on tour with 1d

Hi my name is Leniss Higgins and i am the daughter of Paul Higgins the tour manager for one direction and now just because of a few rumours I am now being thown on tour with one direction and I can bet their would be nearly every girl or guy in the world would probably die to be in my space right now but not me I would love to be at home right now watching pretty little liars instead of on a cramp, rocky stupid, dusty tour bus with five idiots that are kinda cute but annoying boys .eh boys will be boys


4. 4

Leniss' p.o.v 

*the next day*

I woke up in my bunk in the weird pose and when I went to sit up I bashed !y head on the ceiling

"Ouch" I half wisperd and looked at my phone 9:30 shit! I quickly pushed off the covers and swung my legs around my Ned and jumped off but I fell kinda on someone's back 

"Ouch,oh shit sorry harry didn't see you there" I said getting up off the floor.

"Oh no its okay are you alright, I shouldn't really be training right here ,right now here let me help you?" Harry said standing up and raising a hand to help me up which I took 

"Urm..Hazza?" Paul said pointing down (cause he had no shirt on) and peeking through the curtain

"Oh yeah thanks" he said grabbing a shirt. I just bit my tounge holding trying l laugh which didn't really last and I could tell he wanted to laugh too.

"And you guys can stop biting your tounges you'll pierce them too" Paul said opening the curtain fully and sticking his legs over my bunk. I couldn't help but laugh and at the same time Hazza started laughing too it was so funny!

"Hey Harry come join my team playing just dance 4"  Louis shouted from the games room.

"Coming" he shouted back and turning on his heal and leaving 

"So you and Mr.Styles then huh?" Paul said hopping down and giving me a smirk

"What no phft yeah right never gonna happen, Paul why would you even think that?!  and I am gonna grab some breakfast before this conversation gets even more weirder" I said turning around and heading for the kitchen 

"Don't deny, don't date" he shouted back after me 

0nce I got into the kitchen I groand to the sight of everyone smirking and eyeing

me I just kinda ignored them and grabbed a banana without relising 

"Ahhh ewww ew ew ew get it away ahhh!!!" I screamed as I dropped the banana and ran behind the sofa 

"What, what's wrong! Oh its only a banana Leniss" Paul said hugging me

"What's up with her Paul?" Niall asked whilst eating a granola bar

"She has a big banana phobia she can't stand them at all, its really funny actually" I slapped Paul at the last part. Its not funny they creep the heck out of me I really can't stand them! All of a sudden their was a burst fof laughter from the door, I looked over and all the others were their 

"Oh my days, its not funny they scare the living daylights out of me so shut up!" I said facing them and standing up, crossing my arms over my chest

"Sorry Len no its not funny at all we won't laugh any more!" Louis said holding in his laugh. So to reach them all a lesson I went up to them all and slapped them on the heads and then I walked back into the kitchen and slapped Niall and grabbed a few slices of toast and put them in the oven 

"Urm Len what are you doing?" Zayn asked 

"Making toast what does it look like" I replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world 

"Thats not how you make toast you put the slices inside the toaster like this " Zayn continued coming over and demonstrating 

"Right whilst you guys are doing what ever you doing the others can start to be getting ready for your concert and meet me out side the bus in 5" Paul said pointing to me and the guys and in response he got a lot of 'yeah's' and 'whatevers' 

"Hey we are doing very inportant business here and i need a lot of help" i said offended but I am not and pointing to Zayn who was by the toaster shaking his head and smirking 

"True dat" Louis, Liam and Niall all said in unison.weridos.

"Look what you are doing, they're not like this you are brainwashing them and you have only been here 2 days!? How?!" Paul says to me whilst crinkling his face? I just shrug and turn away back to the toast.BING. 

"Toast is ready, what do you want on it"Zayn asked me 

"Peanut butter and some jam please" I say like a little kid whilst getting some oreos from the cubord 

"You are having oreos for beakfast how come I didn't think of that can I have some" Niall says walking towards me 

"No I am making a milkshake so do you want one guys?" I asked them all 

"Yeah please" I got fron Liam 

"Your the best" from Louis 

"Hey Len can I have one too please" Harry asked shyly. I wonder why he is so shy?

"Sure so I am making five are you sure you don't want one Zayn?" I said

"Yeah okay if its okay with you" Zayn replied

By the time I had finished making six milkshakes my toast was ready so I sat down at the table eating away without a care in the world until my eyes landed on the banana, I could feel all eyes on me so i just finnished my toast quickly and left a bit of my drink to have later, then walked into the bunks to get my clothes for the day without any words.

I was out tin five minutes and I wore a grey no-sleeve t-shirt which had a griffindor on it, I also wore some kinda short shorts that go from the botton half are white to a dark pink and i brushed my brown locks and left my hair down because it is natually strait. I also had brown ancle books on 

I walked out into lounge part and when I got there, I got a few wolf whisles and a couple of complements, which for other people would make them feel great but for me it made me unsure .

"You guys rready?" I asked all of them as I sat down next to Harry

"Yeah just waiting for Zayn" Harry replied and as if on que he walked in the room so we all stood up and went to the door until I remembered about my milkshake so I ran into the kitchen grabbed it and ran back out side to screeming fan. Loads of screening fans which made my ears hurt really bad but it was really funny to watch them all and they were all stopped and gaurded by lots of police and I walked over to a spot quite far away and it was more quiet with a wide smile across my face 

"Wha are you smiling at?" I heard some one wisperd into my ears. It sent shivers down my back 

Notthing much just watching you guys and the fans its pretty funny attually how much they care for you and some are crying and fainting" I said whilst turning round to see Harry and our eyes met. We stood there for what seemed like a long time but really only a few seconds until I had to burst out laughing and so did he.

"See great minds think alike" I said pointing to me and him then I took a sip of my milkshake before giggling again 

"Oh shit everyone's going in come on" Harry said looking over my shoulder and then taking my hand in his they fitted perfectly. Once we got inside and caught up with everyone we stopped and everyone looked at us like we did something wrong until Louis looked down at our hands and then back up to me. Once I got the idea I slipped my hand away and went to talk with Louis and everyone else scurried off on their own.

"Yo Niall next Mc Donalds we got to your payin' for mine" i shouted half way across the arena to Niall who was on stage 

"Yeah yeah, Louis come over here we need you for rehearsals" he shouted back and then Louis rannover to Niall and I was left alone and being the imaginative person I am I climbed on a chair and ran along the all and then started cartwheeling down the arena. Then I heard a baby in the back of the stage so I ran over to it and saw Lou there beautition with baby Lux 

"Hey urm.. Lou right?" I asked and she turned around and gave me a smile 

"Yeah and your are Leniss right, Paul's daughter" I gave her a nod. The she let out a groan as Lux was spilling everything 

"You okay" i asked and she shook her head saying no 

"Okay how about I watch baby Lux whilst you tidy this up" I said 

"Yes please you're a life saver" she said and quickly handed me baby Lux"



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