Sindel Daughter Of Goku

Goku has a daughter yes it's true. Born before The Saiyan's arrive now follow the story of Dragonball Z in a whole new way.


13. The Fight Begins

"Maybe he's waiting for Cell to get there" said Goku 'Or maybe she's comparing Piccolo's power to her own. Gohan wasn't even that powerful when he was her age. Vegeta said she had more power then even he did. She has so much power for a kid and she's not even a Super Saiyan. Most of her power is dormant.'

"Daddy did you hear me" asked Sindel.

"Sorry Sindel" said Goku.

"If you guy's ascended to ascend Saiyan's do you think you can beat Cell and the Androids" asked Sindel.

"I won't know until that time comes" said Goku "But I hope for the best."

He hugged her.

'I wonder what he was thinking about' thought Sindel.

Time slowly went on Piccolo's battle continued. Cell hadn't shown his face but was probably on his way. Just thinking about him made her skin crawl. She sat there and meditated trying to keep her mind clear.

"Do you think she's ok" asked Gohan watching Sindel.

"I don't know" said Goku.

"She hasn't moved for a long time" said Gohan.

"I know I didn't think Vegeta taught her this kind of thing" said Goku.

"He didn't" said Mr. Popo "Kame did. She asked If he would train her before she asked Vegeta. She didn't think you would train her because her mother wouldn't allow it."

"That's true Chi Chi would go crazy if she knew what Sindel was up to" said Goku.

"Cell's on his way to Piccolo" said Sindel opening her eye's.

"I don't sense him" said Gohan.

"It's a technique I learned from Kame he said if I concentrate on one person long enough even if they’re trying to keep there power hidden you would be able to sense it. Cool huh."

"Yeah" said Goku.

I can sense Cell he’s attacking a city” said Sindel.

I don’t sense him” said Gohan.

She can sense Cell even when he when we can’t’ thought Goku ‘I know she has power buried deep down but she can sense even the smallest power level.’

I can’t sit here anymore’ Thought Sindel standing up.

Calm down Sindel” said Goku “There’s nothing we can do right now.”

All those people” said Sindel the ground started shaking.

Goku put his hands on her shoulders.

For give me” said Goku knocking her out.

Oh dear” said Mr. Popo.

Dad” said Gohan.

She was thinking about going to stop Cell” said Goku “She has more power then she knows. She’s still so young.


Sindel woke up in a bed. She got up and went looking for Goku. He and Gohan were still by the time chamber,

"Piccoclo" said Gohan "Dad can he win."

"I don't know son" said Goku "But if he can hold on long enough he might live."

Sindel ran over to him and Goku pulled her onto his lap. Tears ran down her face.

“Whoa dad’s that’s Cell isn’t it” said Gohan “He’s heading straight for Piccolo isn’t he.”
“Yes son I’m afraid so” said Goku “And son I know how you feel. I would much rather it be me down there then Piccolo. Come on Vegeta hurry. Out of all the battles we‘ve been in this is the hardest thing by far.”

Sindel watched Gohan. She could tell it was hard for him to stay where he was.

Cell was there now. Cell must have powered up it made her skin crawl. It seemed like a long time.

“Ahh” said Gohan.

Eh’ said Goku.

Piccolo” said Sindel.

Oh my gosh” said Gohan.

Piccolo no” said Goku “Guy’s we've lost him.”

Oh no Piccolo” said Gohan.

Kame” said Mr. Popo with tears in his eyes.

Tears started to run down Sindel’s face.

“I can’t take this anymore” said Gohan.

Gohan” said Goku grabbing him “No wait.”

No it’s not fair” said Gohan “Let go Piccolo needs me.”

Gohan you’ve got to listen to me” said Goku “I know it’s not fair but we only have one chance to beat that monster. We have to play to win if we don’t Piccolo’s sacrifice will be in vain.”

But it hurts dad” sad Gohan Hitting his knees.

Sindel watched them as she sat back down.

“I can’t take it anymore” said Gohan “Stay here if you want. I’m going now goodbye.”

Gohan tried to fly off. But Goku hit him knocking him back.

“Gohan oh dear” said Mr. Popo “It’s ok.”

Man gosh dad” said Gohan.

You would have been killed son” said Goku.

So” said Gohan “Wouldn’t that be better then just sitting here. Piccolo would never turn his back on you like this dad.”

Gohan” said Mr. Popo “Your dad is hurting.”

He is” said Gohan.

Just as much as you or I” said Mr. Popo “You must know that.”

Then why don’t we attack” asked Gohan “isn’t that better than just wasting our time sitting here.”

Gohan your dads not letting Cell get away with this” said Mr. Popo “He just wants to do what’s best. Piccolo don’t want you to die for him. He wants you to live so you can get the training first. Face Cell when it’s your advantage not his.”

Dad” said Gohan.

Look at your dad Gohan” said Mr. Popo “I think it’s bother him more then you realize.”

Dad I’m sorry for what I said” said Gohan.
“It’s ok Gohan” said Goku “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have knocked you down. I know you care about Piccolo. I promise his sacrifice won’t be in vain.”

Sindel watched Goku. He was doing his best to stay calm. She closed her eyes and tried to stay calm. Goku looked at her.


“Wow Cell’s energy just took a nose dive” said Goku.

“Yeah I felt it to dad” said Gohan “Is he losing.”

It doesn’t seem possible” said Goku “But someone has the upper hand on him. Now if they could just hold on a little longer.”

Who is it” asked Sindel.

I’m not sure” said Goku “there’s no life force.”

I see” said Sindel.

It wasn’t long before Cell’s power felt like it went through the roof.

“Whoa it fells like Cells power just went through the roof.” Said Goku.

Yeah” said Gohan.

It’s what I feared Cell must have gotten one of the androids” said Goku “It’s the only explanation.”

What a horrible power” said Sindel shaking.

Oh my” said Mr. Popo.

Someone’s energy just went up” said Sindel.

Oh no” said Goku.

Tien just jumped into the fight didn’t he” said Gohan.

We had a plan he’s not even supposed to be there what’s the deal” said Goku.

Oh no” said Sindel.

He’s putting out too much energy” yelled Goku “darn it what’s he doing. He knows he can’t sustain an attack like that we’re goanna lose him.”

His energy is dropping fast” said Sindel.

No I won’t let this happen” said Goku “All we need is some more time.”

He’s fading” said Sindel “Oh no.”

Tien’s energy couldn’t be felt anymore.

“Tien has given out” said Mr. Popo

Dad we have to help him” said Gohan.

I know” said Goku.

Goku stood up and disappeared.

“Where did he go” asked Gohan.

Goku reappeared with Piccolo and Tien.

“Piccolo” said Gohan running over to them Sindel was right behind him “Are they ok dad.”

Yes but they both need senor beans right now” said Goku.

Ok” said Gohan


“I guess the bean’s did the trick” said Gohan “You look like your feeling better.”

“You bet” said Tien “and I thought I was a goner for good this time.”

Next time Tien don’t try to do everything yourself” said Goku.

You had us all worried for a while” said Gohan “But that was really cool how you stopped Cell from absorbing that other android. I don’t know if I could have done that.”

It was an honorable move Tien” said Piccolo “But it still wasn’t enough. It going to take a much stronger force then all of us to beat Cell now. Think about it not one of us can take that guy down. Not even you Goku. We’re going to need something more.”

Goku come quick” said Mr. Popo “Vegeta and Trunk’s are coming out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. I heard strange sounds coming from inside. I believe there time is up”

About time” said Goku.

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