Sindel Daughter Of Goku

Goku has a daughter yes it's true. Born before The Saiyan's arrive now follow the story of Dragonball Z in a whole new way.


10. Strange Energy's

“Hay Trunks” said Gohan “Earth to Trunks.”
“Huh” said Trunks “Yeah.”
“Do you have any idea what kind of creature that might have been back there” asked Gohan.
“Nope afraid not” said Trunks “But whatever it was it was just about the ugliest thing I ever seen.”
“Man your not kidding” said Gohan “That thing almost made me sick to my stomach. Hay you said it problem got here four years ago right.”
“Yeah at least that’s what the indicator in the capsule read before the batteries went dead” said Trunks “Why?”
“I just find it hard to believe that a creature like that could have been here for four whole years without anyone noticing it” said Gohan “I mean doesn’t that seem a little bit weird to you.”
“Yeah” said Trunks “But what I want to know is who sent it here and for what reason.”
“Maybe it wasn’t always that big” said Sindel.
“What do you mean by that” said Trunks.
“Well I mean it could have been something else before it grew in to that” said Sindel “You know like a caterpillar can turn into a butterfly.”
“You’ve got a good point” said Gohan.
“But the bigger question is what is it now” said Sindel.
“I don’t know it’s here for some reason” said Trunks.
“I don’t like it” said Sindel “That thing made my skin crawl.”
“I know what you mean” said Trunks.
“Don’t worry we’ll find out what it was” said Gohan.
“Yeah we need to worry about the androids” said Trunks “Hay what happened when you showed up Sindel.”
“They said I wasn’t worth there time” said Sindel “I had no power I wasn’t worth even worth fighting.”
“Wow they didn't bother you” said Gohan.
“No” said Sindel “I know I died in your world trunks.”
“How do you know that” asked Trunks.
“It wasn’t hard to figure out” said Sindel “No one wanted me around except Vegeta. And when I asked why I couldn’t help no one would answer me. So I put it all together.”
“I’m sorry Sindel” said Trunks “I thought it would be safer if you didn’t know.”
“It’s alright” said Sindel “I’m a lot stronger then I look Trunks if you don’t believe me ask Vegeta. He trained me at twenty times normal gravity at first. And then slowly went up to fifty. Right now I’m working on a hundred and ten times gravity.”
“Wow Sindel I didn’t know you were doing that” said Gohan.
“Vegeta’s been training me for the last three years” said Sindel “I knew mom wouldn’t let dad train me when I brought it up she got really mad. So I asked Vegeta. I wanted to get stronger, but I didn’t know how. Vegeta said He would train me and told me not to tell mom cause she wouldn’t let me come over anymore.”
“Why didn’t you ask dad” asked Gohan.
“He said I was too young” said Sindel “I’m seven I’m not too young.”
“Sindel in my time you never made it past seven” said Trunks “I’m sorry to tell you that but is true. You fought by my father’s side and died by his side. That’s why I wouldn’t let you go with him. You were safe that way.”
“I understand” said Sindel “but next time maybe you should tell me everything. I know I may not have made much of a difference but I wanted to help.”
“I know Sindel” said Trunks “But some things you just can’t get involved in.”
“I know” said Sindel “I still want to help though.”
“I know” said Gohan “But I think you should wait we have to find them first.”
“I know” said Sindel.
They landed on Master Roshi’s island.
“Hello Master Roshi” said Gohan opening the door “Is anyone home. Krillin what’s going on?”
“Gohan, Trunks come have a look at what’s on the news” said Krillin.
“What do you mean” asked Gohan.
They walked over to the T.V.
“Oh the humanity” said The reporter “As you can hear the city is not deserted after all. Now I can shots but I can’t make out who’s doing the shooting. And the commotion appears to have calmed down once again.”
He looked terrified when he looked back at the camera. The screen turned white.
“What happened” asked Master Roshi?
“Krillin quick flip it to another station” said Yamcha.
“Right” said Krillin he turned the channel. There were more shots being fired you couldn’t see anything. The shots stopped.
“It sounds like it’s over” said Krillin.
“Oh my gosh” said Sindel “All of those people.”
Everyone looked at her.
“Keep it cool Sindel” said Trunks “We can’t do anything right now.”
“Calm down Sindel” said Krillin “There’s nothing we can do now. Trunks is right we need to stay here.”
Sindel slowly calmed down.
“Sindel why don’t you go up stairs with your dad” said Chi-Chi “You look tired. I’ll be up in a minute.”
“Ok mom” said Sindel and she ran upstairs.
Goku was in sleeping.
“Dad I hope you get better soon” she said and laid down next to him.
“Man I haven’t felt power like that since Gohan was her age” said Yamcha.
Sindel woke up when she felt something strange. Two Piccolos and if she wasn’t mistaken Goku and Vegeta were there as well. She looked at Goku he was still sleeping.
“What’s going on” asked Sindel running downstairs.
“Two Piccolos” said Gohan.
“How strange” said Sindel.
Gohan went outside Sindel and Krillin fallowed him.
“Gohan are you sensing what I’m sensing” asked Krillin.
“It’s Frieza and His Father” said Gohan.
“What that’s crazy Gohan” said Master Roshi.
“No I sense it to” said Yamcha.
“But that’s imposable” said Master Roshi “I thought Trunks destroyed Frieza and his father.”
“Well so did I” said Krillin
“But it feels like there alive and well in Ginger Town” said Gohan.
“Holy cow you guys feel that” asked Krillin.
“It’s Goku” said Master Roshi.
“But my dad’s still here sleeping” said Gohan looking through the upstairs window.

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