come out i am getting a bit nervous maybe she is planning to get us back but if she doesn't come out now she will chatch hyperthphomia and we will be in so much trouble with Paul.

I couldnt stand it anymore she has been in there for half an hour now and no noise so I went inside the bathroom but she wasn't their so I called the boys to come in and see 

"Guys she is gone she is not in here ?!" I shouted from the bathroom that's when I heard 4 other pairs of feet come and join me to see. Next thing was a fifth pair of little feet coming from out side the bathroom I imidiatly knew it was her but she grabbed the outside door handle before me and there is no lock on the inside only on the outside of the door and locked us inside the bathroom the little cheeky devil. When she locked us in everyone else started banging on the door but it was no use so we just sat down leaning against the door 

"Leniss open up the door" Liam growled 

No reply

"Len,babe come on open up the door. We are sorry it was just a bit of fun" zayn tried 

"So is this" she simply replied 

"LENISS OPEN THE DOOR!" Louis shouted that made me cover my ears 

"In the morning, night guys"she said as she walked away 

Then I remembered what hosterges do in movies and how they pick the lock with bobby pins 

"Quick who has a bobbypin?!" I said kneeling up a bit 

"Shut up Harry" the guy said 

"This isn't a time to joke dude" Louis finished 

"No we can pick at the lock" I said standing up and facing the sink 

"Yeah like in the movies" Niall said standing up and began to look with me. Soon the rest of the boys joined in and we were all looking 

"GOT ONE!" Liam shouted and he got a lot of thank yous from us all 

"Okay pass" I said with my hand and he put it inside I knelt down to the door lock and put the pin inside the lock and I twisted it and then I heard a click.

"YES! We did it shows her " I said opening up the door I stepped out first and then the rest of the boys behind I look around and I am in the lounge right now a when I heard a bottle smash from the kitchen so we all crept over there only to have a face full silly string from Leniss. 

"Show's you suckers !" She said whilst laughing 

"Awh Len were sorry about earlier so how about we hug it out" Louis said whilst almost fully covered in silly string and that's when we all started to walk forward towards her 

"No you guys stay back" she warns still kinda laughing 

"Noooooooo!!" Leniss screams whilst he are all around her covering her in silly string and we started laughing once we pulled out cause she was more covered in it than us 

"Oh its on!"  She said as she grabbed a an of string and so did we all and then in less than a minute we were having a full on silly string fight until Paul came in and busted us 

"What is this?" he said completely taken back

"Urm.. Well Paul if you want to have your voice in the morning turn around and go back to bed or we will attack you too" Leniss says to Paul and amazingly it works and be turns around and walks away. We all look at Leniss amazed 

"Okay I surrender let's go to bed and get someone to clean this up in the morning" Leniss says walking away putting her can down and we all do the same and follow her. Wow that was one heck of a day

Hey guys it my first movellas and I will update everyday xx keep reading and if you wanna be in the book comment x












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