Sindel Daughter Of Goku

Goku has a daughter yes it's true. Born before The Saiyan's arrive now follow the story of Dragonball Z in a whole new way.


3. Trunks

Oh its been to long” said Chi-Chi “I wish they would hurry and come back.”
Chi-Chi wanted them to be here for Sindel’s first birthday. That was three months away. She was already eating normal food, walking and talking.
Chi-Chi started to get Sindel’s stuff together in a bag.
“Let’s go Sindel we’re going to see Dr. Brief” said Chi-Chi putting her in the car. Chi-Chi and Ox King got in and went to Capsule Corp.
“Hi Chi-Chi” Said Bulma’s mom “Oh hello Sindel you really have grown since the last time I saw you. Would you like something to eat?”
“Yeah” said Sindel she reached out to her.
“Ok let’s go” said Bulma’s mom.
“Don’t give her to many sweets” said Chi-Chi Dr. Brief came out “Get me to Namick now.”
“What?” he said.
“Something’s wrong I know it” said Chi-Chi.
“What about Sindel?” asked Dr. Brief.
“Is that ship finished?” asked Chi-Chi.
“Yes all I have to do Is test her out” he said Chi-Chi ran into the ship and started it up.
“Mommy’s coming Gohan” she yelled.
The ship came back down like a rocket.
“Oh my” said Bulma’s mom.
“Boom” said Sindel when it hit the ground.
“That’s’ right Sindel” said Dr. Brief “well I better repair it.”
“Do it slowly” said Oolong “The slower the better so she can’t run off.”
Sindel ate while the ship was being fixed.
“She eats like Goku” said Oolong.
“He is her father” said Chi-Chi “Hurry up.”
“Going as fast as I can” he said.
“Don’t be so hasty” said Oolong “What about Sindel you can’t bring her with you.”
“She’s staying here” said Chi-Chi.
“Ok” said Dr. Brief “You cant go alone Chi-Chi.”
“I’m going” said a voice.
“Korin” said Oolong.
“Yeah” said Korin.
It took ten minutes to get everyone in the ship. Sindel was sitting next to Dr. Brief playing with a toy.
“Hold on a call’s coming in” he stop launch “Oh hello Bulma, Ok I’ll be their soon. That was Bulma she and everyone else is back on Earth. Does anyone still want to go to Namick?”
“Me” said Sindel.
“Sorry Sindel you can’t go” said Dr. Brief “You can go to go get Gohan though.”
“Yay” she said holding up her arms he picked her up.
“Ok this is the biggest one we have” said Dr. Brief “Come on Sindel you can help you can help me fly the plain. Everyone ready.”
“Step on it” said Chi-Chi.
“I’m going as fast as I can” said Dr. Brief “here we are.”
“Oh no a hundred Piccolo’s” said Oolong “Don’t make that face at me Sindel.”
She stuck her toung out at him.
The plain landed.
“Gohan” yelled Chi-Chi running out of the plain.
“Hi Mom” said Gohan.
The Namick’s were looked shocked. They all got on the plain.
“Gohan” said Sindel.
“Sindel you can talk” said Gohan. Sindel stood up and uneasily walked to him she fell down a lot. She sat down a few feet away from him. He picked her up.
“What’s with the kid?” asked Vegeta.
“She’s my sister” said Gohan.
“Gohan” said Sindel she laid her head down and went to sleep.
“No surprise she’s tired” said Chi-Chi “she’s been going most of the day.”
“Here we are” said Dr. Brief.
Chi-Chi took Sindel and rocked her in her arms. Dr. Brief took them all to Capsule Corp.
As the year went on Sindel turned one. Sindel took a liking to Dende and for some reason Vegeta. Vegeta always told her to get lost or something but she never listened to him. Sindel started repeating everything anyone said so Chi-Chi made sure their was no foul language around her daughter.
When it came time to bring Krillin and Goku back. The Dragon brought Krillin back and told them that Goku was alive and would return in time. Then Yamcha was brought back.
Another short year, Sindel was about to turn two in a few months. Sindel cried when Dende had to leave. But she got over it. Everyone was wondering when Goku was coming back. As the time went by Sindel’s second Birthday came closer Bulma was going to throw her a party.
“Oh Hello you must be Mr. Shuu” said Chi-Chi.
“I am” said the man at the door. He looked at Sindel and she started to cry.
“Oh Sindel” said Chi-Chi “Are you hungry? Let’s go introduce Gohan and then I’ll make you a snack.”
Tears were still coming down her face.
“Gohan” said Sindel.
