Nina || Ed Sheeran Fanfiction

I guess it has come to a decision, you or music and sad to say but I think music is winning.


2. Oh, Nina

Dear Nina,

            This may never reach you, you have probably moved on, you probably have had children and got a loving husband who loves you the way I should have. This is a goodbye letter, all the time we shared together, wasted. We could have grown old together and maybe have one of our children live my dream. I have gone downhill since I have been out here on the road, it all began high with the adrenaline from my fans and being on stage and now high with the drugs poisoning my bloodstream. It was all glamour life until I crashed, ending where I had once began, sleeping on the couches of strangers, hoping my music will be heard and maybe a record producer would sign me but my hope is slim. I wanted to be remembered, I don’t want to be another one hit wonder or a waste of talent. I never wanted my last words to you to be hateful, in any way but plans change. I never wanted to hurt you but in the end, does it really matter? You are leading a happy life while I am here succumbed to the sweet nectar of the high I search for every night that taints my blood. So I bid you farewell, leaving you to savor the precious memories we once shared. I have always loved you, since we were 16, under that lamp post, where we shared our first kiss together.



The letter never reached Nina; she grew old, alone, suffering from heartbreak and dying without her true love. She never got the chance to say goodbye to Ed before the police found him OD’d in his hotel room. Come to find out, he had more than one type of drug in his system, one deadlier than the last. The police found the note in the envelope curled in his fingers, never sent, never delivered. Ed was never forgotten; the heart tugging letter that was written to his lover was put in a museum and was one of the most famous pieces of arts since Romeo & Juliet. Nina never visited the museum, always remembering Ed as the aspiring artist searching for his true calling and to go down in history, his one thought on his music. She will never forget the choice he had made that day after their last argument, the last words he had said to her.

Authors' Note

This is my short story, tell me what you think and sorry that I have been neglectful, I lerv you!! -Christyxx

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