on tour with 1d

Hi my name is Leniss Higgins and i am the daughter of Paul Higgins the tour manager for one direction and now just because of a few rumours I am now being thown on tour with one direction and I can bet their would be nearly every girl or guy in the world would probably die to be in my space right now but not me I would love to be at home right now watching pretty little liars instead of on a cramp, rocky stupid, dusty tour bus with five idiots that are kinda cute but annoying boys .eh boys will be boys


5. 5

Harry's p.o. v

Halfway through the rehearsal I heard little Lux crying. Then I saw Leniss running behind the stage and about 10 minutes later Leniss came out with baby Lux and sat down on the front row

"look Lux its the boys" Leniss said or at lest I think that's what she said I couldn't quite hear it.Leniss was sat on the floor now and she was playing with Lux and all i could hear every now and again you would here Lux squeal and laugh it was so cute 

"Arghh" Len shoued as she was running around with Lux in her arms. I was so distracrted by them I missed my solo 

"Dude c'mon now we know you think she is hot but please consontrate"Liam shouted to me 

Leniss p.o.v

Once I walked with Lux i saw out of the corner of my eye i saw Harry looking at me which made me smirk. Me and Lux sat on the front row and she sat on my lap

"Hey Lux look its the boys" I said pointing at the stage where they were rehearsing and Harry was still looking and wide smiling so I looked away and picked up Lux and i started to shout which made Lux squeal I swear she is the cutest baby ever 

"Hey Lux do you wanna have some lunch 'cause Niall is paying?" I said as I put her on my hip and in responce she went 'Yeahalalalelelealelels' it was so cute!

"Yo Niall me and Lux gonna grab some food have any cash 'cause you owe me" I reminded him whilst walking on stage 

"Urm yeah I have I have a 20 in ma pocket so here" he said handing me the money 

"Thanks see ya in 45" I said walking off into the dressing rooms to tell Lou. Once we got out into the car park there were flashing light and questions everywhere so I went back inside and grabbed Preston and Harry cause they were the closest people to me 

"Hey urm can one of you come with me cause fans are Cray Cray please we will only be 45 minutes were gonna grab some lunch" I said

"Yeh sure i will plus I am hungry for some decent food here" Harry said walking to my side

"Thanks Haz" I said to him 

"Wait!" Preston said to us just before were even a metre away

"You guys no funny business caul Paul and Simon will not be very happy at all and  *Harry Styles new girl caught kissing* or *Harry and who?* will not be okay with your fans" Paul says making a point 

"No nothing will happen its only lunch and anyway press will be taking pictures anyway so it don't really matter" I said turning to walk away 

"What ever" I heard Preston say

Once we got outside the fans went CRAZY! and the paps would pushing and pulling at us I just held harder to Lux and I grabbed Harry's arm and held it tigh and I know it will make the people go mad but I just didn't feel safe and I need to keep hold of Lux 

"Okay where do we go around here " I shouted over everything

"This way it doesn't matter as long as we get away from here" he souted back and pulling on my arm to the left and we started to walk fast over the road. Once we went round a lot of streets we finally lost them and found our way to a park.

"Hey Haz do you know where we are" I asked putting down Lux and holding her hand 

"Yeah we at a park duh look around" he awnsered and I just slapped his arm

"Hey Lux I will race you to the slide" Harry also says crouching down to Lux's size and she giggles and starts running and wobbling I just laugh and run to sit on the slide before they do 

"Hey not fair get you arse off and let us get on" Harry whines little Lux pouts, and before he can give me a chance to awnser he grabs my waist and legs and lifts my up bridal styles 

"Harry no ARGH get off! Harry I am heavy and fat please put me down!" I shouted wriggling and trying to get out of his grip but he was to strong for me so I just relaxed and looked up and our eyes met I swear I could get lost into his perfect green orbs.

"Hey don't ever fucking tell me you are fat and heavy again or I will honestly cut off all of your hair in your sleep" he growled 

"Why," i replied with a confused look on my face

"Because your perfect to me" he said in a low smooth voice whilst putting me down 

"Dude did you just quote your own song" 

"Yeah but I am only telling the truth"

When he put me down there were only couple of inches between us and then our heads soon were moving into each other until there was only and breathe between us. Harry was looking at me and I could see in his eyes the he wanted to kiss me right here. I also wanted to kiss him so bad but people would see and we can't disobey Preston.

​Harry's p.o.v

"Harry no ARGH get off! Harry I am heavy and fat please put me down!" She shouted wriggling and trying to get out of my grip but I was to strong for her so she just relaxed and looked up and our eyes met I swear I could get lost into her deep hazel brown eyea

"Hey don't ever fucking tell me you are fat and heavy again or I will honestly cut off all of your hair in your sleep"I  growled cause i can't believe she attually said that

"Why," she replied with a confused look on her face

"Because your perfect to me" i said in a low smooth voice whilst putting down 

"Dude did you just quote your own song" 

"Yeah but I am only telling the truth"

When I put her down we were only a few inches apart and soon I found my head and hers moving in together getting closer until her pink kissable lips were close to mine. I was looking at her asking for permission and i just wanted to kiss her so bad right here right now and I knew she wanted to kiss me too.

"Hey quick question can I kiss you?" I asked her and i felt her warm breath on my lips as she began to reply

"What about the paps" she asked

"Oh well I don't see any around here" I said again getting closer in response to that she just nodded 

I soon softly placed my lips on to her small soft pink ones and they moved in prfect sync. It just felt right. I tink this was the best kiss ive ever had, it was perfect.

Leniss' p.o.v

Hey quick question can I kiss you?" Harry asked me and i felt his smooth breath on my small lips as he spoke

"What about the paps" i asked being safe

"Oh well I don't see any around here" he replied again getting closer and not caring about anything, in response to that i just nodded as I was too distracted from his eyes

Soon I had his pink plumped lips on my and they moved in perfect formation.I felt firework like on the 4th of July/5th November it was so amazing until Lux cried after she had fallen over. Me and harry pulled apart but still staring in each others eyes until Lux started squealing and choughing i ran over to her and her leg was all cut up and she had a nose bleed 

"Lux, babe are you okay where does it hurt" I asked as Harry came over with a bag. I picked Lux up and faced Harry

"Haz what do we do" I asked getting worried 

"I will call Niall to bring a first aid quick in the mean time sit down"Harry replied and pulled out his phone. I sat down on a nearby bench and sat Lux on my lap and wiped her tears with my sleeve and kissed her head 

"hey Lux next we are gonna get some chocolate milkshake and sweets" I said whilst hugging her and then Niall turned up with a first aid kit 

"Thank Ni" he said walking over with Harry. Once they got over to me and Lux Harry opened up the kit and crouched down so he was in line with us and then he started to wipe of her blood and put a plaster on her leg. Whilst he was cleaning her I saw him staring at me until Lux flinched and her looked back to her.

"Ta da all better now let's go get lunch." Harry said kissing her head and standing back up

"Niall you wanna come?" I asked Niall

"Nah its okay i got a feast going on at the arena anyway" Niall says 

"0kay well I just this one is hungry after all of what has happened this morning" I said lifting Lux off me and Harry held out a hand to help me up which I took and thanked him for. After Niall gave me a confused look which I smirked at. Then he walked off and left me and Harry with Lux 

"So which way Haz?"i said beginning to laugh. He pointed left.

Okay let's go!" I said starting to walk until Harry pulled on my wrist and crashed his lips on to mine

Sorry i didnt update for a day but i was working on this one so i will update everyday or two xx please liek and comment 









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