The Hunt for Love

This is a short story written for the Ghosts of Heaven competition. It tells the story of one narrator, and the love that ruined it all. I won't say anymore, because what I tried to do with this story is that you figure it out as you go along and keep being surprised....please let me know what you think!


4. Epilogue


I sat down, next to the fireplace, the babe in my arms. I rocked her, back and forth, back and forth, and sung her a lullaby. She shut her eyes, and I smiled to myself. “She would’ve loved you.” I whispered. I heard the front door open, and it was Edward. He kissed me roughly, then sat down to eat. I held Elsie in my arms and kissed her, feeling what I could remember distinctly once feeling. I put the babe down, and kissed her one last time.

“Goodnight, Elsie.”

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