This is my entry for the Trick or Treat competition.
Hope you like it.

I've just written a new chapter, I hope you like it.


1. Loch

Sharon looked across the loch; it glistened in the bright blue summer sky. She smiled as a giant wave looked like the lake was smiling at her. Sharon turned to her Police colleague and indicated she would check the beach. ‘Can’t see anyone,’ she said. ‘The family must have gone.’ Her colleague nodded as he scanned around him. ‘We’ll just look around and check,’ said her colleague moving down the beach with a rye smile. Turning his back he walked leisurely down the gentle seashore. He glanced back just for a second. Sharon moved a bit further on. She loved the loch; its tongue of water, the rolling hills and the mystic legend of the fabled monster. Suddenly something caught the corner of her eye. It was blue and small and looked completely out of place with the sand bank and the loch itself. ‘Why leave just a piece of fabric on the beach?’ ‘Why wasn’t there anything else? No rubbish at all?’ she thought, quizzically. ‘Not even a can of coke or any sign of a picnic?’ Tom was in the far distance now as she took a quick glance around her. She walked up to the tiny fragment. It was just a ragged piece of blue check fabric like a picnic cover.


Sharon looked at the loch; it was over a hundred metres away. Slowly she placed it on her right palm to examine it a bit more. It was wet. She looked up at the sky; it was still bright sunshine. It was sunny all day according to the Met Office. ‘How can it be wet?’ she thought as a tiny glint of gold raced into her eye. Sharon knelt down on the sand and began to clear the tiny crystals of silicon. Suddenly her radio crackled just for a moment. She took no notice at all as this something else to this mystery flooded into her inquiring mind. ‘What on earth is it???’ she exclaimed as a quarter piece of a gold ring burst into the daylight. ‘This is getting weird.’ Suddenly she dropped it to the beach again as another part of the mystery flooded into her detective cortex. ‘This is very strange!!!’ she said not believing her eyes. ‘How can you have tyre tracks that just stop?  And there was no car in sight?’ Sharon slowly made her way to the mysterious tracks. ‘There was a car,’ she concluded. ‘But where had it gone?’ The tracks showed a 4 by 4; with a line leading back to the main road. The family were definitely here she thought. But the car had no tracks back to the road. Sharon looked up for Tom; hasn’t he found anything yet? Her colleague was no-where in sight.


Suddenly the beach turned dark as a large thundercloud etched itself across the ancient lake. The sun struggled to find a crack in the deepening storm. ‘Tom,’ she shouted. Nothing came back from the lonely beach. ‘TOM!!!’ she shouted getting a bit scared. Silence raced across the loch that stayed silent. Tiny ripples gently cascaded onto the darkening sand plain. Sharon raced along the beach. She had to tell him about the tyre tracks and the triangle of fabric held tightly in her right hand. ‘Tom?’ she said again scanning all around her. The loch was quiet, very quiet; you could hear a pin drop. ‘Tom,’ she said slowly racing further away from the mystery behind her. Suddenly something tugged at her now scuffed standard issue shoes. She fell hard on her face with her arms outstretched and crashing on to the sand. She gasped as she took breath. The wind had taken it out of her. Moaning in pain with a twisted ankle; she looked from the floor of the beach with the sound of the loch behind her. Nothing seemed to be out of place; sand; tuffs of grass pushing through and fighting for a place to breathe. ‘No,’ she said out loud. ‘Can’t be?’ Wincing in pain she clawed her way to the something. Slowly, slowly she pulled the sand like a human crab. She gasped. It was a small piece of leather protruding from its sandy tomb. Sharon pulled her body closer and closer. Suddenly she grabbed it was a giant pull of strength. ‘T-O-M,’ she said slowly. ‘Are you playing a joke?’ She examined it carefully and precisely, it was wet too. Sharon almost dropped it as her detective reasoning kicked in. She did want to join the CID, but she didn’t think it would be this way. The thing was a small piece of shoe leather; just the remains of the heel.


‘Strange,’ she thought. Sharon dropped it to the beach as the solution flooded into her mind. ‘NO,’ she said slowly turning over her own shoe. Quickly she picked up the evidence and placed it side by side to her own. It was slightly bigger; but it was made of the same metropolitan Police issue. ‘Oh God,’ she said slowly. ‘Oh God!’ Sharon knew she had to get back the car. Suddenly lightning flashed all around her engulfing her in every direction. Sharon forced herself to stand, and walked slowly like a wounded Giselle. She looked at the loch; fear began to run across her face. The surf crashed like white water. ‘The Radio!’ she exclaimed looking to her only link to the outside world. She pushed the button with a glint of hope racing through her heart. Nothing happened. Sharon looked down as it fell into pieces to the storm filled beach like an unmade electronic jigsaw. Sharon fell to the sand grasping each piece of her radio trying to fix it together. Her fingers were like jelly; each piece fell to the beach again. ‘What’s the matter with me!’ she exclaimed. Sharon looked around her still hoping to see Tom. He was her older mentor really. She had only returned to Scotland just a few months ago. She smiled when she remembered that she had got the transfer. ‘It was like coming home,’ she sobbed looking at the final rusted remains of her radio. Then she got the chance to see the loch. Sharon was born near the fabled stretch of water. She knew really where her old friend was. She gasped in desperation dragging her right foot in an attempt to get to the patrol car. ‘Got to get to the car!’ she said out loud as the storm took hold around her. Sharon gritted her teeth as she fought against the cold horizontal rain biting into her body. Lightning danced in the thundercloud maelstrom of nature above her like it knew what was going on. Sharon fell to the sand exhausted; her ankle felt like it was on fire. She looked around her and was sure the bank was close. She was sure it was close.  Her heart sank as she struggled to see where the patrol car stood. ‘It’s got to be there!’ she hoped as she took a brief look behind her. The car had gone like a ghost. Nothing was there; she was sure as a wave of horizontal rain raced across her eye line. She blinked not believing what she saw crawling on all fours now with pain shooting down her leg and her twisted ankle. ‘Wait,’ she said trying to focus. ‘Wait. Is that something?’ she thought. She crawled closer to the lonely main road.


The waves crashed onto the beach, creeping staying just for that minute more. ‘It’s waiting,’ she told herself in absolute fear. ‘It’s playing with me, toying with my mind; waiting for that moment.’ ‘YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GET ME THAT EASILY!’ she shouted at the loch. Suddenly out of nowhere a giant hurricane gust of wind lifted her like a ragdoll and spun her like a human spinning top twisting and turning her. She fell hard in a heap near the shore line bouncing like a beach ball a few times as her body came to a sudden halt near the lapping waves. Sharon fell into darkness. Suddenly she felt the taste of water on her lips and the sudden horror image of drowning. She squirmed trying to wake herself from this nightmare.  She awoke with blood streaming down her face. She looked at the broken bottle beside her, its jagged circular glass lip shining in the flash of light. Sharon felt dizzy just for a moment as everything went out of focus as she saw her right leg lying at an acute angle. She knew her leg was broken in many places. Suddenly … ‘No!!!’ she said slowly loosing consciousness as her antagonist came into view? ‘It CAN’T be!!!’ It was a wall of water about twenty five feet high frozen in a time tidal wave that covered the whole of the seashore. The loch seemed to roar like a lion as it fell cascading to the sand. Tom and the family didn’t see it coming. She had worked out what it was. Sharon knew now what the monster was….  The storm cleared in an instant, the beach was empty, the sky was blue and the beach bathed in the warm sunshine.  The loch seemed to be smiling.

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