Sindel Daughter Of Goku

Goku has a daughter yes it's true. Born before The Saiyan's arrive now follow the story of Dragonball Z in a whole new way.


9. Something New

Sindel was training in Vegeta’s capsule at 60 time’s gravity she was about to turn up the gravity to 65 time’s gravity.
“Hay Sindel” said Bulma her face came on a screen “I think you should stop training and take a shower so you will be ready to go home.”
“Ok” said Sindel “I’ll be out in a minute.”
Sindel finished her session turned off the machine and went to take a bath.
Sindel was about to fall asleep when Bulma came in.
“Hay Sindel it’s time to go home” she said and Sindel got up and got in Bulma’s plane. Sindel yawned as Bulma flew the plane.
“Hay look it’s Gohan” said Sindel.
“Hay fallow me” said Gohan.
“Alright” said Bulma.
She fallowed Gohan and landed the plain when she seen Trunks.
“Hay Trunks I’m back did you miss me” said Bulma getting out of the plain
“I guess so” said Trunks.

So tell me” said Bulma “what do you think of the younger version of your mother pretty cute huh”
“Well I’d say you haven’t changed that much” said Trunks blushing a little.
“You mean I’ll keep my girlish look’s for at least another ten years” said Bulma “This is so embarrassing.”
“So anyway” said Trunks as Sindel got out of the plain “Look at this.”
He pulled a small box of capsules, and through one, His time capsule looked like the other one.
“As you can see this is the time capsule I came here in” said Trunks.
“So the other one isn’t yours after all” said Bulma “Which means the other capsule isn’t yours after all” said Bulma.
“There both mine” said Trunks “Remember I said we only managed to make one time machine in the future. The two capsules you see here are actually one in the same.”
“I don’t get it” said Bulma.
“Me either” said Sindel.
“Here look at this” said Trunks he walked over to the old capsule and brushed off some of the moss.
“H,O,P,E, hope” said Bulma.
“Yes you wrote it just before I left from the future” said Trunks “and you’ll find the exactly the same thing written on that other capsule.”
“But then what happened here” asked Bulma “The old capsule looks like it’s been here for a pretty long time.”
Trunks and Gohan flu up to the top of it. There was a big whole in it.
“Wow how weird it’s milted” said Gohan “But the blast came from inside. Why would someone want to do that, it doesn’t make since.”
“So Trunks what do you think made that big whole” asked Bulma.
“Honestly I wish I knew” said Trunks “Stand back.”
He pushed a button and the top opened. He got in it.
“What’s this” said Trunks he held up some kind of shell.
“They look like a couple of turtle shells” said Gohan.
“Hay let me see” said Bulma. Gohan handed them to her. She put them together and looked at the inside of them.
“Well what do you think Bulma” asked Gohan.
“Well my guess is maybe there like egg shells” said Bulma as Sindel pulled her hands down so she could see them two.
“Egg shells” said Gohan “It sure is strange what comes out of a shell like that.”
They all looked at the hole in the capsule.
Trunks turned on the machine.
“It looks like there’s not much energy left in here I better work fast” he said “Come on come on don’t give out on me. It looks like it landed here three years ago no wait it landed here four years ago. That just might explain a few things. It means by the time I battled Frieza three years ago who had used this other time machine had already been here for a year. Is it possible he’s the one who changed history? There can’t be any other explanation.”
“Well I guess that proves I’m a genus after all” said Bulma “Imagine me building a time machine in the future.”
“I don’t think it’s such a good idea to leave the time machine out her in the open” said Trunks wiping off more moss “I’d better put it back in its capsule.”
He pushed a button and it went back into its capsule.
“I’ll put away the other capsule” said Gohan.
“Ok thanks Gohan” said Trunks.
“I’ll take the weird egg shell thingy if that’s alright with you” said Bulma.
“Sure go for it” said Trunks.
“Bulma listen” said Gohan “I think we all better hurry over to Master Roshi’s now.”
“Master Roshi’s” said Bulma “But why?”
“Because any minute those androids are going to show up to try to fight my dad” said Gohan “But if he’s still sick in bed he won’t be able to defend himself.”
“I see” said Bulma “But shouldn’t enough of your dad’s friends already be there to help him out Gohan.”
“I don’t think you understand” said Trunks “Even with the combined strength of Piccolo, Tien, Myself and my father were no match for those androids.”
“Wow I see they’re that strong” said Bulma “So how is Vegeta is he ok. Did he go back to Master Roshi’s to?”
“He’s gone off to train alone somewhere” said Trunks “Man he’s so focused on himself that the thought of helping someone else never occurred to him.”
“Well that sounds like Vegeta” said Bulma.
Gohan was looking in the bushes at something. He started walking that way.
“I think I see something over there” said Gohan.
“What, what do you see” asked Bulma.
He kept walking and stopped on top of a small cliff.
“Hay you guy’s come here quick” said Gohan.
“What is it Gohan” asked Trunks running over to him “What’s going on.” Sindel and Bulma were right behind him.

Over there in the bushes” said Gohan.
“What is that” asked Sindel.
“That thing is disgusting” said Bulma.
“Yeah but what is it I’ve never seen anything like it” said Trunks looking at it Bulma right behind him.
“Do you think it’s dead” asked Bulma.
“Looks like whatever it was crawled off after it shed it’s skin” said Gohan.
“I don’t like this” said Sindel.
“Shed it’s skin do you think it might have been some kind of giant cicada” said Bulma.
“I don’t think so not this thing” said Gohan “Right Trunks.”
“This might have been what hatched out of that shell” said Trunks nodding.
“Right I bet it grew up and molted out of it’s skin” said Gohan.
“What do you mean” asked Bulma “That some kind of monster shed it’s skin and is now lurking around the countryside.”
“I’m not sure” said Gohan “I’ve never seen anything like this.”
“The question is how did it get here in the first place” said Trunks “Did someone send it back from the future all by itself or did someone come back in the time machine along with it. Regardless of where it came from it’s totally revolting.”
He stuck his hand down in it. Some kind of slime was on his hand.
“Eww” said Sindel.
“It’s still wet” said Trunks “This thing must still be somewhere close.”
Sindel looked around like everyone else. Some bushes started to move. Bulma screamed and ran off. Sindel, Trunks and Gohan watched the bushes. It turned out to be gofers. They relaxed.
“Oh it’s you guy’s” said Gohan.
Bulma got in her plain.
“We’ll guy’s level with me will ya” said Bulma “Something out there right.”
“Right” said Trunks.
“I guess I should go ‘cause I don’t want to get in the way” said Bulma “If anything happens call me at capsule corp. or I’ll call you at Master Roshi’s.”
“She’s kind of bugged out” said Gohan.
“Oh and Trunks don’t be a stranger and visit me some time” said Bulma “Your grandparents would love to meet you.”
She flew off.
“Let’s go Sindel” said Trunks.
“Right behind you” said Sindel.
She flu after them.
‘I don’t like this’ thought Sindel ‘I’ve got a really bad felling about this.’


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