on tour with 1d

Hi my name is Leniss Higgins and i am the daughter of Paul Higgins the tour manager for one direction and now just because of a few rumours I am now being thown on tour with one direction and I can bet their would be nearly every girl or guy in the world would probably die to be in my space right now but not me I would love to be at home right now watching pretty little liars instead of on a cramp, rocky stupid, dusty tour bus with five idiots that are kinda cute but annoying boys .eh boys will be boys


7. 7

Leniss' p.o.v

" Found one!!" Hard shouted turning back to us

"Geez okay don't need to shout I said giggling a bit when we were by his side again. Then we walked over to the little café and went inside. It was small but big enough and it wasn't crowed it only had a handful of people inside. The café was nicely decorated with a 1960's American them to it. We went up to the front seat and ordered 

" Can I have two chocolate milkshakes and-" Harry stopped mid way in his sentence and turned to look at me giving me a look that said 'you say what you want'.

"And and Oreo milkshake too please" I finished getting out my wallet but then I heard the woman at the till look up astonished by who we were it was attually quite funny to watch as she tried to talk 

"Urh...urm....th....that....that will...b...be...6...:5...2 please Harry" she forced out speachless got out my wallet a ten pound note but I was stopped by Harry paying for me?

"What no! No let me pay?!" I said to him annoyed he just smirked and laughted a little bit. I then walked off with Lux to go and find a table. 

Harry's p.o.v

We got to the little café and it was designed like 1960's America it was attually really cool. We ordered to chocolate milkshakes for me and Lux and Len had an Oreo milkshake.

"Urh...urm....th....that....that will...b...be...6...:5...2 please Harry" the lady at the till said well tried to say but I am used to it. I looked over my shoulder and saw Leniss taking a £10 note out of her wallet or pay and being a gentelman I am I beat her too it and I pay with my money 

"What no! No let me pay?!" She said to me confused and a bit annoyed but in replied I just smirked at her and laughted a bit shaking my head and then they asked off to find a table I think and about a minute later the drink got surved on a tray and I walked over to the girls and put down whist sitting down myself.I took a quick sip of my drink and when I looked up I saw Len helping Lux with hers it was so cute and Leniss was so good with her I just without noticing I kept staring at Len taking in all of her features her amazing green eyes her mix coloured hair I wasn't brown but it wasn't blonde it was a mix between both or was a good mix no it was perfect she was perfect I want her to be mine. I was lost in my trance of thoughts and she noticed. Whoops. 

"Haz you okay?" She said to me in her angelic voice 

"Urhm....urh..yeah sorry I was just thinking anyway what are we gonna do next"

"Well I dunno maybe we could walk back or go to thay lake and feed the ducks" she said pointing to a peaceful lake across the road from here. Just then my phone started ringing so I go up to awnser it 

(H-harry P-paul Lo- Louis N-Niall Z-Zayn Li-Liam)

"H- hello?

P- hey harry where are you

Lo/Z/N- probally sucking eachothers faces off Paul 

H- what no! We are at a café around the corner with Lux why?

P- you need to rehearse and you have already disobeyed my one rule so I don't want you near her so come back to the arena now please

Li- Haz you better not of scared her away from us

H- what the eff no I haven't and okay we will be back soon sorry guys 

Lo- all but my self, don't wanna be all by myself anymoooorrrreeee!

H- shut up Louis" and then the line went dead 

"Okay well then I just got called to be back to rehearse so it looks like we can't go fishing today" I said turning back and walking to Len and Lux.

Leniss just nodded and mumbled 'okay' in response and started to walk back leaving me with Lux. Huh. That's weird I wonder what's gotten into her? I started to walk and catch up to her but running with a 2 1/2 year old on your hip isn't easy.

Once finally caught up with her I asked her what was wrong and she didn't reply which got me even more confused.

(Guy i amam sos orr I hvevnt ppuplished in a while cause I though no one read my book and school but I will update I promise xxx)



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