Sindel Daughter Of Goku

Goku has a daughter yes it's true. Born before The Saiyan's arrive now follow the story of Dragonball Z in a whole new way.


12. What You Know

“Hay Yamcha swing around and grad those two” said Tien.
Yamcha turned the plane around so Goku and Krillin could get back on the plane.
Sindel was starring at Piccolo like she never seen him before he looked kind of annoyed with her.
“I can’t believe your back” said Krillin.
“Yeah so when do we eat” said Goku.
“Goku you nut” said Krillin “You’re back to normal all right.”
“Well a guy’s got to eat right” said Goku.
“Can I help you with something Sindel” asked Piccolo.
“Sorry” said Sindel.
“Why the long face kiddo” asked Goku putting his hand on Gohan’s head “There.”
“I missed you daddy” said Gohan.
Goku walked over to Piccolo and looked at him for a second.
“Kameacolo” said Goku.
Everyone looked at Goku.
“What” said Goku “Did I say something wrong?”
Everyone laughed.
“Listen I’ve been through some changes” said Piccolo “But my name is still Piccolo. Don’t forget that.”
“Sure thing no problem” said Goku laughed.
“Well what” asked Piccolo.
“Hay Piccolo” said Goku “There’s no way we can defeat a power like Cell’s in a fight right now. That’s why I decided to start training again. And I know a place where I can get a year of training in a day.”
“Where is that” asked Yamcha.
“It’s at Kame’s place” said Goku.
“So it’s back to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber” said Piccolo “I see. No one has been able to stay in there for more than a year, no one. It might be more then you can handle Goku.”
“Yeah that’s why I’m taking Trunks and Vegeta” said Goku “Surly one of us will be able to do it.”
“Then go quickly” said Piccolo “Cell get’s stronger every day. And time is in short supply. If we let Cell absorb 17 we’re done for sure.”
“True” said Goku he took Sindel’s hand “Come on Gohan. Take My hand.”
“Right” said Gohan taking Goku’s hand “Let’s do it.”
“Wait before you go” said Krillin “Is it true you’ll just be gone one day. That’s cool. Train hard. We’ll find Cell.”
“It’s a deal” said Goku.
They were somewhere in the mountains Trunks was sitting on a rock.
“Goku” said Trunks.
“Hay how’s the training going Trunks” asked Goku.
“Not well” said Trunks “I guess my father really doesn’t want me to train with him. He thinks I’ll slow him down. And every time I get close he’d tell me to get lost.
“Look at him he’s not doing anything. He’s been standing in the same spot starring into space for the last three days. He hasn’t moved.”
“Yeah That is strange maybe he’s waiting for a sign or something to show him the way, right” said Goku “I’ll go have a word with him.”
Goku flew over to Vegeta.
“Why the long face Sindel” asked Trunks.
“My mom won’t let her train” said Gohan “She thinks Sindel hasn’t been training. And said she couldn’t train because she wanted her to be a scholar.”
“I don’t want to be a scholar” said Sindel “I don’t know what I want to do yet but I know it has nothing to do with being a scholar.”
“You got awhile to figure it out” said Trunks.
“Hay guy’s let’s go” said Goku, Vegeta landing next to them.
They grabbed a hold of Goku. Now they were on top of Kame’s Lookout.
“Hay Mr. Popo are you here” asked Goku.
“Yes I’m here” said Mr. Popo coming out of a door “What can I do for you?”
“We need to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber” said Goku.
“Please fallow me” said Mr. Popo “You will find everything you need here. There’s food a bed and bath. I’m afraid it’s not vary luxurious.”
“I require nothing more the necessities this isn’t a vacation this is work” said Vegeta.
“Just ignore him Mr. Popo” said Goku “He's uptight today. He’s just egger to start his training.”
“Yes so then I can take care of you” said Vegeta “Speaking of training. Are you going to train your daughter this time or should I keep doing it.”
Goku looked shocked.
“Here it is” said Mr. Popo.
“Wow so that’s the Hyperbolic Time Chamber huh” said Gohan.
“Alright which group goes first” asked Mr. Popo.
“Hay you two go on in” said Goku.
“Alright right this way” said Mr. Popo “When you cross the thresh hold you are to spend a year in the room. But when you come out only one day will have passed in this dimension. Good luck.”
“Thank you Goku” said Trunks as he walked by.
“Good Luck Trunks” said Goku “Take care of Vegeta ok.”
Vegeta gave him a dirty look as he walked by.
“I hope those two get along” said Gohan.
“It’s done” said Mr. Popo.
“Hay Sindel” said Goku.
Sindel Stopped.
“Don’t be mad” she said “I want to train and you were always’ busy training for the androids.”
“I’m not mad Sindel” said Goku “I just wanted to train you myself. But it looks like Vegeta beat me to the punch.”
“Vegeta said if I was old enough to walk I was old enough to train” said Sindel “He’s been training me for the last three years.”
Sindel looked up at him.
“I’m not surprised” said Goku “I noticed you were going over to Bulma’s a lot. But I’m ok with it.”
“Really” said Sindel “How did you know I was training.”
“Your power level kept rising” said Goku “But now we have a lot of time and I can show you what I know.”
“Really” said Sindel.
“Really” said Goku.
“Can you show me the Kame-ha-me-ha wave” asked Sindel.
“Yeah” said Goku.
“Ok now let it go” said Goku “Like this. Pull back like this.”
“Ok got it” said Sindel.
“Ka-me-ha-me-ha” said Goku and he released the energy wave.
“Would you like see one of mine” asked Sindel “I thought I should have my own so I made up one.”
“Yeah I like to see it” said Goku.
“Ok” said Sindel “It’s not perfected yet though.”
“Its ok” said Goku “give it your best shot.”
“Ok” said Sindel she raised her hand “I call it The Dragon Flash.”
She gave it all she had.
“Ahhh” said Gohan as it when towards him. Sindel directed it up away from him.
“Wow that was a lot of power” said Goku ‘I haven’t seen power like that since Gohan was a kid.’
“I’m still working on it” said Sindel.
“I didn’t know Sindel had that much power did you dad” asked Gohan.
“No” said Goku.
“I have another one” said Sindel “Let me show you.”
“Ok” said Goku stopping Sindel “I think we should stop. Wow you have a lot of power.”
“Vegeta said that too” said Sindel. They felt someone’s energy.
“Oh my” said Mr. Popo.
“Times running out Piccolo has already started fighting” said Goku
“Who’s he fighting daddy is it Cell” asked Gohan.
“No there’s no life force it must be the Androids” said Goku.
“I got to help Piccolo” said Gohan running to help him.
“Come back Gohan” said Goku “We have to complete our training. Piccolo will have on hold them off on his own. It’s no use going down there Gohan. You just not strong enough yet. And besides you’d only get in Piccolo’s way. As soon as we finish our training we’ll go down and help Piccolo. You can count on it.”
“Yes” said Mr. Popo “He’s right you will be stronger then you have ever been before.”
Gohan turned around.
“Dad I don’t get it” said Sindel.
They all looked at her.
“What’s wrong Sindel” asked Goku.
“Why is Piccolo holding back” asked Sindel.

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