"He That opens A school door, closes a prison..." And That's What I didn't do I did the total opposite, Now I have to play the price.


2. T*W*O

This Is nit Nick This is someone else that would come up in the story.


Plus I never told you the name of the girl her Name is Airzia




Airzia's P.O.V




I walked into my cell and they (Security) Took off my handcuffs and pushed me into the cell slamming gate close. He was about to leave but stopped and came back.


"I forgot to tell you, There is no more girls cells, but there is one last cell in the boys cells" He Put his hands in the air indicating that this is the boys cell, "You will be with him" He pointed to to the boy behind him, "He is quiet," He Nodded his head a little turning once again to leave, he looked over his shoulder, "Good Luck" And He Continued to leave.


"I'm Not quiet" I turned around to see the boy looking at me, "I just choose not to talk to to them" He Said, I nodded.


*He's Pretty good looking like Fine* Even though he is in his orange suit he still looked hot.



"You Could tell me To turn around when you have to use the toilet, I won't look" He said, "I mean you must be scar-" 


"I am not new to this prison, I have been here 6 times. And all of those times was boring as hell" I said glaring at him.


"Why?... I mean Why Are you Here?" He asked


"I tried to rob a bank... But I had to do it or my Ex would kill me and my family. He made me get that needle in the hay stack, You Know what I mean?" I looked at him. He looked back. 


He Nodded "Kinda" 


"No! You are supposed to say 'Yeah, I totally Get It!' to Make me feel better!" I yelled quietly


"Yeah, I totally Get It!" He said back. I shook my head


"It's to late... Why Am I telling you this? I don't even know you!" I put my hands on my head.


"Ok. Lets Get to Know Each Other then"



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