“Gohan” said Chi-Chi opening the door. Gohan fell backwards and Sindel laughed and clapped.
“Again Gohan” she said.
“Gohan your being silly” said Chi-Chi “Gohan I want you to meet someone this is your new tooter Mr. Shuu.”
“Cant I just study harder and forget the tooter” asked Gohan.
“No” said Chi-Chi “N o. Goodness first my husband leaves then my son starts rebelling against me.”
“La, La, La” said Sindel “Come play Gohan.”
“Gohan has homework to do Sindel” said Chi-Chi “Alright I leave you two alone.”
“Madam I’ll do what I can I’m vary strict” said Mr. Shuu “Often slow children like this need something else.”
“My Gohan is not slow Mr. Shuu” said Chi-Chi
“Play Gohan please” said Sindel she stuck her toung out at Mr. Shuu.
“Of course not that’s why you hired a tooter” said Mr. Shuu as Sindel make a face at him.
“Well lets go get you something to eat Sindel” said Chi-Chi walking out the door. Sindel yawned and rubbed her eyes. “Oh you’re tired. I’ll let you take a nap then.”
Chi-Chi put Sindel down for a nap then went to the kitchen.
The day went by slowly Sindel wanted to play with Gohan when she woke up. But she watched TV instead
“Hello Miss Chi-Chi” yelled Mr. Shuu.
“Gohan what are you doing?” asked Chi-Chi as opening the door Sindel crawling behind her.
“Me nothing” said Gohan as Sindel crawled in his room and grabbing his lag.
“Yes although he can appear to quit normal” said Mr. Shuu “It’s a seed of rebellion you either let the seed grow or nip it in the butt.”
“Gohan” said Chi-Chi as Sindel made a spitting noise at Mr. Shuu.
“Yes he’s driven to fight like his father” said Mr. Shuu.
“What?” said Chi-Chi “That’s not true.”
“Oh my foot it’s not” said Mr. Shuu.
“My fathers a saint compared to you” said Gohan.
“Why you” he said hitting Gohan with a whip. Sindel started to cry “Yes that’s better. After being abandoned by the worthless father the child fights to try to measure up.”
“Get out of our house” yelled Chi-Chi as she through Mr. Shuu out of the window.
“Wow nice throw” said Gohan picking up Sindel who was now looking at the window.
“Thank you” said Chi-Chi.
“How dare you no one throws Mr. Shuu” he yelled. Chi-Chi ran him off the property.
Sindel play in Gohan’s room as he was studding. She stopped and the end of Gohan’s pencil broke. He looked at Sindel as the phone rang.
“Yeah I know” said Gohan “Even Sindel feels it…Ok”
Sindel was shaking.
“Man what a week first the terror tooter and no this” said Gohan getting into his armor.
“Bad” said Sindel.
“Yeah that’s right” said Gohan “Stay here Sindel.”
He climbed out of the window and Sindel stated to cry. Chi-Chi and Ox King peeked in.
“Oh no he’s gone again” said Chi-Chi running to the window “I need to learn how to fly. How can I discipline a kid that can just run off like that?”
Gohan was speeding after Krillin
“Krillin” he said.
“Gohan” said Krillin.
“Hay it looks like everyone’s here” said Gohan.
“Gohan you said Sindel could feel it to” said Krillin and everyone stopped.
“Yeah it really scared her” said Gohan.
“She should be scared” said Vegeta.
Frieza’s ship came down and no one moved. They all fallowed it keeping their power suppressed.
“What’s wrong?” asked Bulma.
“Another power level” said Yamcha
“And this one makes Frieza’s look like nothing” said Tien.
They kept walking. They watched as someone took out Frieza and then a big guy.
“Who is this that?” asked Yamcha.
“I don’t know I hope he’s on our side” said Krillin.
“Hay” said the boy “I’m going to a place near here to meet Goku, would you guys like to come?”
“Hay he knows my dad” said Gohan.
“This way” said the boy. The others fallowed. Two hours later Goku landed.
“Goku can I have a word with you” said the boy “Just the two of us.”
“Hay, what’s this guy trying to say.” said Yamcha.
“It’s alright guys I’ll be right back” said Goku.
They fought for a minute.
“I feel like I can trust you Goku” said the boy “My name is Trunks. You may not believe this but I’m not from this time. I’m from the future twenty years from now. Vegeta is right only he yourself Gohan and Sindel have Saiyan blood and I got mine from him he’s my father.”
“Wow really” said Goku looking over at Vegeta “Yes I can see the resemblance. Wow Vegeta’s going to be a Daddy who would ever...”
