on tour with 1d

Hi my name is Leniss Higgins and i am the daughter of Paul Higgins the tour manager for one direction and now just because of a few rumours I am now being thown on tour with one direction and I can bet their would be nearly every girl or guy in the world would probably die to be in my space right now but not me I would love to be at home right now watching pretty little liars instead of on a cramp, rocky stupid, dusty tour bus with five idiots that are kinda cute but annoying boys .eh boys will be boys


9. 9

Leniss p.o.v


*I woke up and checked the time on my phone ¹²:³⁴am! Wow I quickly shot up and ran to look out of the window. We were moving? 

"Well, well look everyone who dicided to wake up its ugly betty!" Harry said from behind the sofa and soon everyone else was there too?

"What is happening why are you being so mean and why are we moving?" I said to him but then they all started to walk closer to me and I backed away until my back was against the side of the bus. Soon they were in arms reach and I felt a huge sharp pain come across my face. He slapped me! And then before I knew it I was being punched and kicked all over that was the only thing I remember before everything went black...*


I quickly shot up and was breathing really heavily, I had sweat all over me and all the boys were around me. I put my hand on my chest still breathing heavily but my dream felt so real that I jumped up and backed away from everyone 

"Hon thank gosh your away you were screaming and kicking in your sleep are you okay, what's wrong." Paul says walking closer to me 

"NO STAY BACK DONT HURT ME I SWEAR I WILL SCREAM!!" I shouted and felt new hot salty tears run down my face 

"What no we won't hurt you doll it was only a dream" Zayn said reassuring me. I looked into all there eyes and I could see that the were telling the truth and i let out a big sigh that I was holding.I ran and hugged Paul and I was now sobbing into his chest. Soon we were all in a group hug until they were squashing the life out of me 

"Urm....guys...I love ....you...guys..too...but I would...like...to...live 'til....my....next birthday" I gasped and I got a couple of sorry in return.

After about 5-10 minutes we were all on the sofas in silence and no it wasn't the comfitble silence it was the awkward type, luckey Paul he went off cause he had to sort something out 

"ToD" Louis said with high hopes 

"Urh NO!!" Everyone said in return

"How 'bout spin the bottle" I said looking round and finally people agreed 

"Kk I will just go and get abottle stay here guys " I said standing up and walking to the kitchen where I got a old wine bottle?

"Ok who's gonna go first"

"Ohhh me me me please pick me" Louis said looking like a child and a chimp. And he took the bottle and it landed on Niall

"Hah I knew Nouis was real!!" Louis yelled again and Zayn , Liam and Harry all had pouty faces on and acting hurt, but I just couldn't stop laughing as Niall and Louis kissed they made it so dramatic it was really funny. This game went on for a while and for some reason it never landed on me until Harry spun the bottle and I went wide eyed

"C'mon doll don't look to surprised you did it today already"Zayn mocked I just sent him a really bad death glare and he looked quite taken back.

*cough*cough* harry went making me look back at him

I went closer and sat next to him but he pulled me on his lap so it looked like I was straddling him soon he was leaning in and so was I , our lips connected and like the first time there was fireworks and butterfly's going off in my stomache and head. We pulled apart about 20 seconds later even though I didn't want to.

" okay well this got awkward" liam says 

"Hah I bet they are gonna have kids and get married" Niall replys whilst I get off Harry

"Awh I will be a best man and god father right" Zayn said putting his hand to his heart 

"I WILL BE A UNCLE" Louis shouts making me flinch 

"What hellz no he will no take her innocence and will not have kids until 26" Paul says creeping out of no where. Just then my phone started to blow up

Harrys p.o.v.

We need to talk. She is so beautiful and I am not gonna be a idiot like I was to everyone else she is special and when I'm not around her I am mentally dying but when I am she is everything she is unforgetable .She is my drug. Her kisses are like heven and her personality is to die for I want her I need her. And i know we have only just met but I think I love her 

"Len can I talk to you for a sec" I say standing up as does she too and we head to the bunks. As soon as we are out of sight I take her wrist so she is closer to me and i kiss her. And she kisses back! We soon end it and I look at her. Her big brown eyes and put my hand on her head and felt her brownish reddish hair 

"Urh Haz care to explain?" 

"Leniss Higgins you are like my drug and I can't stop thinking about you even though I have only just met you please let me take you out on a date this Saturday night " I rushed 

"Haz we have only just met you and the others hardly know me and dad will go crazy if he knew"

"I don't care all I care about is you"

Just then her eyes went wide and she quickly ran back to the boys. I went after her to see what she was doing and why?

Leniss p.o.v

I ran quickly back to where the other guys were with harry hot on my heals until I jumped onto the arm of the sofa falling back 

"Guys you hardly know me so I'm gonna tell some facts" I said after I said that harry knew nothing about me

"So I'm 17½ and I'm from England and at school I never was miss popular I only had a handful of friends cause throughout most of my school life I was really badly bullied and.......(I paused thinking if the memories)but that's the past and anyway many people say I'm crazy and surprising and really irresponsible but can keep secrets and the one thing people get annoyed about is that I eat so much but don't put on much weight but I have my reasons for that anyway also as you know I have a phobia of bananas and I will be on tour with you guys" i said and as I finished I got my phone out and looked throughout my twitter 

"Guys shut you mouths you'll catch flies and do you wanna go for another round of ToD" I said and got a couple of nods

* for the rest of the night I had to:

Have three shots of ketchup Mayo and cream together 

And to tell who has the best ass I know of 

Louis had to: 

Lick my toes 

And do a twitcam and just scream 

After pretend to be a frog for a hour

Niall had to: 

Make out with Zayn

And run around outside in only his boxers

Then go into a freezing cold bath

Harry had to:

Put as many clothes on as can and 

Do the condom challenge (sniff a condom and pull it out of his mouth again!)

Zayn had to:

Kiss Niall 

And to tell Perrie that she was ugly baby (no offence pez)

*3 hours later 1:23 am*

I was resting my head on Harry's lap and my eye were getting heavy after I yawned

"Go to sleep love, I will carry you to your bunk in a while" Harry wisperd into my ear. I could feel his hot breath on my neck and he was bitting and nibbling at my ear which made my breath hitch. Once I became calm again I quickly feel into a not to deep but not to light sleep...

(A.n sorry I haven't updated in a while but I will update everyone week or two love you lots hope this makes you smilexx)





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