Sindel Daughter Of Goku

Goku has a daughter yes it's true. Born before The Saiyan's arrive now follow the story of Dragonball Z in a whole new way.


7. Vegeta's Ego

Sindel felt something go through her shoulder she was grabbed by someone. Baby Trunks was crying.
“I’m alive” said Bulma “Where’s my baby. There you are, thanks, you saved Trunks.”
“Imposable” yelled Vegeta “The android he vanished. Blast it whered he go.”
“Sindel” said Gohan looking at her “Oh no.”
“It went right through her shoulder” said Krillin.
“Mom’s going to kill me” said Gohan.
“So that old guy was one of the androids” said Bulma.
“Yep sure was” said Krillin.
Sindel grabbed the piece of metal in her arm.
“Dr. Gero how could you possibly know a thing like that” asked Vegeta.
“I know what I saw Vegeta” said Bulma “It was a picture of that old guy in one of my dad’s science magazines, and under the picture in big bold letters it said Dr. Gero.
“Hold still Sindel this is going to hurt” said Trunks grabbing the metal “You ready.”
Sindel shook her head. Trunks pulled it out.
“Here Sindel take this it will fix you right up” said Krillin.
“It was an easy mistake Vegeta” said Bulma “With all the modifications he made to himself it was hard to tell he was ever human. It’s really amazing what he’s done. Too bad I read he was such a jerk.”
“Are you aright Sindel” asked Trunks.
“I’m fine” she said standing up.
“You told us a pack of lies” said Vegeta “Curse you boy. You said Dr. Gero was killed by the androids he created, you didn’t say he turned himself into one.”
“The time line as I know it must have shifted when I traveled back from the future” said Trunks “I was afraid this might happen, but it was a calculated risk I had to take.”
“Dr. Gero mentioned two more androids” said Piccolo “They might be the ones you warned us about, but this time I think you better tell us what they look like.”
“The androids I know were created by Dr. Gero” said Trunks “But unlike the clumsy androids you met today these two are sleek. Android 18 is designed to look like a beautiful young girl. Android 17 is a young boy who wears a red scarf and has long dark hair. But they both have the same curl eye’s yes it’s there that haunt me the most.”
“Man these thing’s sound pretty mean” said Krillin.
“That’s one way of putting it” said Trunks “These androids are ruthless they seek nothing but causing pain and destroy.”
“Do they absorb energy like the first two” asked Piccolo.
“No these two don’t need to” said Trunks “There energy it last forever.”
“What” said Vegeta “They have to run out of energy sometime.”
“Hay how come Goku isn’t here right now” asked Trunks.
“Well he came down with that weird heart virus” said Krillin “he went back home to get the antidote you gave him.”
“I can’t believe history has slipped this much” said Trunks.
“How did you know my name” asked Sindel.
“Sindel this isn’t the time to be asking your stupid questions” said Vegeta.
“Sorry” Sindel.
“How dare you Vegeta” said Bulma backing up “every time you stick that geeky face of yours in Trunks face you make him cry. It’s all right your daddy’s not going to scare you with that ugly mug of his.”
“Bulma will you forget about the child for one minute” said Vegeta “Do you know where Dr. Gero’s lab is.”
“What, what lab” asked Bulma “Well now that you mention it I think I remember reading that Dr. Gero’s lab is hidden in a cave just outside North City.”
“I’ll bet it’s too late to fallow him there” said Krillin “He’s probably long gone by now.”
“Maybe not nobody saw him fly away did they” said Vegeta.
“So what are you saying” asked Gohan.”
“I’m saying that android is trying to escape on foot” said Vegeta “Which means he probably hasn’t got very far yet.”
“If that’s the case then we might have a chance of finding this lab and destroy the other two androids before he get’s there” said Piccolo.
“I would never do anything that cowardly” said Vegeta “Only one course of action can possibly satisfy me. I will fight these androids face to face and I’ll break them with my bear hands.”
“Can I come to” asked Sindel.
“Sure why not” said Vegeta.
“What, are you trying to get her killed” said Trunks “Sindel isn’t strong enough to fight your going to get her killed if you let her go with you.”
“I trained her myself she has more power than you do boy” said Vegeta.
“Sindel wouldn’t you rather go see your dad” asked Piccolo.
Vegeta got ready to leave.
“No” said Trunks “You must never underestimate the power of these androids. If you really want to destroy them we have to do this Piccolo’s way.”
Vegeta started to fly. Trunks got in front of him.
“Wait for me” said Sindel jumping in the air.
“No Sindel” said Piccolo grabbing her ankle “You’re going to get yourself killed if go.”
“Listen doesn’t go you won’t be able to handle the androids by yourself” said Trunks “We have to wait for Goku.”
“Listen I’m only going to say this once” said Vegeta “I am a super Saiyan now and I don’t have to wait for Kakorot. Let’s go Sindel if you’re coming.”
“No she can’t go with you your going to get her killed” said Trunks.
“Let go” said Sindel getting Piccolo to let her go. Trunks grabbed her to stop her from fallowing Vegeta.
“Sorry Sindel but if you go your going to get hurt or worse” said Trunks.
“Man what a jerk” said Tien.
“I must admit now that Vegeta’s a Super Saiyan he may actually be stronger then Goku” said Piccolo “Perhaps he does have a chance at beating the androids single handedly.”
“No he doesn’t have a chance” said Trunks setting Sindel on the ground “I know that because in my world these androids have already killed Vegeta. Well I won’t let it happen again I won’t let my father die.”
He flew off after Vegeta.
“Wait for me” said Sindel.
“No Sindel you can’t go” said Piccolo grabbing her again.
“Let me go” said Sindel.
“Sindel please don’t go” said Gohan “I know you want to help. But you’re going to get yourself killed if you go after them.”
“Did he say father” asked Bulma “What did he mean by that.”
“There’s something you should know” said Piccolo “That boy is Trunks and he is Vegeta’s son, He’s the boy the baby in your arms eventually grows up to be.”
“What” screamed Bulma.
“Oh man wow” said Gohan.
“Gosh who’d have guessed” said Bulma.
“Well now that you mention it they do sort of lookalike” said Krillin “How weird we all met Trunks two years before he was born.”
“I think it’s time we started looking for Dr. Gero’s lab” said Piccolo.
“I’m in” said Krillin.
“Right” said Gohan.
“Well Trunks at least we know you’ll grow up and be a handsome young man” said Bulma “And to think I was worried you would look like your dad.”
“I’m going to” said Sindel “Now let me go.”
“The only place your going is home Sindel” said Piccolo.
“That’s fair” said Sindel “Gohan was a lot younger then me when he started training and fighting.”
“You’re not going and that’s the end of it Sindel” said Piccolo.
“Stop treating me like a child” said Sindel powering up making Piccolo let her go she flew off.
“Wow she’s fast” said Tien “I guess Vegeta wasn’t kidding.”
“Oh no I have to go after her” said Gohan.
“You don’t have to go after her she went the other way Gohan” said Piccolo.
“Who would have thought Vegeta trained her” said Krillin.
“Yeah it’s pretty intense” said Bulma “She trained whenever she came over. Vegeta said if she was old enough to walk she was old enough to train. There sparrowing sessions were like they were fighting for life and death. She’s gotten a lot stronger in three years.”



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