Dear Not-Friends


1. Dear Not-Friends

I wish I could hate you

Despise you 

Curse your name

But all I feel for you is love

And a sorrow I can't explain

Every time I tell myself

Don't let it happen again

But every time

I find someone

And I just can't stay away

Once upon a time we were friends

But now all we are

Has been reduced

To two people

Who avoid each other

How long?

How long can this go on?

How long can I last?

How long can I spend thinking of you?

Every day

Every hour

Every minute

Every second

You consume my thoughts

Yet I know

You will fade

Like all the others

But I'm scared

I don't want it to happen

You shone so bright to me

I don't want that light to go out

I don't want to forget you

Forgive me

But I can't rid myself of you

No matter how easily

You rid yourself of me

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