5 Seconds of Summer Imagines

So the title says it all. I'm gonna be writing 5 Seconds of Summer imagines. I do do personal ones just comment the following information: hair color, eye color, what type of imagine and what you want it generally about. I'll try and update everyday. I love feedback :).


2. Ashton

Your pov

I need a shower you say to yourself

You hop out of the shower and get ready for the day ahead. Time to start shopping. You and (y/f/n) had already made plans to go to the mall. She comes and picks you up.

"hey (y/n)"

"hey (y/f/n) ready to go?"



At the mall

You're big on owning movies and Cd's so you head towards the F.Y.E. and get some. You see a rather good looking man you is the cashier. As you go to pay you see that his name is Ashton.

"Is this all ma'am?"

"Yeah and please call me (y/n)"

"Okay (y/n), I'm Ashton and I'd like to take you out on a date."

"hmmm no can do, I'm hanging out with my friend today's no good"

"Playing hard to get aye? haha okay what about tomorrow?"

"Sounds good"

... tomorrow his p.o.v.

today's the day I get to take (y/n) on a date wow I can't believe it. Would of never of thought she would like a guy like me. I hope she likes Italian food. I message her to dress casual but also fancy. No matter what I know she'll look beautiful as ever. Man is she gorgeous. Takes me breathe away.

(your p.o.v.)

*knock, knock*

That must be him knocking

I go down the stairs and open the door

"Hi Ashton"

"H h h hi (y/n), you look beautiful" 

"Thanks, you look nice as well"

his p.o.v.

When she opened the door man did she look so freaking gorgeous. She was wearing a crop top that said love and a black flowy skirt. Her shirt was tucked in to her skirt and she was wearing black flats. Her hair was curled to perfection and had little make up on. It's not like she needs it anyways she's naturally beautiful. I hope she knows and if not that I'd be the one to tell her that everyday. I stutter while talking to her. I mean who wouldn't look at her.

... after dinner your p.o.v.

"I had fun Ash, thanks" I told him as we are currently sitting in his car outside of my house. I kissed his cheek and even though it's dark out I could still see him blush. The date was perfect, he's perfect. He chose the right place, and after that we took a little walk through the park to get to know each other.

"You're very welcomed (y/n). I have fun too! You're a very cool and fun to be around. I hope you'll let me take you out on another date sometime"

"Yea, I'd definitely like that, I should get going."

"Oh yea of course. let me walk you to your door."

You both get out of the car. Him of course opening the door for you.

"Night Ash"

"Night (y/n)"

You turn around and unlock the door and open it. You're about to walk in when there's a tap on you're shoulders. You turn around and you're lips are slowly met with his. The kiss is slow and sweet, it didn't last long but it was one of your favorites.

"Night (y/n), sleep tight" and with that he quickly pecks your lips and heads to his car and drives home. Awaiting to be able to call you his and only his forever.




So I thought I posted this but obliviously not, ahaha sorry hoped you liked it. I was going for something a little sweet. And trust me I'll get better. I just need request to know what you guys like and so that I won't bore you guys to death. So comment request and I'll do them asap.

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