Sindel Daughter Of Goku

Goku has a daughter yes it's true. Born before The Saiyan's arrive now follow the story of Dragonball Z in a whole new way.


6. Yajirobe's Fear

Don’t worry Sindel” said Bulma “Just stay here.”
“Bulma I just can’t sit here and do nothing” said Sindel.
“No you can’t go out there you could get hurt” said Bulma “Or one of the others will trying to protect you. You have to stay here.”
“But” said Sindel.
Something blew up.
“Oh my gosh” said Bulma.
“Oh no” said Sindel ‘Someone’s power level is dropping really fast.’
Gohan brought Yajirobe from the wreck.
Krillin brought Yamcha back with hole through his stomach.
“Give me the sensor beans” said Krillin.
Bulma gave him a beans and Krillin gave him one after a minute he was just fine. Thing’s started exploding around most of the city.
“Oh my gosh” said Sindel “They’re destroying everything.”
“Look up there it’s my dad” said Gohan.
“He’s leading the Androids away from the city” said Krillin.
“Oh no we have to warn him some how you guy’s” said Yamcha “He doesn’t know the Androids can absorb his energy.”
“What” asked Gohan.
“Yamcha I don’t get it you said the Androids can absorb powers” said Krillin.
“I’m not sure how he did it” said Yamcha “But when the android grabbed me I could feel all the energy being drained from my body.”
“Well what in the world are you waiting for” asked Bulma “Get moving before those androids grab someone else.”
“Oh no there’s no time to lose come on we’ve got to warn my dad” said Gohan.
“I’m not sure I want to go back down there Gohan” said Yamcha “I almost bit the big one last time maybe I should stay here.”
Gohan flu off after them.
“Gohan” said Krillin “You stay here then but I’ve got to help, I’m taking the sensor beans.”
He went after Gohan.
“Those two don’t have the foggiest idea what there up against” said Yamcha “I know what those Androids can do. No, I won’t let what happened to happen to anyone else. I got to help my friends. Wait up guy’s I’m coming.”
He took off after them.
“Yamaha’s dumber then he look’s” said Yajorobi.
“You mean your not going with them” said Bulma.
“Not on your life” said Yajorobi.
“And why not” said Bulma “From what I hear you’re a pretty good fighter Yajorobi, and they need all the help they can get. So I sagest you stop being a coward and get yourself into gear.”
“Can’t do it” said Yajorobi.
“I am tired of hearing your lame excuses” yelled Bulma “You get down there and help out your buddies now”
“I don’t know how to fly Bulma” said Yajorobi.
They looked at him.
‘I’m a kid and I know how to fly’ thought Sindel ‘He must be really lazy or something.’
Sindel was pacing back and forth wile Yajorobi played with Trunks.
‘Something’s wrong’ thought Sindel ‘I got a really bad feeling my dad’s in trouble, He need’s my help.’
“Let’s go see how daddy’s doing” said Bulma.
“What no way” said Yajorobi.
“Why not” said Bulma “Vegeta wouldn’t let anything happen to his little boy. We’ll be just fine.”
“I’m coming with you” said Sindel getting in the plane.
“No we won’t we’ll be dead” said Yajorobi.
“Hay come on man where’s your scene of adventure” said Bulma.
“Why me” asked Yajorobi.
“Come on and get in” said Bulma getting in.
“Alright but you listen here one peek and then we’re out of there” said Yajorobi.
“Alright fine don’t be rude get in and let’s go” said Bulma. She handed Trunks to Yajorobi and flu off.
“Bulma can you please hurry” asked Sindel.
“Don’t worry Sindel well get there in plenty of time” said Bulma.
‘I hope so’ thought Sindel.
“Bulma look at that” said Sindel.
“Goodness” said Bulma “Will you look at the size of that, We don’t want to get caught in that smoke we better go in low.”
“Bulma let’s just get the heck out of here” said Yajorobi.
“You coward we’re already there” said Bulma.
“No turn around it’s not too late” said Yajorobi.
“Let go you big owfe” said Bulma “We’re going and that’s finale.”
“Your going to get us killed” said Yajorobi.
Trunks started to cry.
“Look what you did you woke the baby” said Bulma “It’s that big burly voice of yours.”
“You two fight like kid’s” said Sindel.
“Hay your just a kid what do you know” said Yajorobi.
“I wouldn’t run away from a fight” said Sindel “They wouldn’t let me I’ve been training the last three years with Vegeta I know I can help.”
“Whatever” said Yajorobi.
“Man come on we’re going to miss all of the action” said Bulma.
“Miss all the action” said Yajorobi “Big deal, you’re crazy. Look I’ve been on the front lines and it ante pretty. This isn’t a T.V. show we’re talking about this is the real thing.”
“Don’t start playing the hero around me I know you” said Bulma “If there’s a fight you hid in the bushes.”
“Who the heck is that” said Yajorobi.
“Hay it’s that guy” said Bulma “That’s him cool he’s back.”
Trunks started to cry again.
“Now look what you’ve done man hurry up will ya” said Yajorobi.
“Now your talking with the turbo’s we can make it there in half the time” said Bulma.
“No wait” said Yajorobi.
“Alright let’s go” said Sindel.
“Look at that” said Yajorobi “I’m glad I wasn’t here to see what made that.”
“Hay I think I can see them up there” said Bulma we better go down there and see if they need our help.”
“There’s no way we’re going down there” said Yajorobi.
“Don’t worry so much Yajorobi Goku won’t let anything happen to us” said Bulma.
“If you go down any further I’ll, I’ll throw Trunks out the window” said Yajorobi.
“Oh really” said Bulma “I don’t think Vegeta will like you talking about his son like that.”
“I didn’t mean, I mean I wouldn’t” said Yajorobi “Let’s just go.”
“That’s more like it” said Bulma.
‘I still feel like something’s wrong’ thought Sindel ‘Dad I hope your ok.’ “There they are.”
“Hello” said Bulma waving.
“Oh no that android is still down there” said Yajorobi “I told you we shouldn’t have come.”
“Dr. Gero” said Bulma.
“What” said Sindel.
There was a wave of energy and Bulma’s plane got caught in the middle of it.

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