5 Seconds of Summer Imagines

So the title says it all. I'm gonna be writing 5 Seconds of Summer imagines. I do do personal ones just comment the following information: hair color, eye color, what type of imagine and what you want it generally about. I'll try and update everyday. I love feedback :).


5. Michael

(your pov)

Ugghh I need a new game I thought to myself All these games are getting boring or i just beat them all... hmmm I don't have Advanced Warfare yet imma go buy it.


... at Game Stop...

Hmmm now where could it be. Am I being serious right now I now everything about this store i practically live in here it's my favorite place.

Ah there it is. I'm soooo lucky it's the last copy they have.

"Umm I was gonna buy that sir." Some dude has his hand on the game as do I. I don't know what to do...

"I'm pretty sure I seen it first missy" damn was he rude sucks he has a cute face. Love the dyed hair. That's one thing we have in common mines blue but his is red.

"Well how about I buy it and you wait for more copies to come in" I said. Gosh all I wanted was a damn video game.

"It's not like you're any good at games I mean look at you you're a girl for fucks sakes" wow



"Well Michael not all girls are shit at games. I've been dying to buy this game so imma go check it out."

"No can do my band mate sat and broke mine so I need a new one."

"What a tragedy, now can I go pay for MY game"

"You can have it on one condition"

"Okay and what's that?"

"Give me your number so me and my mates can come over and play cause if I go home empty handed they'll be pissed"

Oh my gosh is he serious play it cool act cool. He's just a hot guy wanting your number it's no biggie.

"Okay here *writes down number* I'm y/n by the way"

"thanks, I'll be there in like an hour ready to smoke your ass A.W."



It sucks yeah I know

sorry for not updating in like forever


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