Nina || Ed Sheeran Fanfiction

I guess it has come to a decision, you or music and sad to say but I think music is winning.


1. Prologue

“Go Ed, go like you always go!” She shouts at me again, same fight, different day.

“Nina, this is my dream, I thought that out of everyone, you would be the one who would understand that.” I say, trailing after her as she angrily shuffles around the flat.

“I do Ed but I never see you anymore! It used to be us against the world but now, it’s different, you don’t see me, you see your future in your career, there is no us anymore, it’s just you and your bloody music.” She says, going into the kitchen and thrashing around.

“This isn’t just a trial run, just to see how successful I can get Nina, I want people to remember me for how real and deep my music was and maybe even impact a few people’s lives in the process. This ‘bloody music’ is more than a waste of time Nina.” I say, going to the front door and looking back at her and then leaving.

Author's Note

Ello my lovelies, new short story, that's all I have time to put up but I will try to update something. -Christyxx

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