The New World

Dan Howell has a sister, Grace. They are each others best friend, no one could get in between them, ever. But what if that DOES happen? Phil Lester, Dan's school partner, decides to become friends with Dan one day. Grace is very fond of Phil, but she doesn't like that Phil and Dan are spending so much time together. (**READ ON TO FIND MORE**)


1. Dan Howell

Name: Dan James Howell
Age: 16 sadly
Grade: 10th
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 6,0 A LOT taller than Grace
Crush: Phil Lester (SHHHHHH)
Best-friend: Grace Howell

Grace doesn't make vlogs, but I have tried to get her into it. She's more of a singer. I love cat whiskers, don't ask why. I have this partner is my art class, and he's pretty cute (DON'T TELL HIM!!!) Oh! and I forgot to tell you, I'm bi.



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