Abby's secret

Hi. I'm Abby. A completely normal 17 year old girl in high school living a normal life...well sort of. Except for the fact I have a gift to feel things for the future. Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes not such a good thing.


1. * Introducing Abby *


Abby's pov; 

I have a power. It's where I can sense what type of things are going to happen to me in my near future.

Like I never know what exactly is going to happen to me, but I know if something fantastic, something strange or something tragic is going to happen.

For example, when my father died, an hour before I sensed something tragic was going to happen. 

My parents were out on a date. On the way home, a truck crashed into the drivers side of our car. My dad was driving at the time, but my mom was fine. Only a few minor bruises. My mom had to be taken home by an officer. 

I'm sensing tomorrow something strange is going to happen. See, tomorrow is my first day for of 11th grade at my new school. Also, tomorrow happens to be my 17th birthday. 



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