“Goku I didn’t come here to tell you that” said Trunks “In three years on May 12, on an island nine miles south of South City two killer androids will show up at 10:00am. Their monsters Goku that’s the best way I can describe them.”
“What about the others?” asked Goku “Aren’t they helping you?”
“They cant” said Trunks “They’re all dead. Vegeta, Piccolo, Tien, Krillin, are all going to lose their lives in a horrible battle against the androids. Their will be only one survivor and that’s my master and best friend Gohan. They even get Sindel. I’m all that’s left. I’m doing the best I can.”
“What Sindel’s just a baby” said Goku.
“She’s just a baby now” said Trunks “Believe it or not Goku but your baby girl is going to grow up and fight by my father’s side and die by his side. They make Gohan watch her die to.”
“What about me?” asked Goku “Do I die in the battle as well?”
“No” said Trunks “You die before it. Not long from now you’re going to get a virus that attacks the heart you’re going to die from it. It’s a radical virus you’ll start hearing about it soon not even a Super Saiyan can beat it.”
“Darn it being killed by a stupid virus” said Goku “I don’t even get a crack at them.”
“After all you heard aren’t you scared?” asked Trunks.
“Sure all challenges are scary at first” said Goku “Maybe I can make a deference.”
“Guys like you probably could you’re a true warrior” said Trunks taking something out of his pocket “Here take this man for your health. It’s an antidote, theirs no cure now for that nasty virus but in my time there is. Just take it when you get sick and you’ll be fine.”
“Wow it’s purple to I’ll bet its grape flavored” said Goku.
“I shouldn’t be doing this Goku ‘cause it will change history” said Trunks “But some history should change, I don’t remember my dad so it’s really grate to get to meet him. But I know you can make a difference my mother told me you could.”
“Your mother” asked Goku “will I meet her or do I know her now.”
“Now” said Trunks.
“Wow I know your mom huh” said Goku “dose she live by me or something.”
“She’s right over their” said Trunk’s pointing at Bulma and Goku fell down.
“Ha, Ha Bulma’s your mother” said Goku laughing “I thought she was going to end up marrying Yamcha.”
“They’re going to break up Yamcha finds someone else” said Trunks “And My mother falls in love with my dad. He can never admit he loves her. It’s more of a passion kind of deal.”
“They will find there way to each other eventually” said Trunks “But if they get wind of it, it might not happen. Promise you won’t tell.”
“Oh believe me I know and there the two feistiest people I know” said Goku.
“Thanks” said Trunks “I don’t remember my father so it’s really grate to get to meet him.”
“Hay Trunks how do you know what happens to Sindel?” asked Goku.
“Gohan told me” said Trunks “She was trained by my father but she wasn’t ready to be in a battle. Vegeta tried to make her stay behind but she got stubborn so he gave in. Gohan said she fought bravely and that you would have been proud of her. Vegeta tried to save her she was like a little sister to him. She watched him die. Gohan tried to help her but he couldn’t he watched her die. Then they tossed her aside like she was nothing. And Gohan transformed in to a super Saiyan. But it was too late he couldn’t save her. He told me that Chi-Chi nearly went insane when he brought back to be buried.”
“Oh man that’s awful” said Goku.
“I’m sorry to tell you that Goku but Sindel did her best” said Trunks “I never got the chance to meet her but Gohan said she was a lot like you. She endured my father’s training because you weren’t there to do it yourself.”
“That won’t happen this time” said Goku.
“Well I better get going” said Trunks “My mom’s worried sick about me she needs to know everything went ok.”
“Tell her I send my love” said Goku “And thanks for this. Now that I’ve met you I’ll be with you in spirit no matter where you go.”
Trunks flu off leaving Goku to tell the others.
“I don’t think so Goku” said Chi-Chi “This time you’ve gone too far.”
“But we need Gohan for this battle” said Goku as Sindel held on to his leg.
“Let me guess you want Sindel to fight to” said Chi-Chi “Well I don’t think so.”
“Sindel’s just a baby” said Goku “But look Gohan wants to go.”
“I don’t think so” said Chi-Chi “Absolutely not.”
“Ahh” said Goku putting a hand on Chi-Chi’s shoulder and she flu through the wall. “OH no I’ve been in space so long I don’t know my own strength.”
They brought her in and started patching her up.
“I’m sorry Chi-Chi” said Goku “I guess I’m not used to the gravity on Earth yet.”
“Gohan can train with you” said Chi-Chi “But I want him to try to study to. He needs an education and their will be no training on Sindel’s birthday understand. I mean you missed the last two you can stop training for a day…”
She went on.






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