5 Seconds of Summer Imagines

So the title says it all. I'm gonna be writing 5 Seconds of Summer imagines. I do do personal ones just comment the following information: hair color, eye color, what type of imagine and what you want it generally about. I'll try and update everyday. I love feedback :).


4. Luke


Bodies everywhere. Dancing, grinding, holding their drinks having the time of their life. Yeah I am too, but there's this tall blonde guy who's been staring me down all night. I'd wink at him hoping he'd make a move but he never did. I was grinding on this one guy I think his name was Dylan or something, but I didn't care. I was trying to impress him. I'd bit my lip and check him out while he's fully aware. Trying to tell him I'm interested.

At the moment we were hardcore staring at each other. I was still grinding on this guy but I wish it was him. I turn around for one second and he disappears. The guy walked off and started snogging this one chick. And not a second later another guy takes his place.

His large hands grip my waist. I look up at the dude and their he was. The tall blonde with piercing blue eyes.

"Luke, my names Luke" Damn he has an accent. Makes him ten times hotter.


 I start grinding on him and his hands roam my body. He slowly starts to suck on my neck. Leaving a mark for sure.

I turn around and connect our lips. His hands are now rest on my arse. Mine grabbing at his shirt pulling us closer together. As our tongues fight for dominance, him later on taking over and exploring my mouth.

He pulls away and says in my ear. "Let's take this to my place"


We rush out and go into his car. He drives home and on the way there my hand makes it way to his thigh and goes up till it's at his zipper and I slip my hand in his pants and start teasing him. He's about to cum when I quickly remove my hands from his pants.

"You're gonna pay for that." he says with a tight jaw, hating the fact that I never let him finish. We soon arrive at his place and we practically run in ready to continue where we left off. He slams the door shut and pushes me up against of the wall putting my hands above my head to where I'm powerless. He slams his lips against mine and soon we're full out making out. My legs wrapped around his waist. His hands on my bum supporting my weight while my hands are tugging at his hair making him moan. He moves us to the couch and I start to undo his shirt. Him unzippering my dress.....




So how'd you like it? Yeah I didn't finish it because I'm soooo mean. ahaha. Well if you want part two just say so. :) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I know I did. So request are open and always will be. So like and comment, I love feedback and would like to have some.

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