Sindel Daughter Of Goku

Goku has a daughter yes it's true. Born before The Saiyan's arrive now follow the story of Dragonball Z in a whole new way.


4. Training with Vegeta

Sindel was sitting in the yard blocks surrounding her as she watched Goku, Gohan and Piccolo train.
"Sindel look what I got for you" said Chi-Chi holding out a picture book.
Sindel took the book and started to look at the pictures.
"Your going to be a grate scholar someday" said Chi-Chi "What do you mean no." Sindel was shaking her head "Oh well it was a nice thought. Oh your going to stay with Bulma for the night. I'll take you over there after lunch." She walked back inside.
Nether of her parents knew that she was training with Vegeta whenever she went over to Bulma's. Bulma said she wouldn’t tell them.
"Daddy" said Sindel they stopped training.
"What's wrong" asked Goku landing next to her.
"Read please" said Sindel holding out her book.
"Maybe later Sindel" said Goku "I have to train for the androids. I'll read to you later."
He flu back up to Gohan and Piccolo.
"Dad why didn't you read to her" asked Gohan as he watched Sindel walk inside "It wouldn't take long."
"I usually read to her at bedtime" said Goku "So that way she can go to sleep easier."
"Dad Sindel's staying with Bulma tonight" said Gohan.
"Lunch" said Chi-Chi.
They flu down and went inside. Goku put a hand on Sindel’s head as he walked by.
"Sindel is going to stay with Bulma to night" said Chi-Chi "I'm taking her after lunch."
"I was going to read to her after lunch" said Goku.
"Sorry Goku it can wait until tomorrow" said Chi-Chi.
"Why does she have to go" asked Goku.
"Bulma's taking me to the carnival" said Sindel
"Bulma thought it might be fun" said Chi-Chi "She doesn’t have anything else to do. Besides all she does is watch you train."
"She's four" said Goku.
"I cant wait" said Sindel "Bulma said there's going to be lots of rides and animals and other stuff. Its-"
"Wow she's really excited" said Gohan "Do you really want to make her stay."
"No" said Goku "I guess we can wait until tomorrow."
Sindel finished her lunch she picked up her block's while Chi-Chi finished the dishes. They left for Bulma's.
"Hay" said Bulma
"Thanks" said Chi-Chi.
"It's no trouble at all" said Bulma "she can stay over anytime."
"Be good Sindel" said Chi-Chi.
"I will mom" said Sindel.
This time the story Bulma told Chi-Chi was true this time they were going to do what they said they were.
"Ok" said Bulma "The carnival starts tomorrow so until then you can train with Vegeta."
"Ok" said Sindel "Is he in the capsule."
"I'm not really sure" said Bulma "I haven't seen him in a while. I'm sure he knows your here. Just wait until he comes to get you."
"Ok" said Sindel and she went off to play.
Sindel was playing a game in the yard. Someone stepped in front of her. She looked up and seen Vegeta.
"Well, well" he said "If it isn't the youngest child of Kakarot the weakest of the Sayain's."
"I'm not weak" said Sindel "Not anymore."
"Have you been training at home" asked Vegeta.
"Yes" said Sindel getting off the ground
"Let's go kid" said Vegeta "you have a lot to learn. Hurry up, I don't have all day."
Sindel fallowed Vegeta into his capsule.
"Now today we're going to be sparrowing" said Vegeta.
"With you" said Sindel.
"Who else" said Vegeta "now get ready."
"I'm not strong enough yet" said Sindel.
"Stop acting like a child and do it" said Vegeta "Now do it."
"Ok" said Sindel and she got ready.
"You will never get stronger if keep acting like a child" said Vegeta "Every time you fight you will get stronger but not if you don't stop being a baby about it, do you understand."
"Yes Vegeta" said Sindel "I'm ready."
Vegeta came at Sindel a lot faster then she thought he would. he hit her once and she hit the wall. She started to cry.
"Stop crying" said Vegeta "This is no time to be acting like a baby." Sindel got up and this time she attacked Vegeta. she knocked him into the wall.
'There's no way a child her age can have that much power' thought Vegeta 'Even if she's Kakarot's kid.'

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